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A new bill filed in the Mississippi state legislature would allow women considering an abortion the chance to see an ultrasound beforehand.

When women see an ultrasound of their unborn child at a pregnancy center, a very large percentage decide not to have an abortion.

Senate Public Health Committee Chairman Alan Nunnelee, a Republican from Tupelo who sponsored the same bill last year, is behind this year’s version.

“Abortionists make a lot of money and they want to convey the idea that this procedure involves a mass of tissue when in reality it involves a child,” he told the Hattiesburg American newspaper.

But Ann Rose, the vice president of the National Women’s Health Organization, which operates the only abortion business in Mississippi, says it already shows women an ultrasound picture if they want it.

“This bill is just another one of their litany of issues trying to harass clinics [sic] and women trying to get abortions,” Rose said. “It don’t think it will see the light of day.”

Last year, the state Senate approved Nunnelee’s proposal but the bill eventually died as the state House turned it into a ban on virtually all abortions in the state.

[22Jan07,, Jackson, MS]