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The Morning After Pill (MAP, EC): 

"…Researchers have said that it acts in at least 2 ways to end a pregnancy:   

"a.   By damaging the lining of the womb so that implantation of the human embryo – the unseen patient – cannot occur.    

"b. Research in mice has also indicated that if an embryo attaches to the womb, the body reabsorbs it, thereby ending the embryo’s life.    

"Because the MAP can act via these two methods, it must be classified as an abortifacient – a drug that can cause an abortion.

"The fact that the MAP reduces the expected pregnancy rate by 87% supports the claim that it frequently acts to end the life of a human embryo.

"Therefore, due to the danger to the health of the human embryo caused by the MAP, my Code of Professional Conduct, parts 1.1 and 1.2,  forbids me from selling this drug."

[Policy – Code of Professional Conduct. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Endorsed by National Council 3/1998]