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Model Legislation Protecting Infants for State Legislatures

US-based Americans United for Life (AUL) released the Infants’ Protection Project, a series of model legislation to enhance protections for unborn children.

The proposals include eight pieces of legislation for state legislators to introduce.

According to AUL, the Project “includes model legislation protecting unborn infants from eugenics, barbaric late-term abortion procedures, and pain; affording legal protection and recognition to unborn children outside of the context of abortion; ensuring that mothers facing a poor prognosis for their unborn children are informed about the availability of hospice care for their families; and recognizing a deceased unborn infant’s right to a dignified treatment, including a respectful burial.”

AUL states that all of the drafted bills are in line with constitutional protections and would be upheld in court.

[from 2015: 47 New Pro-Life Laws Enacted in US; PNCI Global News_Dec 22, 2015]