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De-Funding Planned Parenthood Should Unite Social, Fiscal Conservatives

Commentary: Internet, Social Media Can Help Pro-Lifers Win Abortion Battle

Baby Breeding 101: Business Busted For Exploiting Women

Washington State’s Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill Fails in House

More on the Komen Foundation & Planned Parenthood

Minnesota, Sidewalk Counseling, and 2600 Babies

Noted Liberal Challenges Planned Parenthood’s ‘Birth-Control Myth’

Exclusive: ‘Her Passion Was For Pro-life’: Daughter-in-Law Tells Jane Russell Abortion Story

Black Pro-Life Advocates Upset Abortion Billboard Axed in NYC

Commentary: Black Pro-Life Leader Counters WI Rep Gwen Moore on Abortion

Burgeoning European Pro-Life Youth Movement Gets Major Boost at Irish Conference

New Irish Government to be Led by Party that Gave Pro-Life Commitments

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Evidence of the 6th Sense?

Thirty Studies in Five Years Show Abortion Hurts Women’s Mental Health

Notable Pro Choice Activist Counsels Strategic Retreat

Trial to Begin on Ethics Charges Against Former State Attorney General Stemming from His More Than 100 Charges Against Planned Parenthood in Kansas

Remembering Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Laying It Out: Why We Must Defeat Planned Parenthood!

De-Funding Planned Parenthood Should Unite Social, Fiscal Conservatives
At a time when Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and some other conservatives are advocating putting social issues like abortion on the back burner so monetary issues like jobs and the economy can take center stage, two conservatives have united on a common theme.

Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, and Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life women’s group, have combined forces to write a new opinion column at National Review.

The thrust of their message is that social conservatives who prefer pushing abortion limits and fiscal conservatives who want to cut spending and lower taxes can join together to support de-funding the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Full story at —




Commentary: Internet, Social Media Can Help Pro-Lifers Win Abortion Battle
I was thinking the other day what Saul Alinsky would write about the Internet and social media sites like Facebook; and how he would strategize to use it for his own causes. Today, in the new digital age, I think Alinsky would be a hacker, taking down websites of those he opposed to cause web chaos.

Nevertheless, in his book, Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote that, “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

This is one of the rules that the Left and now the Right has come to understand online.

The Internet can transform an organization or cause by making it look more powerful than it really is or weaker, depending on its online presence. A single YouTube video posted by an unknown person can launch an entire organization or movement.

Today, over 60% of young people get their news online. The majority of young people spend more than 7 hours per day connected to online media via their phone, ipod, or computer, often multi-tasking on sites such as Hulu, YouTube, and Facebook.

People of all generations turn to Google for answers, even for the most difficult questions. I’ve seen hearts and minds change on abortion because of these simple searches, when a student searches the words “unborn baby” and sees a 3D ultrasound a proud parent posted on YouTube or when a scared young girl finds a pro-life pregnancy help center when searching the word “abortion.”

At Students for Life of America (SFLA), we have used the Internet every step of the way to build our organization through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our website. On Monday night’s Expose Planned Parenthood Webcast (listen to the replay here:, SFLA along other pro-life leaders released a new site that combines social networking and online community organizing:

We got the idea for the site after trying to figure out how to harness the power of Students for Life’s 630,000+ member Abolish Abortion Cause ( on Facebook – a Cause that a student in Japan set up to benefit SFLA.  is an experiment, as it is the first of its kind.  It’s one place a pro-lifer can go to get their “marching orders for the day.” Our goal is to get people plugged into the national pro-life movement by featuring various pro-life groups and Twitter feeds, job openings, webcasts, podcasts, and blog posts but also gives pro-life activists a place to create their own petitions, events, videos, and to speak their mind.

The site is not a replacement of Twitter or Facebook but is fully integrated with these sites so that actions taken on the site are automatically advertised on the activists’ feeds.

On Monday’s webcast,  we asked pro-life activists to go to to donate their Facebook and Twitter status’ for Life. Once a day, will automatically update their status with a pro-life message to de-fund Planned Parenthood, a simple action that can educate a person’s entire Facebook or Twitter network about the grim reality of the nation’s largest abortion provider.

While sites like have used the Alinsky power principles for inspiring and giving legitimacy to a small minority of online activists, my hope

is that the pro-life movement, through the effectiveness of the Internet and Social Media outreach, is finally giving a voice for the voiceless and power back to the majority of Americans to end abortion in our lifetime. [11 Mar 11, Kristan Hawkins | Washington, DC |,

Baby Breeding 101: Business Busted For Exploiting Women

There seems to be no end to the filthy bottom of the reproductive tourist trafficking industry.

This story just broke, covering the bust up of a baby breeding surrogacy ring. Fourteen Vietnamese women had their passports confiscated and were being held in two houses while they gestated babies which were being sold by the company, Baby 101.

Some of the women apparently volunteered, as they were promised $5,000 per baby. It was evident upon investigation that some of the women had been raped. Apparently the women were able to send an email to the Vietnamese embassy, which tipped off Thai officials and led to the women’s release. I hope this matter is being aggressively investigated; this most certainly is no isolated incident.

Which is why Eggsploitation is such an important film and part of a larger project within the CBC on the meaning of sex and procreation, the eugenic and exploitative reproductive technologies, and the commercialization of baby making. Additionally, debates are heating up in France and Australia as they review their human cloning and stem cell laws and are posturing toward paying women for their eggs for research.

A press release stating, “Controversial human infertility documentary finds fertile ground at Berlin’s European Film Market,” has opened more doors into European countries for wider release (have we mentioned that Eggsploitation has already been sold into 20 countries?!?). This one press release initiated a Skype phone call to me from a woman in Slovakia, who had heard about the film from a colleague in Finland. Now the film is being shown in Prague this month and in Stockholm in July.

Sadly, the reason this film is even more important is because of what the Slovakian woman told me during our chat. She informed me that the farther east you go into Europe, eggs are now being stolen from women. I paused and then asked, “How can eggs be stolen?” And the depravity was revealed. Women are super-ovulated, taken into the operating room for the egg-harvesting surgery, and when they wake up from anesthesia, they are informed, “There were no eggs to collect, so you won’t be paid your 50-60 euros.” There seems to be no bottom to the depths of depravity of this industry.

To that end, we are releasing a new and expanded edition of Eggsploitation and coupling it with our 2009 film, Lines That Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate. Both films are helpful, educational documentaries that address the scientific agenda which heavily depends on the female reproductive body and human embryos…

If you previously purchased a copy of Eggsploitation you can upgrade to the Expanded Edition for $10.99. Note: Jennifer Lahl is the founder and national director of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. She has a BSN and worked for 15 years in pediatric nursing, specifically pediatric critical care, pediatric trauma, and transport nursing. She received her B.S. in Nursing from California State University at Fullerton and her M. A. in Bioethics from Trinity International University.  [7 March 2011, Jennifer Lahl | Washington, DC |,]




Washington State’s Anti-Pregnancy Center Bill Fails in House

A Washington state bill aimed at forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to prominently disclose whether or not they perform abortions has failed in the House of Representatives.

Lawmakers on Monday failed to take up the bill, HB 1366, which had been introduced in January and was similar to controversial ordinances in New York City and Baltimore, Maryland. The first was approved by the New York City Council last Wednesday; the latter, approved in November 2009, was struck down as an unconstitutional restriction of free speech rights by a federal judge in January.

Although the bill is not technically defunct, The Olympian reports that most bills would have had to have been approved by the 5 pm. Monday deadline in order to move forward this year.

Care Net, a national network of 1,130 pregnancy centers, celebrated the defeat of the bill, which the group said threatened to shut down 56 pregnancy centers in that state. Care Net President Melinda Delahoyde praised state lawmakers for “recognizing the truth about HB 1366 – that it was a biased attack by one industry on its competition.”

“Women in Washington deserve to make their own choice of where they go for help with an unexpected pregnancy.  This bill would have eliminated that choice and pointed them solely to abortion providers,” said Delahoyde.

Delahoyde noted that, especially since the bill was only one facet of a nationwide push by the abortion lobby to hamstring the work of pro-life pregnancy centers, “the battle is not over.”

“Groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood are continuing to seek states and localities that will pass bills attacking pregnancy centers,” she said, encouraging women who have been helped by pregnancy centers to “share your story with others and help Care Net continue to counter the misinformation that is being spread.”

[Mar 08, 2011, Kathleen Gilbert, OLYMPIA, Washington,, ; PharmFacts E-News Update – 9 Mar 2011]

More on the Komen Foundation & Planned Parenthood
Susan G Komen Foundation has been giving funds to Planned Parenthood under the guise of funding mamograms but as this article points out, it is a sham because no mammograms are being done at PP facilities.

The money from the Komen Foundation is actually supporting the killing of innocent babies( aka abortion).Think again what you are really supporting when you support the Race for the Cure sponsored by the Koman Foundation.

Planned Parenthood's Mammosham
Before you sign up to race for the cure, maybe it's best to get up to speed on what, exactly, you're running for.

A few years ago, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which raises millions of dollars a year for breast cancer research, admitted that it gives a portion of its proceeds to Planned Parenthood. When people grilled the Foundation on their partnership, Komen tried to tamp down the controversy by saying that Planned Parenthood "provides vital services."
Considering the latest news [], they might want to change that statement to "refers for vital services."

Apparently, Planned Parenthood doesn't need our tax dollars for free mammograms–because they don't offer them! Pro-lifer Jill Stanek did some digging, and it turns out that one of the organization's biggest arguments for government funding is completely invalid. "If [the pro-life provisions in this budget] ev

er becomes law," Cecile Richards has warned, "millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning–you know, mammograms, cancer screenings, cervical cancer."

That's interesting, Stanek says, because not one Planned Parenthood in America performs mammograms.

Even the organization's website tells women to "ask your local health care provider, health department, or staff at your local Planned Parenthood center about where you can get a mammogram in your area."

Obviously, Richards and friends will stoop to any level of deceit to keep the government checks rolling in.

Meanwhile, what business does Susan G. Komen have funneling money to an organization that a) does nothing to prevent breast cancer, and b) lies that it does?

There are plenty of respectable health clinics out there (1,200, in fact) that would host the screenings without promoting abortion–a procedure that may have more to do with causing breast cancer [] than curing it.
[25 Feb 2011 email]




Minnesota, Sidewalk Counseling, and 2600 Babies

We have just documented our 2,600th baby saved from being killed by abortion.  
This important milestone comes in conjunction with another.  Thirty years ago, on March 5, 1981, four college students walked into the Planned Parenthood (PP) abortuary waiting room in St. Paul, Minn. and refused to leave until the killing of innocent unborn babies stopped.  These four were eventually arrested.  But because of this event, what was to become Pro-Life Action Ministries was born.  
The reason these college students undertook this "sit-in" was the realization that, as important as all the other work in the pro-life movement was – educational efforts, working to outlaw abortion and setting up pregnancy help centers – everyday babies were being killed.  Someone needed to act on their behalf and try to save their lives immediately and until abortion was outlawed. 

The further realization quickly came that they could not effectively intervene for the babies at risk of being killed that day and every day if all the participants were arrested.  Thus, organized sidewalk counseling was born.
In the few short months that followed, Mike Gaworski and Paul O'Donnell began working to bring together others who were of like mind.  They focused on PP in St. Paul, recruiting others to join in.  By the end of the summer of 1981, a core group was formed of regular sidewalk counselors.  A plan was coming together that would grow into Pro-Life Action Ministries.  
Thirty years later, the primary reason for our existence remains – working to save as many innocent unborn babies and their mothers from the horrors of abortion as we are able to through sidewalk counseling.  We've learned much about how to approach the women seeking abortions so that our efforts are very effective.  We branched out to all the abortuaries in the Twin Cities and, then to Duluth, Minn. and Orlando, Fla.  We reached out across the nation, offering our ideas and experiences to help others do sidewalk counseling.  We created outstanding literature designed to save lives which is being used all across the nation.
Added to the sidewalk counseling were pickets and demonstrations that grew into, over the years, the largest prayer vigils regularly taking place outside any abortuary in the country.  More than 2,000 Christians attended each of our All-Day Good Friday Prayer Vigils the past two years.  Once again, our Good Friday Vigil (April 22, 2011) will be at the Planned Parenthood abortuary, 1965 Ford Parkway, St. Paul, Minn. from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  
Being consistent in our protection of innocent human beings, our work includes efforts to stave off euthanasia and other direct assaults on innocent human life.  We have sought to speak out fearlessly and act boldly on behalf of our "least brothers and sisters."  And, with the love of God, we have done so with a mind of bringing those in most need to reconciliation with God.
And here we are thirty years and 2,600 babies saved later.
[2 Mar 2011, Pro-Life Action Ministries email]



Noted Liberal Challenges Planned Parenthood’s ‘Birth-Control Myth’

Three weeks ago I noticed liberal commentator Kirsten Powers make what appeared to be pro-life statements on Twitter and wondered aloud whether she was straying off the reservation. She responded:

This was welcome news. I didn’t probe the nuances of Powers’ beliefs, figuring if she was brave enough to call herself one of us in her world, I would simply support her.

One area where I gathered by other comments Kristen made that we disagreed was on the the topic of contraception. Kirsten thinks/thought contraceptive use deters abortion. I believe contraceptive use provides a false sense of security and actually increases the rate of abortions. And, of course, hormonal contraceptives and IUDs can actually cause early abortions.

But on March 4 Kirsten wrote an important column challenging the “myth” that taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood to provide contraceptives via Title X actually lowers abortions. Kirsten’s piece is a must read. She concludes (linking to one of my posts in the process)…
Kirsten Powers

To preserve its federal subsidy, Planned Parenthood continues to claim that without its contraception services the abortion rate will go up. This deception smacks of a fleecing of taxpayers in an effort to promote an ideological agenda, rather than a sincere effort to help women plan families….

So it is, in reality, a population-control organization. Funny, this was never mentioned in the gauzy $200,000 advertising campaign launched last week….

To hear PP and their supporters, they exist only to provide Pap smears or breast exams or prenatal services. In fact, President Cecile Richards has gone so far as to erroneously imply that they provide mammograms. (A spokesperson for the group confirmed to me that this is untrue.)

PP officials are allowed to believe whatever they want and to pursue whatever goals they choose. But their dishonesty in how they present their organization to the public, along with ignoring basic statistics about their area of expertise, makes you wonder what else they are hiding. It’s also hard to deny that they are at core a blindly ideological organization, not a run-of-the-mill charitable nonprofit.

Whatever you think of abortion rights, this is not the kind of organization that taxpayers should be funding.

No surprise, Kirsten is now taking heat from the Left. So my applauding Kirsten’s authenticity and bravery will likely hurt, not help. I feel bad about that but am compelled to at any rate.

This blog post reprinted with permission from
[7 Mar 2011, Jill Stanek,




Exclusive: &

lsquo;Her Passion Was For Pro-life’: Daughter-in-Law Tells Jane Russell Abortion Story

A “pillar of strength” – these were the words Etta Waterfield used to describe her mother-in-law, Jane Russell, who will be remembered by millions as a timeless beauty and talented actress of the silver screen.

But according to Waterfield, Jane’s true legacy lies in her deep devotion to the Bible as a born-again Christian, and her tenacity living out that faith as a pro-life advocate following a tragic botched abortion at the age of eighteen.

“Mom was to the world a movie star, but her passion was for the children. Her passion was for pro-life,” Waterfield told in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon, two days after Russell passed away of respiratory failure in her Santa Maria home at the age of 89.

Russell’s story began in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California where she grew up as the eldest and only girl in a deeply Christian family of five children. The loss of a child – Jane’s older brother, who died at 18 months old – was what inspired her own mother’s zeal for reading the Bible, a hunger she passed on to her daughter.

The death of a child would also later exert a powerful effect on Jane’s life: when the eighteen-year-old star was already well on her way to a successful career in film, an illegal abortion took the life of her unborn child, and left her unable to bear children ever again.

According to Waterfield, the young Jane already “felt horrible” about the moral evil committed in the abortion, which was so badly botched she nearly died. “She knew it was wrong,” she said. “But she as a young teenager, she felt she was trapped and her career starting to take off, and it was an inconvenience, and she thought that was the best solution, knowing all along that it wasn’t.”

But it was because of the open arms of her own mother, Geraldine, that Jane was encouraged to “let the Lord figure out” how to turn the experience to good.

“Grandma Russell was by her side after she had the abortion and she said, ‘Daughter, the Lord will turn this around for good if you allow him to work in your life. There is no condemnation from Him, nor will there be any condemnation from our lips either,’” said Waterfield.

Jane carried on, she said, bearing courageously the responsibility of an abortion that wound up giving her “a heart for children,” particularly those who were difficult to place in adoptions, such as older and disabled children. Russell was to found the World Adoption International Fund (WAIF) in 1955. According to Waterfield, through Russell’s efforts at adoption advocacy, she helped find a place for over 40,000 children in permanent homes who may otherwise never have found them.

And despite losing her fertility, she became “mom” and “grandma” to many: having adopted three children, she left behind six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren at her passing. In particular, Waterfield said, Russell was passionate about using her fame as a well-loved actress to open the word of God to others.

“She made a mistake, but she is the perfect example of what the Bible says: what Satan has meant for bad, God will turn around for good if you allow him to work in your life,” said Waterfield. “That’s Mom right there: those thousands of children – that abortion turned into a blessing.”

Waterfield, who ran for the California State Assembly as a conservative Republican candidate, said that she was largely inspired by Jane’s zeal for conservative social issues, particularly for the pro-life movement, something she laments has gotten almost no media recognition. “Media will never put that out there because it’s politically incorrect to them,” said Waterfield. “But you get her one on one, or on a stage … and she’ll tell you different. She was never afraid of talking about it.

“There are so many people that have had abortions that are so ashamed of it, and carry that burden. It doesn’t have to be a burden.”

As Russell lay on her deathbed, Waterfield said that she rejoiced to think of the meeting that lay in store for her.

“I whispered in her ear and said, ‘Mom, now you can hold your baby for the first time. You’ll be able to see your baby,” she said, tearing up. “And you know, I just wish I could see that reunion. Because of that baby, she was able to do so much for children.

“That’s her legacy: it’s not Hollywood, it’s the children. That’s how I want the world to know her.”
[2 Mar 2011, Kathleen Gilbert, SANTA MARIA, California,,




Black Pro-Life Advocates Upset Abortion Billboard Axed in NYC
Leading black pro-life advocates are not happy that Lamar advertising company took down a billboard a pro-life group put up in the SoHo district of New York City raising awareness about the high rates of abortions on black children.

The pro-life group Life Always paid for the billboard, to try to draw attention to the fact that abortions kill 300,000 black unborn children annually. In fact, new data put out by the CDC Thursday indicates black babies are victims of abortions at a much higher rate than their white or Hispanic counterparts.

Responding to complaints from abortion advocates, the outdoor advertising company that sold the space to the pro-life group for the billboard said on Thursday that it would remove the four-story sign. It also cited alleged complaints from the employees at the Mexican restaurant located on the bottom floor of the several story building bearing the ad that Lamar said were facing harassment but that local media outlets could not verify.

Catherine Davis of the National Black Prolife Coalition told the incident will be one pro-life black leaders will touch on at a press conference on Monday, and she complained the billboard “was pulled in an attempt to silence that debate” on abortion.

She blamed “Al Sharpton, who continually defends the epidemic of abortion in the black community,” for being one of the primary people leading protests against the billboard.

“The media has dubbed New York the abortion capitol of the nation. So where else should the debate take place than in the city where more black babies are aborted than are born alive,” Davis said. “Sixty percent of the abortions in New York City are performed on black women. That is not an accident, and we believe Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ is why.”

Davis said, “Black women have been targeted by the abortion industry since its inception, and New York provides the snapshot of what abortion targeting looks like when abortion supporters succeed.”

Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., joined in on complaining about Lamar’s actions.

“The time has come for America to come to grips with the reality that abortion is hurting our women and destroying the Black community,” she said. “Nationwide, the abortion rate in the African American community is three times more than our representation in the population. This debate cannot be silenced by the removal of a billboard. We will shout truth from the rooftops if need be.”

“It is an outrageous act of censorship that this billboard was t

aken down,” Dr King said. “This billboard should be posted in every city of the country. And it should provoke outrage in the African-American community—not because it is racist, but because of the truth it reveals; the truth that is being kept from the African-American community.”

“Black people in New York and all over the country should be outraged at the numbers of black babies we lose every single day to abortion. An astonishing 60 percent of African-American pregnancies in the five boroughs of New York City end in abortion. That’s unfathomable,” King continued. “Some people are angry about the billboard, but that anger is misplaced. We should all be upset and heartbroken that so many African-American women have bought into the lie that abortion will solve their problems. Legal abortion has been with us for 38 years, and the problems facing the African-American community have not gone away.”

King concluded: “The message of this billboard is totally accurate. The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb! It’s a travesty of justice that it is being taken down.”

Dean Nelson, Vice President of Underserved Outreach for CareNet, the nation’s largest network of pregnancy centers, also condemned the removal of the billboard.

“When the mourning is heard, we will continue to help women in New York City and across America to have access to free services that will help them keep and care for their children,” he said of those women who have abortions they regret.

he billboard follows a December city health department report showing 41 percent of pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion in 2009. Blacks had the highest number of abortions with 40,798, the report indicated.

ACTION: Contact Lamar advertising to protest its decision at
[25 Feb 2011, Ertelt | New York, NY |,

Commentary: Black Pro-Life Leader Counters WI Rep Gwen Moore on Abortion

A leading black pro-lifer is thankful for the vote last week in Congress that was the first step in attempting to revoke the tens of millions of dollars Planned Parenthood receives in taxpayer funding.

Day Gardner, the head of the National Black Pro-Life Union, also takes on Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore.

She is the abortion advocate who made waves during the debate leading up to the vote by implying that it is better for unborn children to die in abortions than grow up having to live poor and  “eating Ramen noodles” and “mayonnaise sandwiches.” received Gardner’s humorous response:

Let me get this straight; Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) says if the federal government stops funding Planned Parenthood, hungry, crying children will need to eat the Ramen noodles and mayonnaise sandwiches to fill their little bellies.

So, Gwen, what you are implying is–it’s better to fund an organization whose core business includes killing off our children by abortion rather than allowing the children to ‘suffer’ through the enjoyment of eating Ramen noodles?

Gwen, I am grew up one of seven children. My mother talks about how when we were little, she had to really stretch meals when times were tough for her and my dad. The funny thing is we all remember Mother as a greatest cook ever!

And just FYI: I helped raise my sister’s three children on a very mediocre salary. For three years our family of six included my son, two nephews, a niece and my husband and me. We all ate quite well on 70 dollars a week–that’s $10 a day. Gwen, I know 50 ways to cook pasta. Our meals were filling, cheap and very, very tasty.

Representative Moore, I have one last thing to say: Try this recipe. Cook Ramen noodles as usual–drain. Sprinkle the season pack over the drained noodles–toss and enjoy. Try the same recipe adding diced chicken, fresh veggies when available, but frozen or canned veggies work, too. Yum!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on mayonnaise sandwiches–a childhood favorite.

In a separate letter to Congressman Mike Pence, who sponsored the Planned Parenthood de-funding amendment, Gardner said:

On behalf of the National Black Pro-Life Union, I want to thank you for your efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. This great news is especially important to members of the black community as we celebrate Black History Month.

As you already know, there is a dark history of racism rooted in Planned Parenthood’s founding that continues today. After slavery ended, former slaves flooded northern cities in a great migration in search of jobs and a better life as a free people. While the KKK raged a lynching war on Negroes in the south, Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, and friends were devising an evil plan of their own. In 1939, the Negro Project was initiated. The plan was simple — limit the growth of the black population by abortion and sterilization. They knew that some blacks would figure out their sinister plot so it was decided by Sanger to hire clergy and charismatic members of the black community to have them deliver the death message to their congregations.

That plan was ingenious — and continues today as killing centers are still purposefully placed in minority and inner city areas. So called “black leaders,” are lied to, brain-washed, and tricked into thinking that we must kill our children in order to have better lives. Planned Parenthood workers have been caught on tape happily taking money specifically earmarked to kill black babies by abortion. [21 Feb 2011, Ertelt | Washington, DC |,

Burgeoning European Pro-Life Youth Movement Gets Major Boost at Irish Conference

On Friday, November 5, a group of pro-life young people from around Europe and the U.S. kept a prayerful vigil outside Dublin’s Marie Stopes abortion referral agency. Women who come to Marie Stopes are frequently referred for abortions in the UK.

The vigil was organised by Youth Defence, Ireland’s leading pro-life activist group, as part of their Viva la Vida youth conference, November 5-7.

A group of smiling young Belgian students, all of whom had recently attended their country’s first ever march for life in Brussels this summer, said they had come to Dublin to “learn arguments” to defend the pro-life position, “and to learn the truth about life.”

“We are Youth For Life in Belgium. There are not a lot of us, but sometimes we do marches for life in other countries to support them. I think we can learn a lot from each other and from Youth Defence. In Belgium the pro-life movement has just started.”

The Dublin conference was the group’s “first ever” pro-life conference and they were not sure what to expect. They had come, simply, “to get to know more pro-life people, to share experiences, get new ideas.”

The Belgians had been visited by Bryan Kemper, the American pro-life evangelical founder of Stand True Ministries and Rock for Life, who spoke at the Brussels march and encouraged them to attend the Dublin conference.

“We absolutely had no idea what to expect,” they said. “We kind of took the right plane and suddenly we found ourselves standing at Dublin’s airport.

In a note to organisers, the Belgian group wrote, “The Youth Defence people are so full of energy and pro-life passion tha

t it was impossible to stay insensitive to it. We returned to Belgium with a feeling of regret that this fantastic weekend had passed so quickly, but with more hope than ever, thousands of new ideas and a lot of new friends for life.”

Leo Cleary, a Dublin Friday regular, said that he was grateful to see so many young people joining them.

Chris Pembroke is also a regular and said that just being present outside Marie Stopes “makes a difference.”“It’s a message. You’re telling the truth, you’re standing up for the truth about the human person.”

Michael Botzke, a pro-life child psychologist and organiser of Jugend für das Leben, (Youth for Life) came to the conference with his brother and sister from Munster, Germany. He described his work with children and teenagers who suffer emotional turmoil as the after effects of the new sexual mores.

Botzke said of the conference, “The high quality of the talks and the personal example and fire of many young pro-lifers were a big encouragement for us.”

The conference featured US, Irish and British pro-life luminaries, including Jill Stanek, the nurse who revealed the practice at the hospital where she worked of leaving babies who had survived abortion to die untreated. Stanek was instrumental in the passage of the U.S. Unborn Infants Protection Act.

She described Youth Defence as “savvy,” and praised the “work, and enthusiasm” of Youth Defence leaders and the European group leaders.

“I’m so grateful they invited me to speak. They had not one unkind word to say about any other pro-life group. Their entire focus was on saving the preborn.”

Two American girls from Rochester, New York, said they had come all the way to Ireland to attend the conference, staying in Dublin for five days. Catrina Furth, a 22-year-old biology researcher studying song birds at the University of Rochester, said that life as a pro-life scientist working in academia is not easy.

“I had to leave one job because I didn’t realise that it was getting into second trimester foetal stem cells. As soon as I found out, I quit, and it was actually really hard because I was unemployed for six weeks.

“But other than that, there’s a lot of internal pressure from people who think that stem cells are the wave of the future…But it makes me think, isn’t this just more proof that these are human beings?”

Furth said she had not been involved actively in the pro-life movement for long, “but I’ve come all the way to Ireland, so I guess this is serious now.”

Another, a 19-year-old American, said she had attended both the March for Life in Washington and a pro-abortion rally. “That was terrifying. It was really scary. They throw things at you and come and yell at you and take your signs away.” She said one of her friends, a young man, was attacked.

She contrasted the reaction of pro-abortion Irish: “The worst I’ve seen here is someone push over one of our signs. And he was just really grumpy about life in general. That’s the worst I’ve ever seen.” [11 Nov 2010,, Hilary White, DUBLIN,

New Irish Government to be Led by Party that Gave Pro-Life Commitments: Pro Life Campaign issues initial assessment of Irish General Election results
Following yesterday’s General Election in Ireland, the Fine Gael party is set to become the largest party in the newly formed government.  Last week, Fine Gael gave a written commitment to the Pro Life Campaign that it is opposed to the legalisation of abortion in Ireland and supports legal protection for the human embryo.   The Labour Party, which is committed to introducing abortion, will most likely be the minor coalition partner in the next government.

However, the precise composition of the next government will not be known for several days.

The official statement which issued from the Fine Gael party to the Pro Life Campaign last week stated ‘Fine Gael is opposed to the legalisation of abortion’ and ‘Fine Gael is opposed to research conducted on human embryos, and favours alternative stem cell research that does not involve human embryos such as adult stem cell and umbilical cord research’. Further Fine Gael has given a commitment that ‘women in pregnancy will receive whatever treatments are necessary to safeguard their lives, and that the duty of care to preserve the life of the baby will also be upheld’.

The Pro Life Campaign, together with its supporters, ran an intensive nationwide billboard, newspaper advertising, online and leafleting campaign in Ireland which urged voters to only vote for candidates and parties willing to give a public commitment to protect life.  The campaign, which commenced over a year ago, included an email and physical postcard campaign to election candidates and party leaders.  In the days before the election, the Pro Life Campaign published the responses of the parties and the individual election candidates who were willing to give full commitments to protect life, if elected, on the Pro Life Campaign website.

Speaking today from an election count centre in Dublin, spokeperson for the Pro Life Campaign Dr. Ruth Cullen said ‘The result of the election today bears out that pro-life activism pays off.  Together with other pro-life groups and individuals, the election candidates got a clear message that the pro-life lobby is strong in Ireland and that the protection of the unborn child is a serious election issue for many people’.

She continued “This is borne out further by a recent nationwide opinion poll commissioned by the Pro Life Campaign which shows that 68% of the Irish public support constitutional protection for the unborn”.

“However, the Pro Life Campaign and the pro-life movement in Ireland will be maintaining its vigilance in this regard to ensure that the protection of the unborn child remains a key issue in Irish politics’  Dr. Cullen concluded.

4 Tips for Using Graphic Abortion Images Effectively

I used to be pro-choice — vehemently so. I once said that I’d lay down my life to defend a woman’s “right to choose,” and I meant it. Now that I’ve come to my senses and am on the right side of the battle lines, one of the most common questions I’m asked is: “Do you think graphic images are effective for changing hearts and minds about abortion?”

The short answer is: Yes. But only under certain circumstances.
Father Frank Pavone has a saying that “America won’t reject abortion until America sees abortion.” In general, I agree with him. The bodies of the victims of this procedure are hidden behind closed doors, so it’s easy for the average person to slide this issue to the backburner of his consciousness. However, as I know from being on the other side of the debate, when pro-choice folks have graphic images of aborted babies unexpectedly shoved in their faces, it rarely achieves the desired effect.
I think there is a place for showing the American people the truth about abortion, but only if under the following conditions:

1. Let people opt in
When someone forces you to look at something distasteful, your main reaction is visceral rather than intellectual. You’re surprised, revolted and offended, and you instantly divert most of your mental energy to regaining control of the situation — usually by averting your eyes. Unless someone were already well ve

rsed on the issue of abortion, I think it’s unlikely that a surprise viewing of a deceased child would lead him to a lot of reasoned thought on the issue.
However, I’ve noticed that when people freely choose to see these types of pictures, their reactions are completely different. They know what they’re getting themselves into, so they’re prepared for that initial shock. And by agreeing to look at the image in the first place, they’ve given their assent — consciously or unconsciously — that this is an issue worth exploring further.

2. Establish that we’re looking at humans
When I would come across graphic images of abortion when I was pro-choice, they didn’t produce an ounce of human empathy within me. I thought they were gross, the same way I might think a picture of an appendectomy was gross, but I could have stared at them all day without being moved. Did I have a heart of stone? Not exactly. I had just completely bought into the lie that unborn life isn’t human.
People can stomach any atrocity by simply telling themselves that the victims aren’t human. In Rwanda in the 1990s, stacks of Tutsi bodies literally lining the streets didn’t sway public opinion against the genocide. The Tutsi people had been thoroughly dehumanized in the public mind (labeled inyenzi, the Kinyarwandan word for cockroach) and thus their deaths did little to move their neighbors.
As long as people believe that children within the womb are sub-human “fetuses,” or “clumps of tissue,” no amount of pictures of their deaths will sway people. To be effective, images of abortion must go hand-in-hand with efforts to humanize life in the womb. Education about the development of unborn life in the womb, beautiful pictures of living babies at various stages of gestation, etc. can all help change the all-too-common opinion that these children are “just fetuses.”

3. Present it in the context of a relationship
When an enemy confronts you with information, your gut reaction is to reject it, no matter how reasonable it might be. This is a key reason why I think graphic images at pro-life marches and prayer vigils are ineffective: the people on the other side of the lines see us as enemies. Even a person undecided about the issue would likely be offended at having a shocking pictures foisted upon him without his consent, and he’d likely reject the messenger, and therefore the message.
As with any kind of evangelization, challenging information is best presented within the context of a relationship. Establishing a respectful dialogue with individuals and only then challenging them to view pictures of what really happens behind the walls of abortion clinics is a much more effective approach.

4. Follow up with support and a call to action
When people take a look at the reality of abortion under the three conditions above, I believe it’s likely that they’ll see these images as they were meant to be seen, and they’ll wake up to the stark truth about what’s actually at stake in this debate. But then what? I know that when I first allowed myself to really internalize those pictures, I was so stunned and upset that I put the issue out of my mind. I felt helpless and hopeless, without any ideas for what to do about what I’d just seen. I simply tried to forget about it.
It was only when pro-lifers reached out to me and invited me to be part of the solution, helping me process this difficult data I’d just internalized, that seeing those images finally helped change my heart and my mind.
What do you think? Are you against or in favor of using graphic images in the abortion debate?
[Jennifer Fulwiler Monday, February 21, 2011,]




Evidence of the 6th Sense?
Comment: News to me — evidence of the 6th sense? And other studies show that the presence of high-voltage power lines can throw off these systems. Hm….
Studies on the interaction of magnetic fields and biological organisms have centred on the influence of applied magnetic fields on the physiology and behaviour of organisms, including humans, and a search for magnetic sources within the organisms themselves. Evidence continues to accumulate that a wide range of organisms, from bacteria to vertebrates, can detect and orient to ambient magnetic fields (for examples see refs 2-4). Since the discovery that magnetic orientation by bacteria was due to the presence within the organism of magnetic particles of the ferric/ferrous oxide, magnetite, the search has begun for other biogenic deposits of inorganic magnetic material and ways in which the possession of such material might confer on the organism the ability to orient to ambient magnetic fields. Such magnetic material, often identified as magnetite, has been discovered in bees, homing pigeons, dolphins and various other organisms, including man. A variety of hypotheses for the use of magnetite in magnetic field detection have been proposed. We report here that bones from the region of the sphenoid/ethmoid sinus complex of humans are magnetic and contain deposits of ferric iron. The possible derivations and functions of these deposits are discussed.



Thirty Studies in Five Years Show Abortion Hurts Women’s Mental Health

On Sunday November 7th, the Washington Post published an opinion by Dr. Brenda Major titled “The Big Lie about Abortion and Mental Health.”

I would like to offer another perspective on dishonesty permeating the scientific study and dissemination of information pertaining to abortion and mental health.

Dr. Major is absolutely correct; an informed choice regarding abortion must be based on accurate information.

For abortion providers to offer an unbiased and valid synopsis of the scientific literature on increased risks of abortion, the information must include depression, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as suicide ideation and behaviors.

Over 30 studies have been published in just the last 5 years and they add to a body of literature comprised of hundreds of studies published in major medicine and psychology journals throughout the world.

The list is provided below and the conscientious reader is encouraged to check the studies out. No lies … just scientifically derived information that individual academics, several major professional organizations, and abortion providers have done their best to hide and distort in recent years.

Like Brenda Major, I too am a tenured, full professor at a well-respected U.S. University and I, too, have published peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable journals. In fact, my publication record far exceeds that of Dr. Major on the topic of abortion and mental health. I am not alone in my opinion, which has been voiced by prominent researchers in Great Britain, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the U.S., and elsewhere.

As a group of researchers, who in 2008 had published nearly 50 peer-reviewed articles indicating abortion is associated with negative psychological outcomes, 6 colleagues and I sent a petition letter to the American Psychological Association (APA) criticizing their methods and conclusions as described in their Task Force Report on Abortion and Mental Health.

The opinion piece by Brenda Major following on the heels of the highly biased APA report is just the latest effort to divert attention from a tidal wave of sound pu

blished data on the emotional consequences of abortion. The evidence is accumulating despite socio-political agendas to keep the truth from the academic journals and ultimately from women to insure that the big business of abortion continues unimpeded.

 The literature now echoes the voices of millions of women for whom abortion was not a liberating, health promoting choice. A conservative estimate from the best available data is 20 to 30 percent of women who undergo an abortion will experience serious and/or prolonged negative consequences.

Any interpretation of the available research that does not acknowledge the strong evidence now available in the professional literature represents a conscious choice to ignore basic principles of scientific integrity.

The human fallout to such a choice by the APA and like-minded colleagues is misinformed professionals, millions of women struggling in isolation to make sense of a past abortion, thousands who will seek an abortion today without the benefit of known risks, and millions who will make this often life altering decision tomorrow without the basic right of informed consent, which is routinely extended for all other elective surgeries in the U.S.

In publishing Major’s opinion without soliciting other voices on the topic, the Washington Post has perpetuated a serious injustice.

Studies showing the abortion-mental health connection:

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[ Note: Dr. Priscilla Coleman is a Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University. by Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D. | Washington, DC | | 11/12/10,]

Trial to Begin on Ethics Charges Against Former State Attorney General Stemming from His More Than 100 Charges Against Planned Parenthood in Kansas;  Phill Kline Will Have Thomas More Society’s Chief Counsel in his Corner
The following is a statement regarding the upcoming trial from Thomas Brejcha, Chief Counsel, Thomas More Society:
“This upcoming hearing on nine counts of alleged ethical violations before the Kansas Attorney Disciplinary Board, set to begin Monday, February 21, 2011, and estimated to go on for two weeks, is only the latest phase in a protracted, multi-year effort to distract from the 107 counts of wrongdoing, including 23 felonies, that are still pending against a Johnson County, Kansas Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  It’s perhaps ironic that these tactics of distraction may have boomeranged, for just this week Johnson County’s new prosecutor finally went to court to prosecute those same criminal charges against Planned Parenthood.  Also, Kline is going on trial even as a national controversy continues to erupt over recent undercover tapes showing Planned Parenthood providers in other states welcoming business from sex traffickers who exploit underage girls.
“Scrutinized, the merits of the disciplinary charges against Mr. Kline seem unusual, if not bizarre.  Citing Kline’s ‘strong personal anti-abortion beliefs’ as grounds for revoking his law license, as did Stanton A. Hazlett of the Kansas Office of Disciplinary Administration in his letter detailing the charges, seems a rather transparent attempt to destroy Mr. Kline personally on account of his beliefs and to intimidate anyone who stands in the way of the political goals of the pro-abortion movement.
“To be sure, this trial of the former Kansas prosecutor bears more earmarks of a political vendetta than of any real concern about defective professional ethics.  On the merits, Mr. Hazlett’s disciplinary charges appear at best rather stretched and strained, as even Mr. Hazlett’s hand-picked investigators who combed Mr. Kline’s record over 18 months – S.  Lucky DeFries (Chairman of the Topeka Bar Association Ethics and Grievance Committee) and Mary Beth Mudrick (“the DeFries Report”) — reported, ‘After reviewing the substantial documentation in this case, it is the opinion of these investigators that there is not probable cause that Phill Kline violated any of the rules of ethics.’ 

If this isn’t enough to convince objective onlookers that something here is seriously amiss, consider the fact that three different Kansas trial judges made findings that contradict and negate the factual assertions that supposedly undergird each of the charges against Kline.  Indeed, these disciplinary allegations simply don’t hold any water.  They are unsupported in law or fact!
“The plain truth is that former Attorney General Kline did have authority to investigate Planned Parenthood, informed the proper Judges of the investigation, and those Judges ruled that he had legitimate grounds to proceed.  Much of the relevant information was sealed by order of the Kansas Supreme Court and as a result much of the story has been obscured or distorted.  Kline’s opponents exploited the circumstances to generate public hysteria based on false information, all of which harmed the criminal investigation and unnecessarily frightened women and children.
“So, let the hearing now begin and let the chips fall where they may!  The whole truth will come out in the clear light of day.  To quote the late revered U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, ‘The best disinfectant is sunlight.’”
[PFLI PharmFacts E-News Update- 21 Feb 2011]

Notable Pro Choice Activist Counsels Strategic Retreat

Polls have shown that the country is becoming generally more “pro life.”  (Let’s not quibble about how that is defined.)  Frances Kissling, a notable abortion rights activist, writes in the Washington Post that pro choicers need to change their tune if they don’t want their movement to “lose ground entirely.”  And she makes some rather startling admissions.  From her piece, “Abortion Rights are Under Attack–and Pro Choice Activists are in a Time Warp:”

    We can no longer pretend the fetus is invisible. We can no longer seek to banish the state from our lives, but rather need to engage its power to improve women’s lives. We must end the fiction that an abortion at 26 weeks is no different from one at six weeks.  These are not compromises or mere strategic concessions, they are a necessary evolution. The positions we have taken up to now are inadequate for the questions of the 21st century. We know more than we knew in 1973, and our positions should reflect that.

    The fetus is more visible than ever before, and the abortion-rights movement needs to accept its existence and its value. It may not have a right to life, and its value may not be equal to that of the pregnant woman, but ending the life of a fetus is not a morally insignificant event. Very few people would argue that there is no difference between the decision to abort at 6 weeks and the decision to do so when the fetus would be viable outside of the womb, which today is generally at 24 to 26 weeks. Still, it is rare for mainstream movement leaders to say that publicly. Abortion is not merely a medical matter, and there is an unintended coarseness to claiming that it is.

Kissling is willing, apparently, to outlaw late term abortion.

    We need to firmly and clearly reject post-viability abortions except in extreme cases. Exceptions include when the woman’s life is at immediate risk; when the fetus suffers from conditions that are incompatible with a good quality of life; or when the woman’s health is seriously threatened by a medical or psychological condition that continued pregnancy will exacerbate. We should regulate post-viability abortion to include the confirmation of those conditions by medical or psychiatric specialists. Those kinds of regulations are not anti-woman or unduly invasive. They rightly protect all of our interests in women’s health and fetal life.

This doesn’t mean she is pro life, by any stretch. Most abortions
occur at around 2-3 months.  She calls for compromise–such as allowing the state to pay for early term abortions. Pro lifers can’t go there because they see unborn life as fully equal.

Still, this much seems undeniable: The long years of pro life advocacy have had an impact.  The times, they are a-changing. [February 21, 2011, Wesley J. Smith,



Laying It Out: Why We Must Defeat Planned Parenthood!

Last Friday, something historic happened. For the first time ever, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to federally de-fund the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood!!!

As you may know, Planned Parenthood receives over $350 million dollars each year from us, the taxpayers. Yet, they claim that the money they receive doesn't pay for abortions.

And while it would be illegal for them to pay for abortions with federal taxpayer money, believe me – our money is still propping up this abortion giant. It's an interesting bookkeeping game: as our taxpayer money pays for the staff, facility, and equipment of this abortion giant- just not the actual abortion procedure.

In the past decade, Students for Life and other activists like Lila Rose, President of Live Action and former SFLA Intern, have worked to prove to Americans that Planned Parenthood should not receive our money to kill and wound over 300,000 children and women each year.

In 2002, Life Dynamics called 813 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation abortion facilities posing as a 13 year old girl pregnant by a 22 year old man seeking an abortion. The study found that 91% of the abortion facilities agreed to cover up the statutory rape and perform the abortion without reporting the rape. (
In 2007, a Kansas District Attorney filed 107 criminal charges against the federally-funded Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas for performing and covering up illegal late-term abortions, 23 of which were felonies!(

In 2008, Live Action released audio of Planned Parenthood workers in several states accepting donation money for the abortion of "black babies only" from an actor posing as a racist. (
In the summer of 2008, Students for Life launched the "Defund Planned Parenthood Campaign" uniting black pro-life leaders and organizing 4 national press conferences highlighting the Live Action videos and Planned Parenthood Founder's, Margaret Sanger, racist agenda for the organization. (See the SFLA Planned Parenthood Racism Study:
In 2008, both Students for Life ( and Live Action (, released undercover footage of Planned Parenthood facilities willing to cover up the statutory rape of minor girls. Please note, these are not isolated incidents as actual lawsuits have been popping up across the nation against Planned Parenthoods for covering up the abuse of minor girls.
In 2008, Students for Life released an undercover video of a federally funded Planned Parenthood facility explaining to a woman that she can abort her child only by birthing him alive and letting him die. This is infanticide! (
In 2009, Live Action released video footage of Planned Parenthoods giving false medical information to women about what abortion really is and the development of their preborn child. (
In January of 2011, Live Action released 7 shocking videos ( of different Planned Parenthood facilities, some that receive direct federal funds, aiding actors who were posing as human sex traffickers. In some of the footage, the Planned Parenthood workers even offer suggestions as to how the traffickers can skirt the law and get contraception and abortions for underage girls and how the girls can continue to work immediately after their abortion. In response, Planned Parenthood calls the videos fake but yet promises to retrain its entire staff nationwide for how to deal with human traffickers who come to them for business.

De-funding Planned Parenthood should be at the top of our list as pro-lifers.

For if we can defeat this organization, we will be able to stop hundreds of thousands of abortions each year and stop Planned Parenthood's preying on young women.

As shown by the undercover investigations of Live Action, Planned Parenthood doesn't care about women. They only care about their bottonline: their profits.

Abortion = big profits for Planned Parenthood. So much so that in 2010, Planned Parenthood issued a mandate that all Planned Parenthood facilities must become abortion providers by 2015!

Some will argue that because Planned Parenthood does gynecological exams, they do some good and therefore should not be de-funded.

For those, my question is simple: How can anything good come out of an organization founded on the racist premise that those who are "unfit" should not be able to reproduce (See Planned Parenthood Founder's statements: and, that today, covers up the rape of young girls and aids sex traffickers?  Can we not find a better alternative to Planned Parenthood like the thousands of pro-woman Pregnancy Resource Centers across the nation which give women real help?

We only have a small time to act. Now the De-Fund Planned Parenthood Amendment is on it's way to the U.S. Senate, which is lead by pro-abortion politicians who have vowed to defend Planned Parenthood at any cost.

Later this week, I will be sending more detailed instructions of what we must do as a pro-life movement to de-fund and defeat Planned Parenthood.

But, today, I want you to know that we are so close. We are so close to finally taking away 1/3 of the nation's largest abortion provider's budget and doing so will save lives and allow women receive the real help they need.

Last week, I was honored to participate in the Expose Planned Parenthood Coalition's Washington, D.C. Vigil for the Victims in front of the D.C. Planned Parenthood facility and headquarters. I was there with other pro-life leaders and activists to take a stand and ask Congress to federally de-fund Planed Parenthood.

While I was speaking, chills ran through me, like I could feel God working. (View my speech here:

And it all hit me.

2011 will be the year we note in the history books as to when legalized abortion began to end in America.

As I am sure you can see, things are starting to fall into place.  Just look at what has happened during the past 5 weeks:

A Philadelphia District Attorney has filed numerous criminal charges including those for the death of one woman and seven babies at the Kermit Gosnell abortion facility in Philadelphia. Pictures have been released of the facility showing horrific conditions that even Hollywood could not recreate. Babies that were illegally aborted in the 3rd trimester were in the freezer, baby feet were kept in jars to display, and blood was splashed on the walls and examination tables.
Students for Life released a shocking study ( showing that college campuses have been secretly funding the abortion industry for years
by including abortion coverage in student health care plans. In some cases, we found that our taxpayer money could be funding these abortion plans through federal grant programs. The government and most students and parents didn't even realize this was happening!
Live Action released 7 shocking videos ( of different Planned Parenthood facilities, some that receive direct federal funds, aiding actors who were posing as human sex traffickers.
The U.S. House of Representatives, now lead by pro-lifers, has voted to federally de-fund the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood!
Now is the time that we must keep pressure on Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Even though they have our pro-abortion President and U.S. Senate Leaders on their side, they are worried. You can see it in their urgent e-mails they have been sending to their supporters every day.

At Students for Life of America, we take our role in the pro-life movement very seriously.

Just a few short years ago, Planned Parenthood was targeting our mothers and told them for a mere $350 they could snuff us out of existence. Today, Planned Parenthood is targeting us again but with a different message, telling us to abort our children so that we can continue our education or advance our careers.

We know what it is like to be targeted by Planned Parenthood and their allies for profit.

And our job is go to the high school and college campuses across America to stand for Life to educate and counsel our peers so that they know what abortion really is and that there is real help out there for them.

We are the first lines of defense. We have the unique ability to help put Planned Parenthood out of business, not only through legislation but also by reducing their demand and reaching their would-be customers first with areal message of love and hope.

This morning, I'm sending you this message to let you know that abortion will end in our lifetime, and this starts with de-funding Planned Parenthood!

Stay tuned for more details of what we need you to do to make sure we de-fund Planned Parenthood once and for all! Together, WE WILL!
[February 21, 2011, Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director, Students for Life of America]

AAPLOG recognizes the life and passing of a man who, after the example of the Apostle Paul, after a life change, went from killing his victims to giving all his energies to save them. Dr. Bernard Nathanson died this week. We mourn his passing. He was an AAPLOG member. We agree fully with the following tribute written by Americans United for Life:


AUL notes with sorrow that pro-life champion Dr. Bernard Nathanson passed away this week. A pivotal pro-life figure, Dr. Nathanson was once a leading abortionist who presided over 75,000 abortions and become a founding member of prominent pro-abortion organizations, but he later denounced his former colleagues and profession to embrace the pro-life cause and to work against the brutal abortion industry.

Dr. Yoest (AUL President) noted: "Dr. Nathanson was a beacon of uncompromising truth into the horrifying reality of abortion. The courage and honesty of his seminal works, `Aborting America' and `The Silent Scream,' have brought America demonstrably closer to the day when Roe v. Wade is overturned and everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law. His work informs many of AUL's efforts to expose the lies of abortion and the chilling depths to which pro-abortion advocates remain willing to stoop to realize their goals.

"We are indebted to him and will strive to honor and advance his enormous legacy. But there is no doubt that his greatest legacy will be found in lives saved because he told the truth about abortion and about the lies of an industry employs in a brutal and ugly business."
[23 Feb 2011, AAPLOG]