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Drug Abuse After Abortion

New Study Reveals Changing Abortion Demographics

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DRUG ABUSE AFTER ABORTION – researchers note [American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 6/05] that among women who had unintended first pregnancies, those who had abortions were likely to report (4 years later) more frequent and more recent use of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Women who had never been pregnant or those with unintended pregnancies who delivered the babies, had notably lower frequencies of drug abuse.

Reardon: “…that these new findings show that a history of unintended pregnancies alone is not linked to higher rates of substance use. The link only appears when the unintended pregnancy is aborted.”  [American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 6/05, David Reardon, Ph.D. et al; Rt to Life of Greater Cincinnati, 5/05]


NEW STUDY REVEALS CHANGING ABORTION DEMOGRAPHICS – while abortion rates are declining, abortion is increasingly being used by older women, largely over age 25, rather than teens in “crisis” pregnancies.

The data also indicate that the number of women having repeat abortions is increasing (some to 4 or more) and 60% of all abortions are to women who have previously had a live birth.  

Dr. Janice Crouse [author, senior fellow, Beverly LaHaye Institute, think tank of Concerned Women for America] said the data shows abortion demographics are changing and that abortion is becoming a means of birth control for older women.

This study shows “a staggering picture of world-wisely women refusing to alter their lifestyle and using abortion to cover their reckless behavior.” [CWA; HLA Action News, Mar/Apr 2005]