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Here are some things you ought to know about yourself:


YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND UNIQUE – No other person created was, is or ever will be exactly like you


YOU ARE A SEXUAL BEING – Sexuality is a natural part of your life. From the moment you were conceived, you were either male or female. Now that you are older, you probably have some feelings about someone of the opposite sex. This is normal sexuality. How you deal with these feelings will have an impact on every other part of your life. Your maleness or femaleness is part of what makes you special. Recognize your special sexual qualities and characteristics which distinguish you from persons of the opposite sex. Feeling good about being a female or a male makes you feel better about everything else in your life.


SEXUAL FEELINGS ARE NORMAL. It's what you do with these feelings that will determine whether they affect you positively or negatively. Don't be conned into having sex outside marriage.

You may ask "what if my sexual feelings get stronger…what if I meet someone I want to commit myself to?"

Is birth control the best way to be "sexually responsible"?

Isn't being sexually intimate a way of showing real love?


If you aren't married, you are Not Committed.


Trying to "play it safe" with certain birth control methods may cause a woman unnecessary physical damage and emotional anxiety.


Do you really trust someone who would allow you to risk your health or the possibility of pregnancy before marriage?


Intimate sex before marriage can risk your future happiness.


Married love is a "total giving" of yourselves to each other.


If you and your "partner" have sex outside marriage, how do you know that they haven't had sex with someone before, and how do you know they won't have sex with someone else after you marry??


How can you really trust such a "partner"?

What is to stop him/her from having sex with others, if there is no permanent commitment?



If you break up after having shared sexually, you will be emotionally scarred.


Besides, if this "partner" is willing to share sexually with you before marriage, how do you know he/she hasn't shared with others before you, and infected you with STDs?


Many STDs have no symptoms but do internal damage to your body before you ever suspect you are infected. 


It happens every day… 


That type of doubt and lack of trust is not a good way to begin a committed marriage.



The safest and most unselfish method of birth control for unmarried people is SELF-CONTROL.


Use your WILL, not the PILL…


Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.


Knowing is caring,

and caring is sharing your love in ways

that will not hurt anyone, now or later.



Saying "no" can be the best way to say "I love you!".


Love is a decision,

and when you know the facts,

the most loving decision is to save intimate sex for marriage.


"Safe Sex" is a deadly game.


"Saved Sex" for marriage is the smart and true love choice!