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The announcement comes after county residents filed more than 7,000 petitions calling for an investigation.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KBHA), which regulates doctors and abortion practitioners, refused to bring forth any charges against Tiller in the January 2005 death of 19 year-old Christin Gilbert of Texas.

After Gilbert suffered from complications from the abortion, Tiller’s staff contacted 911 but asked that an ambulance not turn on its lights or sirens to not raise suspicion. The autopsy report indicated Gilbert died from complications from the abortion.

Proceedings in the case could last as long as three months and Tiller’s attorney says the grand jury investigation is a waste of taxpayer funds.

Tiller is a large campaign contributor to pro-abortion candidates, including Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who intervened in the investigation.

The KBHA is appointed by the governor.

Troy Newman [head of Operation Rescue who has been helping collect signatures]: “It is time for an impartial investigation of Tiller by those who are not politically, professionally, or socially associated with him.”

Though her parents took her for the abortion, another member of Gilbert’s family said she would not have wanted the abortion. Gilbert had Down Syndrome.

Tiller sent Gilbert to a local hotel after the abortion “even though her condition was worsening” following the botched abortion.

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Kansas Supreme Court Ignores Kansas Law and Delays Tiller Grand Jury

Kansas Supreme Court ruled 26Oct that the grand jury called to investigate late-term abortionist George Tiller by over 7,000 citizens of Sedgwick County will be delayed at least until November 16.

[26Oct07, Topeka, TX,]