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When it comes to sex education, parents have a lot of competition – media, the Internet, peer groups and Planned Parenthood style sex education.

Sometimes the uphill battle can feel overwhelming, but surveys have shown that children actually prefer to get information about sex from their parents.

Last month a school in Colorado suffered a sexting scandal that turned hundreds of nude photos into a competition about the students.

As a parent or a teacher, how do you control this?

This article draws on three very important lessons that were learned from this scandal.

1. Put a problem in the “too hard” basket and it will get worse.

2. It’s a tough call for parents to protect their children in a pornified, smartphone age, but the kids will be much better armed against it if they have a good relationship with mom and dad at home.

3. If text-messaging services and organizations like Planned Parenthood are the people forming the ideas of teachers and other public servants, the next, bigger sexting scandal can’t be far off.

[16 Dec 2015,]