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Be’ad Chaim is a pro-life organization based in Israel, helping pregnant women who are in a crisis situation.

The Christian magazine Cross Rhythms spoke with Sandy Shoshani to discuss the group’s work.

Be’ad Chaim have counselors in four different cities in Israel with a vision of opening two more offices. They are currently based in Jerusalem, Tiberius, Beersheba and Haifa.

“When a woman calls she can ask any question she wants about pregnancy, about abortion information and the dangers of abortion and how to become pregnant. Anything that is relevant to an unborn child,” Shoshani said.

“Then we will invite her to our office to watch a DVD about baby development and do a free pregnancy test and ultrasound.”

Shoshani added: “During the pregnancy we will encourage her and be with her for support. After the birth we will offer her support with a project called Operation Moses.

“A family abroad is able to adopt a mother so we will provide that mother with a baby bed, a bath, a stroller, car seat, carry on chair, basically anything that the mother will need after her pregnancy including blankets and bottles.”

Israel sees about 40,000 abortions annually so the service is vitally needed.

[3Dec07, Jerusalem, Israel (]