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Doctors Give Baby Zero Chance at Survival, He Gives Parents a Christmas Miracle

Incompatible With Life?  Baby Clodagh Lived for 33 Days and Every Day Was Precious

Miracle Joey



Doctors Give Baby Zero Chance at Survival, He Gives Parents a Christmas Miracle

Aaron and Amy V. were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second bundle of joy. Already parents to Micah, then 18 months, the couple went to have the routine 20 week ultrasound done for baby number two when doctors discovered some frightening problems with their baby’s heart. They were referred to a specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where the prognosis for their baby only worsened.

“They could only see three chambers of his heart,” explains Amy, “three days of testing, hours of ultrasounds head to toe with three hours spent just on his heart. And at the end of it all they were telling us that this baby had so many problems there was a zero percent chance of survival.” …

…the couple opted to take their baby boy home with the knowledge that he mostly likely wouldn’t live longer than three months.

Matthew spent his first months of life on and off oxygen and feeding tubes, occasionally strong enough to eat from a bottle. Around four months old he became more active – smiling and giggling. Then at six months old, the Vawters brought their son in for a check-up.

“They were astounded,” says Amy, “The cardiologist said, ‘Sometimes we speak of miracles in a casual sense, but this is a true miracle. We’ve never seen a heart grow and repair itself the way this one has’.”

It turned out that the left side of his heart and his aorta had both grown to normal size. This meant that doctors could perform just one surgery in order to patch the two holes in his heart and this would give Matthew a full life expectancy. All the Vawters needed to do was help Matthew gain some weight.

At eight months old, weighing just ten pounds, Matthew went to the hospital for his one and only heart surgery. A pre-surgery scan of his heart showed that the hole between the bottom two chambers had closed on its own. Now doctors only needed to close the one hole. After four days in the hospital, Matthew and his family returned home where he was more active than ever before and as Amy says, “has been a little champ ever since.”
As for the doctors, they now present Matthew’s case at medical conferences.

Today, Matthew is a typical six year old boy. He and Micah are now big brothers to Jesse, Mikayla, and a new baby due in January. Amy homeschools the children and Matthew is learning to read with about 40 sight words under his belt. He loves animals of all kinds as well as cars and trucks. He loves to sit and look at books, ride horses for therapy, snuggle, and take care of his little sister.

“He loves taking care of anybody really,” says Amy, “He loves to help clear the dishes, set the table and help bring people things they need. He loves to be the helper. He feeds the chickens. And he learns at his own pace but his speech gets better all the time […] We don’t even think about where we were six years ago. It seems like a different life. He’s healthy and happy and active and hilarious!”…

Incompatible With Life? Baby Clodagh Lived for 33 Days and Every Day Was Precious

All too often parents are told that their babies are “incompatible with life” and pushed towards abortion. Derbhille McGill and her husband Darren were told their baby would not live after birth, but the doctors were wrong. Baby Clodagh lived for 33 days.

“She was never, ever left on her own. One of us was always with her. She brought nothing but joy, nothing but love,” says Derbhille in a new video sharing the life of Clodagh and offering hope and healing to parents facing a similar situation.



Miracle Joey: The Boy who Refused to Die

Kristin Page woke up suddenly in the middle of a warm May night, feeling soaking wet.

A few months ago, the mother of three had been afraid to take a pregnancy test when she missed her period. Kristin already felt stretched to the limit with her energetic children, aged 2 through 7, but her husband Matt had encouraged her that together they would “figure it out.”

Kristin vigorously shook Matt awake. Now 13 weeks pregnant, she had come to accept with joy the new life within her, wondering what this little bundle would bring into their blossoming family.

“My waters must have broken,” she whispered in a panic.
Miracle Joey

“Are you sure you didn’t just wet yourself,” Matt replied half sleepily.

On the phone, Kristin’s doctor advised her to visit the hospital first thing in the morning for an examination. He told her that such a young baby could not survive without any amniotic fluid.

An ultrasound revealed that there was no amniotic fluid, but surprisingly, the baby’s heart was still beating. The doctor told Kristin that her baby would die and instructed her to go home to rest, pray and wait for the baby to pass.

A few days later, Kristen returned for another ultrasound. To everyone’s surprise, the baby was still alive, and with a “super strong” heart beat.

A different doctor from the first told the parents exactly how dire the situation was. “No water, no lungs, no life,” she said, and encouraged Kristen and Matt to get an abortion and avoid running the increasing risk of serious infection.

A few days later, an expert in high-risk pregnancies told the parents flatly that the pregnancy would come to an end on its own. The expert counseled the parents to abort, suggesting that if waiting to miscarry seemed too unbearable for Kristen, then she could immediately opt for the dilation and curettage (D & C) procedure.

Now at 16 weeks, Kristen went to see a different specialist. Another ultrasound revealed a powerful heartbeat. The baby was thriving.

The specialist told Kristin that she was not being fair to her husband and other children if she were to leave them without a wife and mother all for the sake of a child that would not even survive more than a day. “Your only option is to terminate,” he said.

Kristen and Matt left in tears, devastated by the bleakness of their situation.

Google searches only made them more dismal. Everywhere they looked, they found that babies with no amniotic fluid had a zero percent chance of survival.

With nothing left to lose, Kristen and Matt decided to let God be in control. They told God that he coul

d take their precious baby whenever he so wished.

“We felt that we were given no hope. Yet, against all odds, we found the strength to just say ‘so be it’ and allow what was certainly going to happen (at least in our eyes) happen,” they said.

“If He wanted him, then I would be at peace knowing it was God’s choice and not mine,” said Kristen.

The tiniest ray of hope broke through the gathering darkness when the parents found out about Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Virginia, where doctors believe in the right for all children to be born, even despite dire prenatal circumstances. It was here that Kristen and Matt found support for their decision to let God handle the pregnancy.

At 17 weeks, the bleak situation had not changed. But, defying all medical expectations, an ultrasound revealed a thriving baby who appeared to be simply content resting gently in the hollow cavity of Kristen’s womb.

Kristen was ordered to a strict bed-rest except for weekly checkups at the family centre.

Weeks went by. At every ultrasound, Kristen expected to hear the news she dreaded the most, but the baby would not let go of its grasp on life.

“Every day brought tears to my eyes to think that I was lying there only for the baby to live a mere few hours, or couple of days at most,” said Kristen.

At 26 weeks, Kristen was moved to Fair Oaks Hospital, an hour away from her husband and children, where she was continually monitored, administered various medicines, and hooked up to an IV machine. Her baby continued to thrive.

At 32 weeks and 3 days, the baby’s heartbeat suddenly changed. The doctors suspected that the baby was distressed, but waited a day before doing anything.

An ultrasound the next day revealed a lethargic baby with an irregular heartbeat. Kristen was immediately prepped for an emergency caesarian-section. She was scared about losing her baby.

“I knew he was safe inside me, but outside me he wouldn’t be able to breathe. I prayed for God to give us but two days with our baby so we could tell him how much we loved him.”

A completely blue boy was pulled from Kristen’s womb. He was immediately baptized by the Catholic doctor who delivered him. Kristen’s husband cut the umbilical cord. All had prepared for the worst, but not for what happened next.

“Then, we heard the screams,” said Matt – the beautiful thrilling screams of a child who is pitifully calling out for his mama.

Joseph Charles Page was born October 2, 2006, eight weeks premature.

“They let me see him and let Matt hold him for a brief minute and then whisked him away,” said Kristen.

The baby had pneumothorax, a collapse of the lung, and needed to be put on oxygen. He also suffered damage to his right leg and foot, probably from resting on them exclusively during Kristen’s bed rest.

Joey spent a total of seven weeks undergoing extensive testing in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit whereupon he was released with a clean bill of health.

“He is bouncing, funny, and so amazing! He brings the most joy to all of us!” said his parents. “He is so happy with us as he smiles and laughs. His brother and sisters adore him.”

Both Kristen and Matt believe that their son is “nothing short of a miracle.”

The happy parents know now with certainty that no one on earth can predict the future. “Evidence might show a nearly fatal diagnosis, but ultimately God decides. It is out of human control.”

“We look at Joseph everyday and thank God we chose to keep him! He is a blessing and a much-loved member of our family. We all know he is special.  You can still see how his face sinks in a bit from being squished and his nose is somewhat flattened.”

“But really, only we can tell.”

Joseph, now five, recently started pre-kindergarten where his teachers told Kristen that she needs to stop spoiling him and give him more serious consequences for his actions. Kristen says that Joey is the opposite of a “serious” child, and that he is always being “super silly.”
[Feb 06, 2012, Peter Baklinski, Olney, Maryland,]