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Defenders of Planned Parenthood often argue that the organization is more than just abortions


Pro-Life Advocates Continue to Fight Planned Parenthood in South San Francisco

Pro-Life advocates in South San Francisco have been fighting to keep a new Planned Parenthood facility from opening in their neighborhood.

Today, April 3, 2014, LLDF-associated attorneys Greg Weiler and David Werner will appear at a hearing before the Honorable Marie S. Weiner for a determination on the impact that a business such as Planned Parenthood would bring to the proposed location in the downtown area of this San Francisco Bay Area suburb.

Would a controversial business such as Planned Parenthood be good for your neighborhood?

Who will be the first to complain when pro-life advocates such as sidewalk counselors, prayer warriors and others are exercising their free speech rights on the same sidewalk leading to the restaurant and the card shop?

And what about when pro-abortion forces show up to oppose the pro-life presence?

“An abortion provider is not just another business or just another doctor. It is easy to see why communities do not welcome new abortion clinics,” comments Katie Short, Legal Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation.

“We commend the pro-life citizens of South San Francisco for fighting to keep this blight out of their community and are hopeful that the court will order the City to re-examine the facts before granting the clinic its permit.”

The previous proceedings in this matter excluded evidence of indirect environmental effects.

Counsel for the pro-life citizens opposing Planned Parenthood will argue that this was an abuse of discretion.

The City Attorney is expected to argue that “reactions” (meaning the response of concerned citizens to a local business) don’t have to be looked at when considering impact.

The decision may be announced at or shortly following the hearing.
[April 3, 2014, ]