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Miscarriage Linked to Out of Wedlock Pregnancies, Abortion, Artificial Procreation (BJOG, 1/07 pre)

A new study to be released in the upcoming January 2007 issue of BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, but made available online in a pre-release on the journal website, shows that abortion, artificial procreation, and pregnancies out of wedlock are linked to increased miscarriage rates.

Researcher Noreen Maconochie and her team from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine found a 60% increased risk of miscarriage associated with previous abortion…

The study surveyed over 12,000 women.  Researchers questioned 6,300 women aged 18-55 years whose most recent pregnancy had ended in first trimester miscarriage and compared them to 6116 women aged 18-55 years whose most recent pregnancy had progressed beyond 12 weeks.

Artificial procreation or "assisted conception", non-married status and changing sexual partners also were found to significantly increase the risk of miscarriage.

Nausea during early pregnancy appears to be beneficial in terms of avoiding miscarriage and the study also found that vitamin supplementation and eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily were associated with reduced risk.

The authors found the association of miscarriage with abortion "noteworthy" and recommended further work to confirm the finding.


See the abstract online here:


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