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Planned Parenthood Federation of America's of America's International Connections

2006 Summary of PP Business…

PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA’S INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS. Many people believe that Planned Parenthood Federation of America operates only in the United States. The fact is that PPFA spends millions outside this country.

One of its main programs is hooking up PPFA affiliates in the United States with affiliates of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in other countries. We’ve listed below some of these connections between affiliates. If your local affiliate is partnering with one in another country, understand that your fight against the local affiliate will also save babies in these other countries.

Also, if you live in one of the communities serviced by one of the mentioned affiliates, you may want to check to see if you have citizens of the partnering country in your area that you can educate on Planned Parenthood to let them know the horror and lies PP is exporting to their home country. For example, the Irish in Chicago may be alarmed to hear that the local PP affiliate is working with the group in Ireland that is at the forefront of trying to legalize abortion in that country.

Here is a list of some of the connections:
Planned Parenthood of Alabama & the Belize Association for Improved Healthcare (BAIH)
Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona & Asociacion Demografica Salvadorena (El Salvador)
Planned Parenthood of Golden Gate & Ethiopian Evangelical Church MeKane Yesus (Ethiopia)
Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles & The Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand (PPAT)
Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties & Women's Health Care Foundation and Reachout (Philippines)
Planned Parenthood of Delaware & Family Planning Association of Peru (PLANFAMI)
Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida & Centro para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Northeast Florida & Murmansk Regional and City Health Administrations (Russia)
Planned Parenthood of Palm Beach & Treasure Coast Area & Asociacion Pro-Bienestar de la Familia (Guatemala)
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa & Samara Oblast Health Division (Russia)
Planned Parenthood of Idaho & Family Planning Association of Latvia
Planned Parenthood Chicago Area & Irish Family Planning Association
Planned Parenthood of Nebraska-Council Bluffs & Foundation for Youth Development (Cameroon)
New York
Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes & The Namibian Planned Parenthood Association
Planned Parenthood of New York City / Margaret Sanger Center International & Family Planning Association of Nepal
Planned Parenthood of New York City / Margaret Sanger Center International & Family Life Movement of Zambia
Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic & PROFAMILIA (Puerto Rico)
Planned Parenthood of Nassau County & FAMPLAN (Jamaica)
Planned Parenthood of South Central New York & K'inal Antzetik and Jolom Mayaetik (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Stark County & SAHAS Project (India)
Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma & Barbados Family Planning Association
Planned Parenthood Association of Bucks County & K-MET (Kenya)
Planned Parenthood of Southeast Pennsylvania & SI MUJER (Nicaragua)
Planned Parenthood of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle & Mexfam San Luis Potosi (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Cameron & Willacy Counties (Harlingen) & Mexfam Naranjos (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Central Texas (Waco) & Mexfam Zacatecas (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas & MEXFAM Tampico  (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Lubbock & Mexfam Durango (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of South Texas (Corpus Christi) & Mexfam Uruapan (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of West Texas (Odessa) & Mexfam Morelia (Mexico)
Planned Parenthood of Utah & Botswana Family Welfare Association
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England & Association of Uganda Women Medical Doctors
Planned Parenthood of Western Washington & Centro Obstetrico Familiar (Ecuador)  [STOPP Report, 6Dec06]

PLANNED PARENTHOOD CLOSES 13 BUSINESS SITES IN 2006 & more than 100 have closed in the last 11 years. Sedlak: "Though it still operates the nation's largest chain of abortion facilities, Americans are rejecting Planned Parenthood and its agenda as more and more of its centers are closing across the U.S."

From what we have been able to determine, Planned Parenthood no longer has sites in the following places:
Berea, Kentucky
Borger, Texas
Cactus, Texas
Chillicothe, Ohio
Colfax, Washington (in Whitman County CSO)
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Dumas. Texas
Jackson, Ohio (in Jackson County Health Dept)
King City, California
Miamisburg, Ohio
Sedalia, Missouri
Spokane, Washington (Express – South Hill)
Troy, Ohio (in Miami County Health department)
In addition, there were a number of PP temporary express sites in the San Diego, CA area that are no longer operating. [STOPP Report, 6Dec06]

American Life League’s Annual STOPP Survey of Planned Parenthood Facilities
 Encouraging news: The results of this year’s survey reveal that Planned Parenthood is currently operating 42 express centers and 817 “health” centers. Up until 3 years ago, all Planned Parenthood sites were basically the same, with some variation in "services." Some did surgical abortions, some medical, others "just" distributed birth control, but all were medical facilities with exam rooms and staff.

PP started opening "express clinics" [sic] 3 years ago that had no exam rooms and are basically retail store fronts. The following table gives the number of non-express “health” centers operated by PP in the years indicated.
1987    816
1990    879   
1995    938
2000    875
2005    825
2006    817

Thus, PP has reduced the number of “health” centers it is operating to essentially the same number it operated in 1987. Since 1995, PP has closed a net of 121 “health” centers.

Introduction: The PP Federation

of America is the largest and richest affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. PPFA is comprised of a number of affiliates within the USA. Each of these affiliates operates a number of facilities that dispense contraception and commit abortions.

Types of Planned Parenthood facilities: The following types are of special interest to American Life League and we report specifically on them:

“Health” facilities that commit chemical abortions by selling birth control products that work some of the time by preventing implantation of an already created human being.
“Health” facilities that commit medical abortions (using products like RU-486 to kill babies after implantation) as well as chemical, but not surgical abortions. “Health” facilities that commit chemical, medical and surgical abortions.

Express sites that provide limited expedited services. Planned Parenthood says, "At an express health center, clients who are short on time and do not require a table examination can quickly pick up their birth control medication or get contraceptive advice." It appears this is an effort by PP to increase its number of clients without significantly increasing expenses.

Contracted services are used by Planned Parenthood of Utah. It contracts with doctors and other health care providers to service PP clients. This appears to be an effort to increase its client count without incurring overhead expenses. Although we track these providers, they are not included in the overall Planned Parenthood clinic numbers.

Caveat: The data used in this survey come from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, printed Planned Parenthood material, Planned Parenthood internet postings, phone calls to Planned Parenthood facilities and reports from individuals around the country. Planned Parenthood is a large, complex business and its site numbers and locations are continually changing.

This survey is conducted over a 60-day period and the results posted below are accurate to the best of our ability on the date indicated. We invite all readers of this survey to report to us any discrepancies they find in the data. If we have missed any of the PP facilities, if one has closed, or if one provides services different than we have reported we would appreciate you notifying us via e-mail at [email protected].

 2006 Summary
As of December 5, 2006, the 117 affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America operate a total of 859 facilities. Of these, 817 are “health” centers and 42 are Express centers. The 859 sites are located in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Although North Dakota has a Planned Parenthood educational office, it has no PP facility. Of the 859 sites, 172 commit surgical abortions and another 60 commit medical, but not surgical, abortions. Thus it operates 232 medical and surgical abortion facilities in total.

The following states saw either openings or closings of PP sites in 2006 as indicated:

California — Closed in King City, plus closed 18 temporary Express sites in San Diego area
                   Opened in Hollister, San Diego (Express) and San Francisco (Express)
Colorado — Opened in Parker (Express)
Idaho — Opened in Nampa
Illinois — Opened in Fairview Heights at the St. Clair County Health Center
Indiana — Closed in Crawfordsville
Iowa — Opened in Des Moines
Kentucky — Closed in Berea
Massachusetts — Opened in Somerville (Express)
Michigan — Opened in Albion
Minnesota — Opened in Woodbury (Express) and Apple Valley (Express)
Mississippi — Opened in Gulfport
Missouri — Closed in Sedalia
Montana — Opened in Kalispell
Ohio — Closed in Chillicothe, Jackson, Miamisburg and Troy
             Opened in Macedonia (Express) and Salon (Express)
Oregon — Opened in Junction City (Express)
Rhode Island — Opened in Providence (Express)
Texas — Closed in Borger, Dumas and Cactus
              Opened in Sierra Blanca
Washington — Closed in Colfax and Spokane (Express)
PP by state
The following is a list of the total number of PP sites in each state:
California                      98
New York                     79
Texas                            77
Washington                   47
Pennsylvania                 43
Indiana                         38
Ohio                             37
Michigan                       31
New Jersey                   30
Wisconsin                     30
Florida                          26
Colorado                       25
Illinois                           25
Minnesota                     24
Iowa                             23
Arizona                         20

Missouri                        18
Montana                        16
Oregon                         16
Vermont                        15
Maryland                       9
Virginia                         9
Oklahoma                      9
North Carolina                8
New Hampshire             7
New Mexico                   6
Utah                             6
Delaware                      5
Georgia                        5
Nebraska                      5
Nevada                         5
Alaska                          4
Alabama                       4
Kansas                         4
Kentucky                      4
Massachusetts               4
Maine                           4
Alabama                       3
Hawaii                          3
Idaho                            3
Tennessee                    3
Arkansas                      2
District of Columbia     2
Louisiana                      2
Mississippi                    2
Rhode Island                 2
South Dakota                2
South Carolina              1
West Virginia                1
Wyoming                      1
North Dakota                0
Conclusion: Planned Parenthood began the year with a total of 872 clinics and, despite opening several new sites, ended the year with 859. As stated above, only 817 of the 859 were “health” sites – the lowest number since 1987. A complete list of the location of every Planned Parenthood business can be found at [13Dec06, STOPP]