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…The truth is that 'legal' abortion still hurts, traumatizes, and even kills women and girls.

In a letter posted at, Eileen Roberts, president of Mothers and Advocates for Mothers Alone, and the mother of a teen girl injured by abortion, wrote:

How can we be so naive to think that every surgical procedure of abortion is safe, and use the argument that women would resort to back-alley abortions?

Legalizing abortion simply gave the back-alley physician permission to put his shingle on the front door.   

… Abortion may be currently legal, but it is anything but safe for either mother or child.

In every abortion someone dies.   

My 14-year-old was told she was going to the best abortion facility in Virginia. Her boyfriend and a so-called adult friend, who transported her 45 miles from our home, did not know her as her parents did.   

She suffered emotional and physical consequences from a so-called safe, legal abortion.

To add insult to injury, my husband and I were responsible for more than $27,000 in medical costs to repair the damage done by the abortionist.

In my opinion, this was an example of a legal back-alley abortion.

[from posted 9 March 2011, Elliot Institute]