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We recently received this testimony from a volunteer at one of our participating life-affirming pregnancy centers.

We knew we had to share it with you because your prayers not only helped infuse this man’s heart with confidence to answer the phone, but also softened the heart of a desperate woman in need…

The phone rang on a Saturday afternoon when we were short-staffed.

Everyone else was with a client, and I was the only one at the desk. “Do I really have to answer this?” I thought.

Even if I did have the training, how strange would it be for the caller to hear a man’s voice on the other end of the line?

This is a pregnancy center, for goodness’ sake…surely they expect to hear a woman.

I froze, just hoping that the phone would stop. But it continued to ring. By now the caller ID had begun to scroll across the phone’s LED screen, and I glanced down to see the letters “ONL…”

My heart sank. I recognized those letters — Online for Life.

I knew exactly what that meant. These calls are only forwarded to us when women are strongly considering an abortion.

After several rings, I realized I had no choice — I must pick up the phone.

My deep bass voice actually cracked a little as I greeted the caller, “Hello?”

Our conversation was mercifully short, but I will never forget the simple question she asked me, “Do you take walk-ins?”

Though our schedule was full and we were understaffed, could I even dare answer no?

Could anyone really believe that the chance to spare the life of an innocent child might not be worth the “inconvenience” of working an extra hour on a Saturday afternoon?

Hearing her ask this question actually choked me up.

My thoughts screamed, “Yes! We will take you…God will make the room!”

Well, this woman came in and got to meet with the center director.

As they talked in the counseling room, it was quiet at the reception desk while I whispered and wept another prayer for God’s mercy.

Well, that mercy came…She chose LIFE! And it was no inconvenience at all.

What an incredible story.

While this PRC volunteer cried out for mercy for that unborn child, our Online for Life praying community was notified of this mother’s visit to the center (whose identity remains anonymous), and they prayed in unity with that volunteer.

Thankfully, our prayers were answered that day — another life was saved!

After learning of this mother’s bold decision for LIFE, Online for Life notified our praying community again so they could help us spread the good news!

We have no doubt that it was the prayers of the faithful that saved an unborn child that day.

Thank you for standing in the gap for women facing unplanned pregnancies, and for being an essential part of our efforts to rescue unborn babies and their families from abortion.

So Every Child Makes Their Mark!

[27 Mar 14, Online for Life]