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Woman Dies Following Kansas Abortion

Medical Training for Abortions

Florida Teen's Abortion May Have Covered an Incest Case

More States are Passing Fetal Homicide Laws

Beauty Salons Fuel Trade in Aborted Babies

Man Who Botched Abortions May Not Change His Name, Judge Rules

Abortion Pill Crackdown in Philippines Has Police Chasing the U.N.-supported NGOs

Forced Abortion in China Still a Reality

Planned Parenthood Must Release Medical Records in Statutory Rape Cover-up

KS ABORTION DEATH BY TILLER – Wichita’s George Tiller is infamous for his late-term abortion center, complete with incinerator. The State of Texas and the TX AG have subpoenaed Tiller regarding the death of a 19-yr-old disabled TX woman who suffered a fatal emergency at his site. Operation Rescue, which monitors the abortion site, reports that 5 ambulances in the past 13 months have rushed women from Tiller’s facility to the Wesley Medical Center; at least 1 woman has now died and at least one more is suspected to have died. Women from Ontario and Quebec are being sent to Tiller for late-term abortions, paid for by the gov’t. “This is the quality care that the women we send…receive!” said Mary Ellen Douglas [Nat’l Organizer of Campaign Life Coalition]. [CLC National News, 4/05]


MEDICAL TRAINING FOR ABORTIONS –  in 2000, 87% of US counties had no abortion service, and 99% of all sites that kill more than 400 babies/year were located in metro areas [JAMA, 1Oct03, vol. 290 #13, 1777-78].

In 2000, there were 1,819 sites where abortions were performed – a 37% decrease since 1982. This has coincided with the decline in routine abortion training in residency programs: 23% of training hospitals provided this training in 1985 and only 12% provided the training in 1991 for first trimester abortions. Second trimester abortion training dropped from 21% to 7%.

Noting this, New York City and California passed legislation requiring such training; however, all such programs have been limited by low response rates. In every program, a  Right of Conscience (conscience clause) allows the physician in training to opt out. The actual prevalence today is unknown.
[Rt to Life of Greater Cincinnati, 5/05]

REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES: ACOG  – Each year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists holds a conference. This conference is mandatory for any practicing ob/gyn at least once every five years. The 2005 conference was attended well, with thousands of doctors present.

More noteworthy were abortion providers, about 2,000 strong in attendance. This year's convention boasted several seminars on abortion procedures.

To oppose the abortion-themed affair, over thirty pro-lifers were able to attend, protesting outside the Moscone Center buildings in San Francisco, where the conference was held. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Patrick Johnston, of Ohio, the pro life presence was constant, as the volunteers were put up in a hotel not five blocks away from the event. Operation Rescue's two Truth Trucks circled the complex and visited heavily traveled tourist locations.

The buildings housing the conference were located parallel to each other, across a busy street. Doctors and abortionists alike had to cross at a crosswalk flanked with pro-life picketers and photos of dead babies. Some doctors looked away in disgust, some had choice words to say to the picketers, and some openly admitted to performing abortions.

When confronted with the dark side of their industry, nearly all appeared ashamed or embarrassed of their chosen profession. Many were too upset to stop and talk, but rushed by the protesters with their heads down. Both sides of the street were armed with bullhorns, and the pro-life crowd spoke eloquently about the destruction of human life. Added to that, the Truth Trucks circled the block as attendees entered and exited the buildings.

Not only were the doctors affected, but pedestrians appeared stunned by the large pictures of aborted babies on the trucks as they drove by. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday were spent on the streets, picketing the event.

A team of young people visited the three hotels where most of the doctors attending ACOG were staying. Going from floor to floor, the team slid pieces of pro-life literature under each closed door.

The five-day event concluded with a baby saved: a young woman just over 4 weeks pregnant saw the signs and decided not to kill her child. Pray that she has the courage to stick with her decision. [May 18, 2005 San Francisco, CA;  [email protected]  800 705-1175, Operation Rescue P.O. Box 782528 Wichita KS 67278]

Florida Teen's Abortion May Have Covered up Incest Case  — Authorities are looking into a teen's abortion in another case of an abortion facility performing an abortion on a teenager who has been raped. In this case, officials believe the teen's mother took her to the abortion facility to cover up incest.

Police detectives had wanted to perform a paternity test on the unborn child as part of their incest investigation. However, the teen's 33 year-old mom took her to a Broward County abortion business without notifying them.

The mother did not tell the abortion facility about the incest and she is now charged with evidence tampering. "She was protecting her daughter and her husband, thinking we wo

uld not have any evidence and would not be able to pursue it," sheriff's spokesman Paul Miller told AP. Her attorney, Jack Fleischman, told the Associated Press he questions whether the woman can be charged because police did not have a court order for the paternity test.

The girl's 40 year-old stepfather is facing charges of sexual battery and he and the girl's mother are free on bond, AP reported. The state attorney's office will determine whether the charges should be pursued now.

The state of Florida has taken the teen and her sister into custody. The girl claimed her stepfather impregnated her late last year and she told officials he had another sexual encounter with her in April. [ Editor, 26May05 West Palm Beach, FL;]

MORE STATES ARE PASSING FETAL HOMICIDE LAWS – In 2004, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia and Iowa passed new fetal homicide laws. This trend is continuing through this legislative session as Maryland, Kansas and New Mexico have introduced fetal homicide bills in their legislatures. Maryland's bill protects unborn children only after viability, however both Kansas and New Mexico define an "unborn child" as being in any stage in utero.

The American public overwhelmingly supports this type of legislation. A Newsweek Poll taken in May 2003 found that 84 percent of Americans believe that when both mother and fetus die, the attacker should be charged "for two murders instead of one."

Currently 31 states recognize the killing of an unborn child as homicide at least in some circumstances.

These states have fetal homicide laws that protect the unborn at every stage of development (18): AZ, ID, IL, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, ND, OH, PA, SD, TX, UT, VA and WI. These 13 states have fetal homicide laws that protect the unborn only after certain stages of development: AK, CA, FL, GA, IA, MA, NY, NV, OK, SC, TN, RI & WA. These 5 states do not establish legal rights for fetuses, but criminalize certain conduct that terminates pregnancies or causes miscarriages: IN, KS, NC, NH, NM. “It is time for the remaining 14 states without any protection for the unborn from acts of violence to step up and begin passing fetal protection laws.” [Elizabeth Hurley is a student at Gordon College and an intern at CWA.,, 28April05]


BEAUTY SALONS FUEL TRADE IN ABORTED BABIES: Racketeers pay Ukraine women to sell fetuses to quack clinics for £10,000 courses of 'anti-ageing' shots
Aborted fetuses from girls and young women are being exported from Ukraine for use in illegal beauty treatments costing thousands of pounds. The fetuses are cryogenically frozen and sold to clinics offering 'youth injections', claiming to rejuvenate skin and cure a raft of diseases.

It is thought that women in the former Soviet republic are being paid £100 a time to persuade them to have abortions and allow their fetuses to be used in treatments.

Most of the fetuses are sold in Russia for up to £5,000 each. Some are paid extra to have abortions late in their pregnancy.

Border guards stopped a train entering Russia from Ukraine last week and arrested a 'mule' carrying 25 frozen fetuses hidden in two vacuum flasks. The man said he had bought them from a medical research center. Ukrainian law allows an aborted human fetus to be passed to research institutes if the woman involved consents and her anonymity is protected. But police say staff at state health institutions are selling them to private clinics offering illegal therapy.

'It is extremely difficult to detect this because there are corrupt agreements between respected doctors and academics,' said one senior officer.

Beauty salons in Moscow that buy the aborted material to provide 'fetal therapy' are flourishing, despite a Russian ban on all commercial treatments using human cells other than bone marrow. The salons offer injections of stem cells, the undivided cells present in embryos that can adapt into any kind of tissue, although they are still at the trial stage worldwide.

Sergei Shorobogatko, a former Kiev policeman who is investigating the trade, said abortion clinics in the poor eastern regions of Donetsk and Kharkiv are selling fetuses – often untested for viruses such as AIDS – without permission.

Abortions performed more than 12 weeks into a pregnancy are restricted in Ukraine. Older fetuses fetch extra because their curative powers are thought to be greater.

'When a doctor wants a fetus [to sell], he tells a girl there is a medical reason for an abortion later than 12 weeks,' said Shorobogatko. 'A special procedure extracts it with the placenta.'

The woman would be paid to wait until a late stage of her pregnancy, or might never even know she was duped, he said. Her aborted fetus would be passed to a middle-man or institution, which would cut it into separate organs before placing these in storage. The material was then sold and taken abroad. 

Beauty courses of injections using blends of fetal cells are banned in Ukraine and Russia, but they are widely available in salons that charge up to £10,000. Wealthy clients are told the treatment can stop the ageing process, or eliminate such debilitating conditions as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's.

One fashionable Moscow clinic approached by The Observer promised to 'take 10 years off your face'.

'We are talking about a huge, corrupt and dangerous trade in quack therapies,' said Professor Vladimir Smirnov, director of the city's Institute of Experimental Cardiology. Outside state institutes, Russian law allows only extraction and storage of human cells, but enforcement is lax.

Earlier this month the Ministry of Health announced that 37 out of 41 clinics offering stem-cell treatments in Moscow were acting illegally. Yet most continue to operate.

'What is unclear is what people are injected with,' said Dr Stephen Minger, of King

's College, London. 'Are they really stem cells or a mixture of tissues?'  Ukrainians, accustomed to tales of illegal privatizations and government corruption, are not surprised.

'They used to say we were selling Ukraine,' said one reporter. 'Now we are selling Ukrainians; moreover, in parts.'  [Tom Parfitt in Kiev,  17April05, The Observer; 25May05.Pro-Life E-News;,6903,1461654,00.html; [email protected], no. 626, 26May05]


MAN WHO BOTCHED ABORTIONS CANNOT CHANGE NAME, JUDGE RULES  — A former abortion practitioner jailed for botched abortions can't change his name because a judge is concerned the public will think he is a reputable doctor again. 

Hayat last year presented a request to change his name to Alba D.R. Willobeyeee, but state Supreme Court Justice Colabella sided with the state attorney's office and said the middle initials could confuse the public and mislead them into thinking he was a legitimate doctor. "This risk is of particular concern in this case, given that the petitioner was convicted of criminal conduct involving illegal abortions," Colabella wrote.

Abu Hayat was tagged as the "Butcher of Avenue A" in the early 1990s for several cases of botched abortion, including an incomplete abortion in which the girl was born without a right arm (Ana Rosa Rodriguez 1991).

Hayat had tried to frighten her mother into paying $1,500 for the abortion. He reportedly charged Rodriguez $1,000 in cash, plus her passport, green card and jewelry as collateral for the other $500.

Hayat forced out of his office a bleeding 38 year-old woman during the middle of the abortion procedure and with parts of her unborn child still inside of her. Hayat made the woman leave after learning she and her husband could not afford an additional $500 on top of the $300 they had already paid for the abortion. The woman was hospitalized, and, according to the Journal News, nearly died of an infection.

After his arrest, dozens of women came forward offering information and evidence that Hayat had damaged and mistreated them during abortions.

The NY Health Dept found that a 17 year-old had died of an infection following an abortion he performed; he perforated the uterus of another woman.

Hayat's medical license was revoked in 1992, though New York was criticized for waiting so long to do so; he was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. He has been rejected for parole twice and is scheduled to be released in July 2006, though that could be extended. His attorneys, who say he is suffering from depression and other psychiatric problems, say there is no illegal motive behind the name change. Hayat says he desires the new name because he has become a Christian.

ayat was a member of the National Abortion Federation, a trade group of abortion businesses and practitioners. The organization came under fire for not doing a better job of monitoring its members. [Journal News; 26May05,,]


ABORTION PILL CRACKDOWN IN PHILIPPINES HAS POLICE CHASING U.N. – SUPPORTED NGOs – Manila's mayor, Lito Atienza, has ordered his police chief to stop the trade in abortion drugs in Manila. In Oct2000, Atienza vowed that he would arrest anyone trying to bring RU-486 into the city and now he has given Western Police District director Chief Superintendent Bulaong a mandate to stop the trade that is being carried on illicitly by UN-supported NGOs. 

RU-486 has been the cause of death not only of uncounted children, but in many cases of their mothers as well. This move has infuriated foreign-funded population control activists.  Atienza, also chairs Pro-Life Philippines and has stood up to the international population control lobby on many issues. He has also been excoriated in the foreign press for pointing out that a condom is inadequate in the campaign against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

"A condom is not a guarantee against AIDS because the virus is so minuscule, smaller than a sperm cell perhaps, that it can pass through it," he said. In February 2000, Atienza declared the city's "commitment and support to the responsible parenthood movement, natural family planning . . . while discouraging the use of artificial methods of contraception like condoms, pills, intrauterine devices, surgical sterilization and others."

Abortion groups, funded heavily through the United Nations population control body the UNFPA, not used to their agenda being effectively opposed, have complained that they feel they are being persecuted. Carolina Ruiz-Austria, of the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) said, "They were told that what they are doing is forbidden in Manila. It's unnerving." Such groups also complain that there is a growing opposition to their efforts in the Philippines and that the country is becoming more pro-life in public opinion.

The Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population and Development received reports that some towns in Batangas, Camarines Sur, Palawan and Bukidnon are following Atienza's lead.[, 26May05, Manila]

FORCED ABORTION STILL A REALITY IN CHINA – Amnesty International, the well known human rights group, has issued its 2005 Amnesty International Report which again shows China's continuing abuse of women due to the one-child policy.

Successive reports indicating such abuses have, however, failed to convince the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to abandon its relationship with the Chinese population control program.  They have also evidently failed to convince Canada and other nations to follow the lead of the USA and refuse funding to UNFPA based on their complicity with China's coercive abortion regime.

The Amnesty International 2005 report states that "Serious violations against women and girls continued to be reported as a result of the enforcement of the family planning p

olicy, including forced abortions and sterilizations."

The report gives the specific example of one woman's experiences. "Mao Hengfeng was sent to a labour camp for 18 months' 'Re-education through Labour' in April for persistently petitioning the authorities over a forced abortion 15 years earlier when she became pregnant in violation of China's family planning policy. She was reportedly tied up, suspended from the ceiling and severely beaten in the labour camp. She had been detained several times in the past in psychiatric units where she had been forced to undergo shock therapy."

Information regarding abuses against women in China has been available for some time. The United States refuses to fund the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) based on its U.S. Department of State investigations.

Last December Arthur Dewey, the U.S. assistant secretary of State for the bureau of population, refugees, and migration made a presentation to the House International Relations Committee and stated that "UNFPA support of, and participation in, China's population-planning activities allows the Chinese government to implement more effectively its program of coercive abortion, thus triggering the Kemp-Kasten prohibition on support to any organization that supports or participates in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization,"

The result has been that the United States has not funded UNFPA during the past three years.

His report also stated that "China's birth planning law and policies retain harshly coercive elements in law and practice. Forced abortion and sterilization are egregious violations of human rights, and should be of concern to the global human rights community, as well as to the Chinese themselves. Unfortunately, we have not seen willingness in other parts of the international community to stand with us on these human rights issues."

Canada is among those "international communities" that refused to change its policies in spite of the overwhelming evidence of abuse against women. Instead, during President Bush's visit to Canada last November, Canada announced a $67 million increase (over four years) to its annual $13.1 million UNFPA contribution.

According to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, "UNFPA is helping improve the administration of the local family planning offices that are administering the very social compensation fee and other penalties that are effectively coercing women to have abortions."

Canada's implicit support, through its UNFPA funding, for the Chinese government's "one-child policy" is evident despite the fact that the atrocities are well known to the government. In February of this year a refugee claimant from China who worked as a "family-planning manager" was rejected by a Canadian court, which ruled that forcing women to abort their children against their will is a crime against humanity.

Li Min Lai admitted to aggressively enforcing the one-child policy in her workplace – at one time even camping out in front of a woman employee's home, eventually coercing her into aborting her seven-month-old unborn child. Federal Court Justice Sandra Simpson upheld a decision by Canada's refugee board, which ruled last year that Lai's role in coercing abortion contravened the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.
See the section of the Amnesty 2005 report on China  [London, England,, 27May05]


IN JUDGE RULES AGAINST PLANNED PARENTHOOD  — An Indiana judge ruled 31May that PP of IN must let state officials review the medical records of 84 girls younger than 14 who visited PP sites.

IN Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (part of the Attorney General's office) is investigating whether PP failed to report child molestation. Under IN law, anyone under 14 who has had sex is presumed to be a victim of molestation.

A Marion County Superior Court judge refused PP’s request for an injunction to block the State AG from seizing the medical records. PP argued that the request for the records was an unreasonable search and an invasion of privacy, but the judge disagreed. Judge Johnson wrote,

"The great public interest in the reporting, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse trumps even the patient's interest in privileged communication with her physician because, in the end, both the patient and the state are benefitted by the disclosure."[Susan Jones, Morning Editor, 1June05]