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On 5June06, Missouri Gov. Blunt signed into state law measures that not only toughen punishments for sexual offenders, but also those who help or conceal them or their crimes. The law also strengthens the public database of sexual offenders, making it a simple task to report sexual offenders or obtain information on them. The newly signed bill also denies the defense of consent in the case of a victim of a sexual crime under 12.
"We're sending a message to sexual predators that in Missouri we take this seriously," said Gov. Blunt, who has dedicated two days to traveling to cities in Missouri to raise awareness about the new law.
Besides toughening laws against sexual offenders themselves, Gov. Blunt’s new law makes it a felony if a person, or an organization, including abortion clinics, omit to inform the authorities if someone they know is a sexual offender, or if they help that person hide from the authorities.

This may portend huge ramifications for Planned Parenthood, which was exposed in the past few years to have actively engaged in cover-up and cooperation with sexual offenders who had committed statutory rape.

In 2002, Life Dynamics Inc. (LDI), a Texas based pro-life group, conducted a covert study on 800 abortion clinics, revealing that 91% agreed to conceal evidence of statutory rape (, prompting investigations in two states ( ).

At the time Mark Crutcher, LDI's president, reported that "among girls 15 and younger who get pregnant, 60-80 percent are impregnated by adult men. [Life Dynamics] investigation has uncovered irrefutable evidence that both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation-often operating on taxpayer dollars-knowingly conceal these crimes while aiding and abetting the sexual predators who commit them." [6June06,,, Smith, MO]