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Mechanism of Various Contraceptive Techniques Are, In Reality, Frequently Abortive

"Contraception and abortion are, in fact, closely linked. They are linked in their biological reality. They are linked in the mentality which presupposes them.

"Abortion directly refuses and destroys the baby. Contraception also refuses the baby and uses any means at its disposal to counter the arrival of baby.

"In both cases, the baby is the enemy. He or she becomes the accidental product of genital activity reduced to mere pleasure or irresponsible futility based on a corrupt notion of human sexuality. 'Sex' takes priority over the baby.

"If the baby arrives in spite of the use of contraception, it is no longer, as previously, accepted, but rejected and aborted.

"This is why it was logical for abortion to be liberalized once contraception had been made generally available, to remedy foreseeable failures of contraception."

[Jacques Suaudeau,]