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Dedicated Pro-Life Athletes Hit the Roads in 'Bike for The Unborn'

NAACP Attacks Arizona Bill Prohibiting Abortions Based on Race … What?

Protests Show Abortion Advocates Now on Defense Fighting a Losing Battle

Virtue Media Helps Save Six Babies, Including Two Sets of Twins in a Month

Ever Wonder What Compels Someone to Completely Change Sides?

Doctor Saves Life of Baby With Deadly Brain Aneurysm Using SuperGlue

Deaf Boy Shocked After Brain Implant Helps Him Hear His Dad For the First Time

Victory for Pregnant Students

Human Trafficking: State Department Releases 2013 Report

Heartbreaking Video Shows the Sign Language for Abortion

3 Minute, 24 Seconds Video “Voyage” Depicts Amazing Development of Unborn Children

Rapper’s Heartbreaking Video on Regretting Abortion Has Received 6+Million Views

400+ Mothers Annually Are Incorrectly Told They Miscarried in UK

Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy: Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Human Development 101 for Scientists and Abortion Backers

Online for Life: Saving Babies From Abortion One Search at a Time

National Day of Remembrance, September 14: Prayers at Abortion Victims Gravesite —



Gov. Christie Vetoes Bill Funding Planned Parenthood for Fifth Time

March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Spina Bifida Association All Support Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Gives Tips to Promote Abortion: Relativism in its 'Finest' Hour / UPDATE

Planned Parenthood Opens Bay Area Business With $250K in Taxpayer Funds

Kansas Planned Parenthood Sues to Deny Women Informed Consent for Making Abortion Decision

Pretty Ugly

Planned Parenthood Closes Second New York Business in Two Weeks

Undercover Call Reaffirms Planned Parenthood's Failure to Report Statutory Rape

5 MORE Things You Should Know About Planned Parenthood

Actual Short Story of an Experience Inside Planned Parenthood: Aborting a Dead Baby

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closing Center in Herkimer, New York

Reproductive Racism: Planned Parenthood Has More African-American Blood on Its Hands Than Racist Group

Planned Parenthood’s ‘3%’: ‘The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever’…

Dedicated Pro-Life Athletes Hit the Roads in 'Bike for The Unborn'
NAACP Attacks Arizona Bill Prohibiting Abortions Based on Race…So, the NAACP Supports Reproductive Racism?
Protests Show Abortion Advocates Are Now on the Defense Fighting a Losing Battle

On Monday [17June13], a group of dedicated pro-life athletes hit the pavement for a whirlwind pilgrimage that combines their love of the unborn with their love of cycling.

NAACP Attacks Arizona Bill Prohibiting Abortions Based on Race … What?
[Ed.: Attacking the Ban on Racially Targeted Abortions, Must Mean that the NAACP Supports Reproductive Racism… Seriously?]

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a motion to intervene Monday in a lawsuit filed by a branch of the NAACP and others against an Arizona bill that prohibits gender- and race-based abortions.

Protests Show Abortion Advocates Now on Defense Fighting a Losing Battle

Back in the day abortion proponents had all the mojo and pro-lifers were on the defensive. The photo below, via PBS, is of a pro-abortion rally demanding a repeal of pro-life laws in Washington, D.C., circa 1971.

Virtue Media Helps Save Six Babies, Including Two Sets of Twins in a Month

Today we bring you the testimonies of four mothers who recently sought counsel and chose life after receiving an ultrasound at Heartbeat Pregnancy Center in Texas.
Heartbeat shared with us, "If not for the TV commercial that encouraged them to contact us, we are convinced these babies would have been aborted."

Sarah came from a background of topless dancing which began at an early age. She had an on-going relationship with one of the owners of the club. When the club was raided, Sarah was arrested. Without an income, she continued to live with her abusive boyfriend.  Sarah came in to confirm a pregnancy that she thought occurred through rape by this long-term boyfriend.  After moving in with a new boyfriend, Sarah saw a VirtueMedia™ commercial that directed her to Heartbe

at Pregnancy Center.

Heartbeat offered her an ultrasound, and when measurements of the baby were taken, it was evident that the baby was not conceived by rape.  When she saw her baby on the screen, she was so excited and told Heartbeat that no matter how the baby was conceived, she couldn’t abort it.  She also said that she was so glad she had seen the VirtueMedia™ commercial and called, because she finally found people who cared and did not judge her.

Carol had aborted three times and was about to abort again when she was told that she was carrying twins and the cost of the abortion would be $4,000, as she was in her second trimester.  She walked out of the clinic not knowing what to do. 

She didn’t want a baby, let alone twins, and knew she would hurt them if she kept them, because of her lifestyle of drugs and anger (which would eventually land her in jail for assault after the birth of her twins).  She didn’t know who turn to until she saw a VirtueMedia™ commercial and called Heartbeat to see if they could help her place the babies for adoption. Heartbeat had a couple who was wanting to adopt who were thrilled with the possibility of twins.  Carol and the couple met, and with the help of a local adoption lawyer, the legal paperwork was prepared and filed one month before the birth of the twin boys. 

Carol also told us that if not for the TV commercial and the phone call she made, she knew the babies would have been in danger.  The babies are instead now doing well with their loving adoptive parents.  

Robin called Heartbeat for an appointment to confirm her pregnancy and because she needed someone to talk with.  She told Heartbeat that she called after seeing a VirtueMedia™ commercial.  She said that, even though she didn’t believe in abortion, her boyfriend and mother were pressuring her to have one.  She was very emotional and felt as if she was all alone without any support.  After talking with the caring people at Heartbeat, she felt encouraged to fight for her baby.  Her ultrasound revealed exciting news: twins.  This courageous young woman fought for her babies, and is now about to make her four-year-old daughter a big sister.
Alex saw a VirtueMedia™ commercial and called for an appointment. She was considering abortion and when asked why,  her only response was the shrug of her shoulders.  After a positive pregnancy test, she agreed to an early ultrasound.  Heartbeat's medical director performed the ultrasound and showed her a baby at a mere five weeks old.  She showed little emotion, but did agree to come back for a follow-up ultrasound.  She didn’t keep the appointment, leaving Heartbeat concerned that she had aborted.  Two weeks later, she called to say she was going to have her baby and had scheduled pre-natal care through the local health clinic.

VirtueMedia™ now airing National Pregnancy Line Ads!
With your support and prayers, our new national Pregnancy Line ads have helped nearly 1,000 women in the past two months, and are continuing to reach even more abortion-vulnerable women around the country, at a cost of often less than $10 per inquiry!

Ever Wonder What Compels Someone to Completely Change Sides?

What "clicks" inside to transform someone into a pro-life feminist?
Watch our Facebook page for Feminists for Life to reveal 12 very different journeys by women who became pro-life feminists.

Look forward to reading them at 11:20 am ET weekdays and help us welcome more people to our movement by sharing these very different and inspiring stories with your family and friends!

Want to take another step? Membership counts. Women and children -and student activists- are counting on us to stand up for them!
Get and give our NEW membership packet!
When people join Feminists for Life they often say, "I'm home!"

Our 'Welcome Home Kit' includes three essential brochures:

–Voices of Feminist Foremothers: filled with powerful pro-life quotes from early American feminists.

–You Have Better Choices: lists NINE nonviolent choices and the resources and support available to pregnant women. Also outlines a father's rights and responsibilities and how college activists can transform their campus using our model "tools for schools."

–FFL's newest brochure answers the basic question, "Is abortion a woman's right? A fundamental freedom? Or a reflection that we have not met the needs of women?"

We explain our pro-life feminist philosophy, identify who is at highest risk of abortion, our record of achievements, and what we are doing to move forward with woman-centered solutions.
And for a limited time, new, returning, and gift members will receive two issues of The American Feminist on the most controversial and important issues of the day: "Hard Cases, Exceptional Choices" (about pregnancy and rape, incest, life of the mother, life of the child) and "Metamorphosis" (which explains what motivated conversions to our movement).

"Metamorphosis," a 36-page issue of The American Feminist, gives insight into why people become pro-life feminists-after being one or neither.

I explain why "individual evolutions can start peaceful revolutions" and provide practical tools to help welcome more people to our peaceful, holistic, solution-oriented movement. I also reveal the stunning truth you need to know and share about attorney Sarah "Weddington's Betrayal of Women" when she argued in support of Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court.
Stories from a dozen women will inform you about what triggered their conversions-including FFL's own Vice President Sally Winn and FFL Editor Jewels Green, who was pressured into an abortion as a teen and subsequently worked in an abortion clinic for years before her "A-ha" moment.

A dozen Remarkable Pro-Life Women® who faced life's toughest challenges share their firsthand accounts in "Hard Cases, Exceptional Choices." In addition, I'll share answers to the most controversial and important questions of our day, including "What about rape-including statutory rape, incest and rape-disability, and life of the mother?" It includes a new, thought-provoking ad in English and Spanish about children with special needs and another of a woman conceived in rape.
[FFL email, July 2013]





Doctor Saves Life of Baby With Deadly Brain Aneurysm Using SuperGlue

Everyone once in awhile comes a story that seems to be ripped right from the script of a movie nighttime television drama. But real life was more exciting than fiction for one family and their little girl.

As the Washington Times reports, an innovative doctor was able to save the life of a 20-day-old girl with a deadly aneurysm thanks to a usage of surgical superglue the manufacturer probably never expected.

Deaf Boy Shocked After Brain Implant Helps Him Hear His Dad For the First Time

Children’s physical disabilities are all too often a reason for parents to decide to have an abo

rtion, but sometimes parents choose life and then the miracle of modern technology takes over.

That is the case for a three-year-old boy who is now hearing the world — and his father — for the first time thanks to an auditory brain stem implant.

Feminists for Life's strategic efforts and long term goals are bearing more fruit. Now we have another Tool for Schools! The Department of Education has come out with a definitive document to end the discrimination against pregnant students!

They outline what is–and is not–permitted. They say what schools must do—and what they must not!
But only Feminists for Life has a 19-year-old track record to help administrators solve the challenges students, administrators, and faculty all face.
We are in this together. FFL's non-combative, solution-oriented approach has positively changed campuses across the country and energized class after class of pro-woman, pro-life activists.

I need your help ASAP in two significant ways:

We need to get FFL's Tools for Schools to as many campuses as possible–including the directives from HHS. So I need your gift as we prepare NOW for the school year ahead. This is the time we prepare all our materials. We can't do this without people like you who are committed to helping women get the resources and support to make the difference of a lifetime!
If you are alumnae or parent of a student, I need you to contact your college or university and let them know that Feminists for Life is here to help them develop the resources and support on campus. They can also bring in an FFL Moderator to host an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum. (See a sample letter below!)
If you are a student, contact [email protected] to pre-order your back-to-school kit and get information about FFL speakers and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum moderators!
Because of smart, strategic, and generous people like you, Feminists for Life has been a trailblazer on campuses across the country advocating for pregnant women on campus–including birthmothers. And just as important, we advocate for parents and children after birth!

We have conveyed their needs and proposed our proven solutions to the highest levels of government.

Since 1997 we have been asking college and university administrators for written policies, for resources and support, to stop discrimination–including expelling pregnant students–and to communicate these resources online.

Without these essentials, most women feel they have no choice. Some drop out of school to face a lifetime of poverty. Very few choose adoption. The rest have abortions.

We can make the difference between forcing a woman to choose between terminating an education–or a pregnancy. Neither is good enough. We refuse to choose!
Let's look for the next VICTORY FOR WOMEN!
Because women deserve better,
Serrin M. Foster, President

Human Trafficking: State Department Releases 2013 Report

… The Tip report notes an alarming new trend in human trafficking: “numerous non-state armed groups abducting, recruiting, and exploiting children as combatants, porters, spies, and for sex” in parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Another challenge faced in the effort to stop human trafficking is that those being trafficked are often treated as criminals rather than victims. This is especially true of those who are forced into the sex trade. On-going education of  law enforcement is necessary to help identify victims of trafficking, not only so that victims can receive necessary assistance, but that prosecution of criminals can take place.

    Treated as criminals, victims can be traumatized by placement in jail and will be less effective witnesses. Further, if victims are treated as criminal and deported they will be unable to support the investigation. This all-too-common practice suppresses the best evidence of trafficking and gets rid of the evidence— undermining prosecutions and often fatally compromising the government’s ability to prosecute a case successfully. Treating victims as what they are, not as criminals, is at the heart of the victim-centered approach to combating trafficking.

The Polaris Project, based in Washington, DC, is one organization that combats trafficking globally…
For entire article —
[21 June 13]

Heartbreaking Video Shows the Sign Language for Abortion
video is making the rounds on the Internet today that shows the sign language for the word abortion. In the video, a woman demonstrates the sign that shows her cradling a baby at first and then throwing the baby out with her hand.

Monte Harms of Stand for Life posted the video on his web site today and noted: “Look at what “abortion” is in the American Sign Language Dictionary.”




3 Minute, 24 Seconds Video “Voyage” Depicts Amazing Development of Unborn Children

There is a kind of natural unfolding, or progression, of the baby’s development that reminds you how early a primitive heart develops. Interesting & artistic visual of human development.
Click link to watch video:
[ ]

Rapper’s Heartbreaking Video on Regretting Abortion Has Received 6+Million Views

Flypside is a band that’s birthed out of Oakland, California. Featuring Piper (MC), Steve Knight (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Dave Lopez (lead guitar), the group debuted their hit single, “Someday,” in 2005. The single came out of their album “We the People,” which sold a quarter of a million units worldwide. Another single from their debut album called “Happy Birthday” became a top-3 hit in Germany.

The video for the “Happy Birthday” single was uploaded to YouTube in November of 2009. Though the song was uploaded years ago, the video receives continual feedback. A viewer left this comment a week ago after listening to the song: “I have one wish – more songs as this one.”

What causes this song to continually draw in viewers? Along with the rapper Piper’s skill and talent, there is the content of the rap he’s performing. The song “Happy Birthday” is about a man apologizing to the child he aborted. The haunting song is about regret over making a mistake that cannot be changed and the loss of a child who was never known. The lyrics are raw and personal, leaving listeners with a heavy heart.

Piper raps:

Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been
Would you’ve been a little angel or an angel of sin?
Tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys.
Or a little tough boy with beautiful brown eyes?
I payed for the murder before they determined the sex
Choosing our life over your life meant your death
And you never got a chance to even open your eyes
Sometimes I wonder as a fetus if you fought for your life?

This video clearly echoes the message that the Silent No More awareness campaign expresses: “Men regret lost Fatherhood.” Silent No More has a website titled “Fatherhood Forever,” where its staff help men find hope and healing after abortion. The website also includes a section called “Real Stories,” where men can share their experiences with abortion.
Like Piper’s song, these stories are heartbreaking to read. One man writes about his feelings after the abortion his wife had:

I think of my child that will never be on earth. I hate the self-deception and the falsehood I bought into. The pseudo – “enlightened” argument I groped for has actually proven to be the DARKEST moment of my life, filling me with unending ache and remorse. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t shudder and almost weep again for the murder I helped to bring about. Quite often I even wake up in the morning thinking painfully of the undeniably selfish act I did over 11 years ago – STILL! I know I overrode in my core being my conscience (dulled at the time) and my Fatherhood instinct. No two ways about it: I acted – no, I was a coward..Even though assured of God’s forgiveness, I am still trying to forgive myself.

The process of healing from abortion is different for every man and woman. It’s important for post-abortive men and women to remember that there is hope. You’re not alone in your pain; there are people that can help.

I find it significant that Flipsyde comes from Oakland, CA. In 2011, I was invited to Oakland by pro-life leader Walter Hoye. I traveled with Catherine Davis and Ryan Bomberger, creator of a successful billboard campaign against abortion. Walter and Ryan worked together to put up billboards throughout the city displaying an image of a black baby with the words “Black and Beautiful.”

ABC News reported on the billboards and those who found them controversial. The message of the billboards was simple and true. Black children, like all children, are beautiful and should be protected in every stage of their lives. I’m encouraged to see Piper, a black man from Oakland, declaring the same truth.

[Christina Martin   25 Jun 13, LifeSiteNews_com_US_Full_Text_06_19_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0caba610ac-a1e99bbb44-326224910 ;]

400+ Mothers Annually Are Incorrectly Told They Miscarried, in UK

More than 400 women are falsely told they have had a miscarriage in the UK every year, with many of the mothers giving birth to healthy babies they never expected to have. Others, however, inadvertently abort their living children.

The mistaken diagnoses have been attributed to poor reading of ultrasounds. Studies have found that inadequate and unreliable ultrasound scan guidelines used to determine if a women has had a miscarriage may be to blame.

Mothers who had received such a pronouncement have spoken out about giving birth after being told by health care professionals they had lost their children.

The Sun featured several personal stories about women who had “near misses” and went on to have healthy babies.
One of those mothers, Linda Aitchison, explained that the trauma of hearing her children had died was relieved every time she felt her twin babies move in utero. She said she carried the anxiety of that diagnosis into the first several years of her newborns' lives, constant worrying over their well-being.

Some women, instead of “passing” their children naturally after death in utero, have children surgically removed, sometimes by dilation and curretage (commonly referred to as “D&C”), which is the method by which many abortions are carried out.

The Sun article noted that, tragically many women who are wrongly told they have miscarried “opt for the surgical procedure when they might have gone on to have a healthy baby.”
[27 June 13,]

Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy: Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Dr. Angela Franks, author of the incredibly well-researched and scholarly book “Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy,” is perhaps the nation’s foremost authority on the issue of Margaret Sanger’s troubling history of eugenic activism.

Franks spoke to attendees at this year’s NRLC Convention about the eugenic roots of Planned Parenthood’s founder in a talk entitled “Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood: The Eugenics Connection.”…

Human Development 101 for Scientists and Abortion Backers

Embryology text books will tell you that when fertilization is completed, an embryo is formed. That, is, a new individual organism exists–which remains the same organism until death.

Online for Life: Saving Babies From Abortion One Search at a Time

In a world where the internet is the go-to source for everything, the need for pro-life websites and resources is obvious.

The people at Online for Life [ ] recognized the need for pro-life resources to inundate the internet, and in response, they quit their for-profit jobs to work full-time saving pre-born children and their mothers from the pain of abortion by reaching them via the internet. Online for Life is a resource that connects abortion-minded parents with pregnancy resources that often address the very reasons why an abortion was being sought.

Interview with Live Action: What is Online for Life (OFL) and how did it get started?

Online for Life:  OFL consists of business people who left the for-profit world to rescue babies and families from abortion full time.  Several of us have some background in Internet marketing and technology, so we apply the same sort of tools we used in our for-profit days to rescue babies.  My background is in media (online and traditional), securities (stocks and bonds), executive management, and corporate turnarounds.

Live Action: How does Online for Life connect with abortion-minded individuals?

Online for Life: We use 3 or 4 different Internet techniques to reach abortion-determined people online.  Some of it does involve search engine outreach on engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing (when someone searches for abortion info in her area, we will pop up as an option).  Some involves strategic advertising, and some involves search engine optimization.  We do our outreach on desktop and mobile platforms.

Live Action: How does Online for Life connect individuals with pregnancy resource centers and ultrasound buses?

Online for Life: We work in markets where we have relationships with strong pregnancy centers and mobile units.  So we work to reach at-risk families in those locations, and then we provide them direct phone access to the pregnancy center or mobile unit.  In a

few cities we are also testing chat.  We want the client to have a personal touch as fast as possible, so most of the clients use the phone. It is a crisis moment for these clients, thus we always want a calm, loving, reassuring voice to be on the other end of the line. 

If the pregnancy center or mobile is busy and can’t get to a phone call, OFL has a backup call center that answers the phones, assists the clients, and provides the option for clients to schedule appointments at their local pregnancy center.  We want to make sure every possible caller is cared for, and this back up center has been a very effective addition to our work.

Live Action: Have you received testimonies advocating your work from women who had been abortion-minded?

Online for Life: We are blessed to hear stories every day about how OFL, in cooperation with pregnancy centers and mobile units, are transforming lives and rescuing babies. Because of our technological approach, pregnancy centers follow up with us and let us know the outcome of each client we refer to them.

One teenage girl who is the daughter of a pastor was abortion-minded. After her sonogram she decided to face her father and pray about the baby. She chose life. Another young woman who already has a small child and felt overwhelmed by the current pregnancy viewed her sonogram and chose life.

By providing clients with an option to speak with someone who genuinely cares about them and will love them regardless of what they decide, the client has a few moments of peace to carefully think through their decision. Very often the clients will choose life for their baby and themselves after appropriate counseling, an ultrasound, and other practical help is provided.

Live Action: What is the purpose of the Online for Life iPhone app?

Online for Life: The OFL iPhone app is the first of its kind in history.  We are now able to connect the massive praying community in America with those at risk to abort their child, essentially in real time.  We believe in the power of prayer, and the more people praying on the app, the more babies and families that will be rescued from abortion.

The power of the app is in the prayer feature.  When an at-risk client chooses to come in to a pro-life clinic for an appointment, the clinic lets us know (generically) someone is coming in.  We then send a push notification to all those app users in the general area that someone is at risk and would they agree to pray?

If they do say they will pray, we’ll also alert them when the center notifies us of the outcome.

Never before have praying people had the opportunity to intercede in a life and death decision like this…So we are using technology for Good, leveraging the awesome power of the iPhone to rescues lives from abortion.

Plus it’s free.  How cool is that? 

Though the app is brand new, our goal is to get 250,000 people using the free app and praying daily for the at-risk clients we have the honor of serving.  People can find us for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch at iTunes by searching for Online for Life or OFL.

Online for Life is accomplishing great things. To date, the program has saved at least 938 children and women from abortion. OFL says: Because of our technological, business-oriented approach, OFL is able to appropriately measure and monitor all aspects of our work.  We have two sayings in our office “If we can’t measure it, we won’t do it.” and “If we can measure it, we can improve it.” Online for Life’s commitment to getting the maximum return from technology prompts its people to constantly test new ideas and innovations in order to reach the abortion-minded community in the best way possible and communicate well with the PRCs and mobile units who will be connecting with those individuals.

Follow Online for Life on Facebook or Twitter, and monitor their life-saving progress by checking their website — — to see the tally that tracks the number of lives saved as a result of Online for Life’s technological advances.

[ ;]

National Day of Remembrance, September 14: Prayers at Abortion Victims Gravesite —

On Saturday, September 14, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Priests for Life and the Pro-Life Action League are calling on pro-life Americans to participate in a National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children to honor the gravesites of our unborn brothers and sisters.

Solemn prayer vigils will be conducted at these gravesites, of which there are 33 across the United States.

The date of September 14, 2013, was chosen for this event because it marks the 25th anniversary of the burial of several hundred abortion victims in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Why Visit the Gravesites of the Aborted Unborn?

When people become aware of the reality of abortion, they can more easily cut through the lies by which some try to justify it, and the natural apathy to which human nature is inclined. Even pro-life people are thrust into a higher level of commitment and activism.

Touching the reality of abortion happens in various ways: hearing a description of the procedure, seeing diagrams of it, seeing images of aborted children, hearing a woman's personal testimony of regret over her abortion.

This impact, whereby abortion no longer remains an abstraction, can be brought to an even more profound level when experienced in an event, such as a funeral for an aborted baby.

Tens of thousands of these children have been retrieved and buried at gravesites across our country. The stories of how they were killed, how they were found, and how they were buried, along with the images and videos that accompany those events, are powerful tools to awaken the consciences of our fellow citizens.

But while a funeral and burial for an aborted baby may be a relatively rare event, the opportunity to visit the burial places and recall how those children got there does not have to be rare—in fact, it should not be rare.

Pro-lifers should be visiting these gravesites—and other memorial sites dedicated to aborted babies—as a regular part of their pro-life witness. That's what the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children is all about.

Join the Gravesite Prayer Vigil

To participate in the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, find information about a September 14 memorial service taking place near you on the list of unborn gravesites —

If no memorial service is currently scheduled at the nearest gravesite, consider volunteering as a local leader to work with the national Day of Remembrance team in hosting such an event —







Gov. Christie Vetoes Bill Funding Planned Parenthood for Fifth Time

Governor Chris Christie has no interest in funding the Planned Parenthood abortion business with taxpayer dollars and, for the fifth time, vetoed a bill to do just that.

March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Spina Bifida Association All Support Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood

The very charities many have supported are aligned with Planned Parenthood in forcing the people who support their work to pay for things that directly contradict their faith.

The March of Dimes, the American Cancer Society, and the Spina Bifida Association were listed in Planned Parenthood’s recent white paper, Taking Control, as being among “a wide range of health care groups” that joined the abortion giant, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in opposing the Blunt Amendment's religious exemption from providing insurance benefits because of "moral conviction."

Easter Seals is added to the list of charities opposing religious freedom…




Planned Parenthood Gives Tips to Promote Abortion: Relativism in its 'Finest' Hour

The New York affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is giving out tips today for its supporters in terms of how they can push abortion on their guests at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The website is sure to upset millions of pro-life advocates who are busy spending the day thanking God for the gifts and blessings they’ve been given, especially the gift of human life that has been snuffed out more than 54 million times since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

As is expected, the tips Planned Parenthood of New York city gives its supporters involve covering up promotion of abortion with terms like “reproductive health” and focusing on women’s rights.

“The holidays are upon us! Going home or getting together with relatives for the holidays is always a stressful time, but if your family members are the type who regularly protest outside the local Planned Parenthood, you know that this holiday is going to be a doozy,” PPNYC complains. “Luckily, we have some tips for surviving those awkward conversations. So read on, and bring some diplomacy and understanding to the table along with that pumpkin pie.”

Planned Parenthood also encourages people to push abortions of disabled unborn children on their Thanksgiving guests, by telling them, “We can try to imagine the heartbreak of a family when they get the news that a test has shown there is something wrong with their baby.”

The tips include “Avoid bumper speak talk” and “Remember the big picture” and abortion activists are told, “Debating when life begins or whether or not abortion is federally funded may get you nowhere. Instead focus on your shared values and the big picture—for instance, talk about how you believe everyone should be able to afford to go to the doctor, or how the decision about when and whether to become a parent is a personal one.”

Activists are told to tell their guests that it is “misinformation” that certain forms of birth control can end a pregnancy (cause an abortion) and that they should be “open and accepting of other people’s personal views” unless, of course, they are pro-life. Abortion backers should tell their guests, “I might not personally choose to get an abortion, but I could never decide for another woman whether or not she was ready to become a parent,” Planned Parenthood advises.

Other suggestions include telling people who don’t support taxpayer funding of abortion, “I do believe that everyone deserves access to basic, preventive reproductive care, and that it’s important we support those services. No one should ever have to choose between paying rent and buying birth control” — which has nothing to do with abortion funding.

“Oftentimes it’s easier to dismiss abortion or other health care procedures as “bad” when it’s framed as a political issue. But when you’re talking about an individual woman making a personal decision, it’s harder to just write off,” PPNYC says.

Some arguments PPNYC suggest also include:

“A woman may have an abortion for any number of reasons. Some of these reasons may not seem right to us, but even if we disagree, it is better that each person be able to make her own decision.”

“I can accept someone’s decision to end a pregnancy, even if I wouldn’t make the same decision myself.”

Essentially, if abortion backers cover up abortion with [relativistic] euphemisms and platitudes based on family, personal decisions, health and women, they’ll do fine, Planned Parenthood says.

Anything to ignore the unborn baby. [Ed. AND anything to ignore the very real adverse physical and emotional effects of abortion on the woman…]
[24 Nov 2011, D.C., ]

The booklet titled "Talking About Abortion: Having An Authentic Conversation About A Complex Topic" was published by the PP Action Fund, and basically wants pro-abortion promoters to talk in emotional, subjective terms that abortion is not a "right or wrong" issue, but is relative to her situation.

Planned Parenthood continues to confuse the public by trying to avoid using the word "abortion", by developing a booklet for pro-abortion leaders to use to "teach" their trainers how to talk to the public, and by developing a video for public use which causes moral confusion by promoting  a very relativistic view of life and death based on very shaky opinion polls by their own polling agencies.

Fact Sheet on Abortion – Breast Cancer Link





Planned Parenthood Opens Bay Area Business With $250K in Taxpayer Funds
Local pro-life advocates in the Bay Area of California are stepping up and protesting the fact that the Marin County Board of Supervisors put $250,000 in taxpayer funds behind a new Planned Parenthood clinic.

Kansas Planned Parenthood Sues to Deny Women Informed Consent for Making Abortion Decision

In a desperate move to appease its base–in the wake of increased pro-life laws that reflect the will of the people but jeopardize the bottom line of abortion businesses–Planned Parenthood has sued section 14 of the Kansas 2013 Pro-Life Protections Act, claiming it violates first and fourteenth amendment rights to free speech and abortion access.

Pretty Ugly: Planned Parenthood’s Deception of the American Public

Alliance Defending Freedom – a legal group dedicated to pursuing justice in several areas of American life –  has launched a new project to educate the American public on Planned Parenthood. The project has been named “Pretty Ugly” and it is designed to reveal “Planned Parenthood’s deception of the American public” —


When you visit the webpage for Pretty Ugly, you can get the latest news on Planned Parenthood’s deceptions, attempted cover-ups, and the truth about the abortion giant’s real business model.

Alliance Defending Freedom has already been active in over 45 cases involving Planned Parenthood, including ten current cases. These current cases are being litigated over issues including abortion funding, informed consent, abortion drugs, taxpayer fraud by Planned Parenthood, and a horrible botched and forced abortion. The legal group explains the need for the Pretty Ugly project:

    The secret to Planned Parenthood’s success is just that: a secret. And for good reason. If people knew that this billion-dollar international corporation profited from promoting risky sexual behavior to young people, enforcing abortion quotas to increase profits, putting women’s health at risk, and wasting and abusing taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood would be bankrupt. Sadly, it is anything but.

The Pretty Ugly project has also created an easy-to-use resource page where you can find up-to-date videos, publications, news, and images concerning Planned Parenthood. Some of the resources were directly made by Planned Parenthood itself, but are not necessarily widespread among the public. Of course, this needs to change, and the public needs to be made aware of the crass and vulgar slogans, misinformation, and graphic sexual material put out by the abortion giant.

    This continually updated collection of materials created by and about Planned Parenthood will keep you informed of how the nation’s largest abortion provider is using your tax dollars.  Please be aware that their images, videos and books geared toward promoting risky sexual behavior to young people are graphic. The news also reports their ongoing failure to meet health and safety regulations, occurrences of botched abortions, and constant battles to resist laws that require them to protect girls and women from being put at risk.

The Pretty Ugly project is also filled with ideas on how you can get personally involved in ending abortion and exposing Planned Parenthood to the nation. Go here to see ways you can get involved in social media, donating funds, special projects, sharing the truth, reporting information you discover about Planned Parenthood, and praying. As ADF puts it:

    And pray! Pray for wisdom, unity, perseverance and success in our efforts to end abortion in our lifetime. …

    Join together to pray for an end to abortion, for women and young people to be protected, and for babies to be saved.

If you do nothing else, you must get the Pretty Ugly booklet. It’s free. It contains essential and little-known facts about Planned Parenthood. It will enable you to spread the truth effectively. And it’s in a digital format, so you can easily share the booklet with your friends. Fill in your name and email address on this page, and the booklet will be emailed directly to you. Spread the word to your friends, tell them how to get the booklet for themselves, and help our nation discover just how ugly Planned Parenthood’s business really is…

LifeNews Note:  Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life activist in her home state of Colorado, a pro-bono attorney for Life Legal Defense Fund, and a stay-at-home mom. This column originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.
[Kristi Burton Brown | Washington, DC | | 6/2/13, Washington, DC, LiveActionNews, ]

Planned Parenthood Closes Second New York Business in Two Weeks

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is closing its second facility in New York State in two weeks, after another center closed in Herkimer, New York.

Undercover Call Reaffirms Planned Parenthood's Failure to Report Statutory Rape


Albuquerque, New Mexico – Project Defending Life has released a video that features an undercover phone call placed to Planned Parenthood of New Mexico in Albuquerque by a woman seeking an abortion who indicated she was 14 and her boyfriend was 21. The caller was told by a Planned Parenthood employee that they probably would not need to report even though the relationship qualifies as statutory rape.

The caller asked if her age would be a problem. The Planned Parenthood receptionist responded, "In Mexico, there's no limit on when you can have sexual reproduction rights."

 The caller told the receptionist the age of her boyfriend and indicated he was "worried" that he would be reported.

Caller: Well, I'm concerned because I'm 14…but my boyfriend is the one who is going to be bringing me and he is worried because he's 21.

Planned Parenthood: You need to come to your appointment and [unintelligible] that with the doctor."

Caller: Will he get in trouble?

Planned Parenthood: That's what you and the doctor would have to discuss. It just depends on what – the state law that we have to report. They probably won't. This is something we see often. You're certainly not the first one.

The Planned Parenthood worker identified the abortionist as Shauna Jamison.

"The fact that a pregnancy resulted from a sexual relationship between a 14-year old girl and a 21-year old man is plenty of evidence to suspect that the laws had been broken and that this man was taking advantage of a young teen who legally has cannot consent," said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor of Operation Rescue. "Planned Parenthood's policies give cover for child rapists while allowing manipulated young women to be sexually exploited. Lawmakers in New Mexico need to amend the laws to provide protections to these victims and hold abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood criminally accountable for shielding child predators from the law."

"It's no surprise that Planned Parenthood continues to cover up for rapists since they profit from these lucrative abortions, but in New Mexico where abortion has no restrictions whatsoever, the point needs to be made that young girls are being sexually exploited and abortion doctors in this state are complicit!" said Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life.

Bud Shaver, spokesman for Project Defending Life issued the following statement, "Young girls in New Mexico cannot trust Planned Parenthood to do the right thing, so we are calling on New Mexico legislators to protect our young girls from sexual predators – and from Planned Parenthood."

This incident is certainly not the first time Planned Parenthood has been caught failing to report child sex abuse. Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, Inc. conducted a similar undercover investigation as early as 2002 that revealed that nearly every abortion clinic in the U.S. covered up child sex abuse. In 2007, Live Action confirmed that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics continued a policy of not reporting incidents of statutory rape even though they had been fully exposed five years earlier.

Operation Rescue has periodically conducted its own undercover investigations, documenting the chronic problem of abortion clinics failing to report child sex abuse, which has subjected young women in some cases to years of sexual exploitation at great harm to them.

"This is a serious problem that is causing untold harm to girls across the country that must be addressed, not ignored. We

urge the New Mexico legislature to move quickly to protect underage girls from exploitation and betrayal by older men and Planned Parenthood," said Sullenger.
[12 June 2013]

5 MORE Things You Should Know About Planned Parenthood
In March, we published 5 things you should know about Planned Parenthood, which began to chronicle the shocking and tragic truths of Planned Parenthood that go unknown and unacknowledged by mainstream America every day. And we were just getting started. Here are five more. Have an opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Planned Parenthood uses racist strategies handed down by a eugenicist founder

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist. Similar to Hitler, she believed that there were superior races, and that within the superior races, there were fit and unfit members. In order to produce a world in which only the fit members of superior races were allowed to live, Sanger’s solution was to eliminate the others through forced sterilization, infanticide, birth control, licenses to parent, and abortion. In her book, Woman and the New Race, Sanger said:

    [We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.

And in her American Baby Code, she said:

    Give dysgenic groups [people with "bad genes"] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.

Unfortunately, the troubling issue of race discrimination did not go to the grave with Sanger after she founded Planned Parenthood. Just a few years ago, Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood’s racist tendencies when it caught them accepting donations specifically earmarked towards the abortions of black babies. See more shocking quotes from Planned Parenthood’s racist founder here.

Live Action exposed Planned Parenthood’s current racist practices with its undercover investigation, The Planned Parenthood Racism Project. Dr. Alveda King, pro-life niece of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, said: “The most obvious practitioner of racism in the United States today is Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger and recently documented as ready to accept money to eliminate black babies.” That’s right: Planned Parenthood was caught on tape agreeing to earmark special donations to be used solely for the extermination of black children. Margaret Sanger’s dream of cleansing humanity lives on!

Where is the NAACP when real racism threatens American minorities? According to black pro-life leader Ryan Bomberger, they’re busy backing Planned Parenthood.

2. Planned Parenthood has lobbied for legal infanticide

In spite of all the revealing statements and lies that have come from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, footage of a Planned Parenthood rep defending infanticide before the Florida legislature still sent shock waves through the hearts of many Americans. In the incipient days of the Gosnell trial, when mainstream America was just beginning to become aware that infanticide is a common practice in some abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood dropped its Alisa LaPolt Snow bombshell: infanticide doesn’t matter. In fact, the Planned Parenthood rep argued against legal language in Florida that would require abortionists to send infant abortion survivors to the hospital after being born alive. The alternative? Let them die.

3. Planned Parenthood commits about 30% of the nation’s abortions

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s single largest abortion conglomerate. Most abortions are committed in hospitals and by smaller abortion businesses and chains, but Planned Parenthood runs the largest ring of abortion centers under one name, committing upwards of 30% of the total abortions that occur in the United States each year. That means that they commit about one abortion per 59 seconds. Annually, that is about as many aborted as live in the city of Cincinnati. Planned Parenthood is so dedicated to abortion that the largest abortion facilities in the western hemisphere bears its name. According to the Houston Coalition for Life, which works full-time rescuing children and their mothers from the devastating grips of Planned Parenthood, this facility, located in Houston, Texas, may be the largest abortion mill in the world:

    The Center for Choice Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Houston, Texas is the largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere, at 78,000 square feet.

That’s 78,000 square feet, in a building shaped like a cash register, to carry out a massive abortion business, which includes abortions until almost halfway through a woman’s pregnancy (19.6 weeks).

4. Planned Parenthood’s biggest fan is Barack Obama, President of the United States

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, introduced the POTUS at a recent address he gave to Planned Parenthood supporters (where he famously wished the blessing of God upon the organization), saying:

    President Obama has done more to protect and promote women’s health than any president in history — and has continued to stand with Planned Parenthood when it’s mattered most. Because of his tireless efforts, we can count on birth control with no co-pays and increased access to affordable health care for millions of women nationwide.

A few tidbits from the Obama-Planned Parenthood love affair: as Richards recounts in her introduction, Obama flatly refused Speaker John Boehner’s attempts to lobby the POTUS for Planned Parenthood de-funding efforts – an action, according to Richards, that would have resolved an impasse in the legislature preventing it from passing a budget in 2011. Most recently in the Obama-Planned Parenthood saga, the president’s administration gave in to Planned Parenthood’s insistence that so-called “emergency contraception” be universally available to children (the conglomerate has a history of pouting and bullying until getting its way).

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood endorsed Obama during the presidential election, and Cecile Richards even took time off from her job to campaign on Obama’s behalf in the crucial battleground of Virginia. Lest any doubt about Obama’s dedication to Planned Parenthood (and vice-versa) remain, consider: all the way back in 2007, Obama promised his good friends over at Planned Parenthood that his first act as the president of the United States would be to sign the radical Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Congress never passed the act to sign into law, but Obama’s dedication to a measure that would have added 125,000 dead children to abortion’s yearly death toll in America speaks volumes.

5. Planned Parenthood is notorious for covering up rape and child abuse

Here at Live Action, we brought you the Mona Lisa Project, exposing manipulative counseling, statutory rape cover-ups, and abuse cover-ups in eight Planned Parenthood clinics in five different states. The footage was shocking, and it brought to light yet another disturbing fact backing up the truth that Planned Parenthood is committed to abortion above all else, including what is best for women. Once again, the organization that consistently touts a philosophy of empowering women proved that the best interests of women – especially the most vulnerable, the young, and abused women – are not the driving force behind their massive abortion business.
[20 June 13, Lauren Enriquez,

-know-about-planned-parenthood/ ]

Aborting a Dead Baby

Angie, a former employee of Planned Parenthood (PP) described her experience at PP. One day, a young woman came in to her Planned Parenthood clinic, 20 weeks pregnant and bleeding. Angie examined her, listened with the monitor for the baby’s heartbeat, and realized it wasn’t beating. Angie sent the woman to the emergency room where they found that the baby had died.

A few days later, Planned Parenthood’s supervising Nurse Practitioner came to Angie’s office inquiring why she had used a foetal heart Doppler to allow the patient to hear her baby’s heartbeat. When I said it was part of the routine prenatal exam, she said “not at Planned Parenthood it isn’t!” and asked Angie why she did not send her to Dallas for an abortion. Angie said, “You would have done a sonogram and told her that her baby was dead,” and the nurse practitioner responded, “No we wouldn’t have. By the time we do the sonogram, she has already signed consent for the abortion. We don’t tell them if it is dead or alive, or twins, or triplets.” At that point, Angie decided she could no longer work for Planned Parenthood. More of Angie’s story can be read at

The above was provided via by Abby Johnson, a former executive officer of a PP facility in Texas.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closing Center in Herkimer, New York

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is closing a center in New York State, one of the hundreds it operates across the country that either does abortions or makes abortion referrals.



Reproductive Racism: Planned Parenthood Has More African-American Blood on Its Hands Than the KKK
Juxtaposing the things that do and don’t offend pro-aborts never ceases to sicken. It recently came to light that E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, once said the following:

It is time to end the slavish devotion to the Democrat party. They have insulted us, used us, and manipulated us. They have saturated the black community with ridiculous lies[.] … The Democrat party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions. Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was. And the Democrat party and their black civil rights allies are partners in this genocide…

As usual, she can make it sound shocking only by purposefully omitting the major Planned Parenthood service that makes the organization controversial in the first place: executing and disposing of innocent, living babies for mothers who don’t want to treat them like full human beings.

If we inject actual facts into the discussion, the shock gets flipped 180 degrees. The Tuskegee Institute estimates that between 1882 and 1968, the Klan was responsible for the deaths of 3,446 blacks. As Issues4Life Foundation president Walter Hoye notes, the Guttmacher Institute’s own figures indicate that 432,000 black babies were aborted in 2008 alone – making Jackson’s statement objectively, indisputably true …

Oh, and as for the legitimate pregnancy services Planned Parenthood offers (which are a smaller slice of the pie than advertised), it’s worth noting that throughout history, the Klan dabbled in its share of non-racist activities for PR purposes too, from helping the widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers to handing out sandwiches and other goods to the poor.

Along similar lines, in 2002, Democrat Sen. Patty Murray made headlines for noting that Osama bin Laden won poor people’s favor in Middle Eastern countries in part by bribing them with schools, roads, and daycares.

The point is that we shouldn’t be fooled when … organizations do good deeds for their own strategic and propaganda benefit.
[Calvin Freiburger, Washington, DC,6/7/13,]

Planned Parenthood’s ‘3%’: ‘The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever’

Listen to Planned Parenthood and “providing” abortions is not only a public service, it is such a small part of all that it does that it hardly merits mentioning. It’s only those mean old pro-lifers—such as Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s Director of Education—who insist on making the insignificant (abortion makes up “only 3%” of PPFA’s services) seem significant.

Of course as Dr. O’Bannon has explained many times, that 3% figure is ridiculously misleading. Recently, Rachael Larimore, writing on, did an excellent job illuminating what she calls “The Most Meaningless Abortion Statistic Ever.”

She unpacks that lie (my word, not hers) primarily in two ways. First, Larimore explains a key PPFA trick: “Planned Parenthood ‘unbundles’ all of its services so that a pack of pills, an STD test and an exam are three separate services.”

Second, without belaboring how the 3% underestimates the real percentage of services abortion constitutes, Larimore then brilliantly illuminates how PPFA hides what a cash cow abortion is for PPFA.

    Undoubtedly, some of those services are cheaper than others: To illustrate this, let’s make a comparison with an actual business. Say I open a watch store. I sell lots of those cheap plastic digital ones that you can get at discount stores. And I sell some Timex and Casio, and also some nicer designer watches. But then I also keep a few superexpensive Brightlings and Patek Phillipes in stock. And maybe those only make up 3 percent of my sales. But selling only a handful of fancy watches brings in far more than 3 percent of my REVENUES. And so it is with abortion.

So how much money DOES PPFA take in from performing abortions?

I asked Dr. O’Bannon for a more exact breakdown, based on his years of experience following Planned Parenthood. He told NRL News Today

    Abortion is a huge profit center for PPFA. At going rates for a standard surgical abortion performed at 10 weeks, the 333,964 abortions Planned Parenthood performed represent an income of at least $150.6 million. And it is no secret that Planned Parenthood advertises and performs more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions, indicating that abortion revenues are likely considerably higher. Collectively, the organization and its affiliates took in nearly $1.2 billion in revenues ($1,199,100,000 to be exact).

Referring to PPFA’s Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report, O’Bannon added,

    Planned Parenthood received over half a billion dollars ($542.4 million) in ‘Government Health Services Grants and Reimbursements.’ This represents more than 45% of the group’s annual revenues. While federal monies for abortion are currently limited by the Hyde Amendment to cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother, at least 17 states and several local communities can and do fund abortions. With the onset of ObamaCare, that amount could mushroom.

We all understand why PPFA minimizes the enormou

s amount of money it takes in from abortion; why it would prefer to talk about anything other than the 339,964 abortions it performed in 2011 (that’s one lost life every 94 seconds); and most of all the grim truth that about one out of every nine women coming through Planned Parenthood’s door will have an abortion!

But all the misleading talk in the world about “only 3%” of its services can’t obscure the reality that PPFA is the largest abortion provider in the nation and is taking aggressive steps to expand that murderous empire — building central abortion megaclinics, adding chemical abortions to their smaller offices, experimenting with technologies such as “webcam” abortions. This can only mean more victims and higher revenues at the abortion giant for years to come.

Reprinted from National Right to Life News.
[6 June 13, Dave Andrusko,]