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On 10March03, the 49-yr-old wife of Jerry Savoy said he was unconscious at their home. He died nine days later.

An investigation showed that there was an extremely high level of insulin in Savoy’s body; authorities say that is what killed him. She was arrested on murder charges.

Her daughter-in-law reportedly told investigators that she approached her a few months before his death and asked if she knew a drug dealer that could help put Jerry “permanently to sleep.”

Kent County Sheriff’s Department detectives found a partially used insulin bottle in the Savoys’ home after the murder.

The Savoys filed for bankruptcy the year before Jerry’s death. Investigators think those bad finances may be why she killed her husband.

[Note from Ron Panzer: when I interviewed nurse Carla Sauer Iyer, RN over a year ago on the show, she mentioned that she found an insulin bottle in the room of Terri Schiavo (in the mid 1990s) when she cared for Terri in a nursing home. She stated that after Michael Schiavo left the room, nurse Iyer found Terri to be in hypoglycemic shock where the glucometer found Terri’s blood glucose level so low that it would not register on the meter. Here, a woman is being prosecuted for killing her husband using insulin.

May 6, 2005; 24 Hour News 8 show N Valko RN, 11May05]