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This bill allows women considering an abortion to see a copy of their ultrasound if the abortion practitioner has ordered one.

The move is somewhat of a surprise because Granholm has vetoed virtually every other piece of pro-life legislation state lawmakers have approved.

The bill originally mandated that abortion practitioners should take an ultrasound image of the baby and provide it to women, but the bill was later changed to only require them to provide it if they have determined it is necessary.

Abortion facilities could decide an ultrasound would be helpful for determining the age of the unborn child before the abortion and, if they order one, they are obligated to show it to women considering an abortion.

Pro-life groups support the bill saying it is an improvement on current informed consent law that provides women only pictures of fetal development, and not images of their own child.

They point to statistics showing that women who see an ultrasound of their baby overwhelmingly opt against having an abortion.

[ 26Mar06]