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Having Sex With Her May Put You in Prison

The State of Alabama has laws that make having sex with a girl under 16 a crime. You need to know this.

Important Information for Males About Consensual Sex and the Law in Alabama from the AL Department of Human Resources
Having sex with a girl under 16 is considered RAPE if the male is at least 16 years old and at least 2 years older than the female.
Even if she agreed to have sex; even if she initiated the sex…

If you have sex with her, you are guilty.
Rape Penalties

The penalty for having sex with a minor could be up to 20 years in prison.    If the girl is younger than 12, you could go to prison for the rest of your life.

Your name could also be placed on the state's list of sexual offenders. This list is available to anyone who wants to look at it and can be found on the internet. Your name may remain on the list of sexual offenders for the rest of your life. Your neighbors may be notified that you are a convicted sexual offender, no matter where you move.

[AL Dept. of Human Resources. This is for the state of Alabama. However, most states have similar laws.]