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Every 26 seconds, a preborn baby loses his or her life to abortion.

Online for Life needs your help to flip this statistic upside down. We envision a world in which every 26 seconds, expectant parents in crisis are choosing Life for their preborn babies.

We long to know the names and faces of these beautiful babies. We want to see them grow up to achieve their dreams and have children of their own.

To save these babies, we connect with mothers and fathers who are looking online for abortion-related terms.

From their first phone call to our in-house call center, to their visit to one of our Women’s Care Clinics or a participating life-affirming pregnancy center, we walk with these parents step by step as they are given loving advice, receive one-on-one care, and choose Life for their babies.

Through our unique combination of compassion and innovative technology, so far we’ve cooperatively worked to rescue 1,146 babies from abortion in 2015.

And we’re not done yet…

Earlier this week, we launched our year-end push to save 200 babies by December 31.

Using best-in-class methodology, our Internet marketing experts have calculated that it costs $265* to rescue one baby from abortion.

With a baby being aborted not even half a minute after the baby before, we must act now to turn the tide from death to life.

Help the next 26 seconds mean something different than it does today—help it mean Life for a precious baby.

So Every Child Makes Their Mark.

[12 Dec 2015, Brian Fisher, ]