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Today, 15August2006, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) announced the suspension of the operating license for Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery, AL. The reason cited was failure to have “a physician with admitting privileges at a local acute care hospital or a contractual arrangement with a physician who has such admitting privileges”…

John Giles [president, Christian Coalition of AL] responded to the news: “The action taken today confirms that the abortion industry is only interested in profits and not the healthcare of women before or after an abortion. In fact, women leave abortion facilities all over this state and report the buildings look as if they are furnished from a second hand store and resemble a third world medical facility.”

Giles, along with several pro-life leaders, recently met with ADPH officials to discuss abortion business regulations, inspections and enforcement. Giles further stated, “In our meeting we all conceded that the Summit site closing in Birmingham was a wake up call about the danger to public health and welfare. I am confident that the ADPH has made the upgrading of regulations, inspections and enforcement of standards a priority. I have taken them at their word to work within their statutory authority to protect these vulnerable women who think abortion is their only option.”
[Press Release: J. W. Giles August 15, 2006,]