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World Federation of Right to Die Societies [umbrella group consisting of 38 right-to-die organizations from 23 countries] reaffirmed its “Manifesto” [9/06, biennial conference, Toronto, Canada] which originally debuted at its previous meeting in Tokyo in 2004, the document declares that everyone has the “right to die with dignity, meaning in peace and without suffering” and that “the manner and time of dying should be left to the decision of the individual.”

Usually people presume that these “rights” apply only to those who are terminally ill, with six months or less to live. But they would be wrong.

Instead, the Manifesto says, “all competent adults” who suffer “from incurable illnesses” have the “intrinsic human” right to be euthanized or assisted in committing suicide. “Incurable” does not necessarily mean “terminal.” Incurable diseases can include even common conditions like arthritis or diabetes. [International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Update 2006, Vol 20, No 5]