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Over the past 28 years a new women's health science called NaPro Technology has been evolving which has and continues to revolutionize the health care of our families. Developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers [dir, Inst for the Study of Human Reproduction, Omaha, NE], his detailed research now confirms what those of us involved in this approach to health care have known for a long time.

The 23rd annual meeting of the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals listed many of the breakthroughs all meticulously described in Dr. Hilgers' 1,300 page medical textbook, which is filled with extensive research and data. Much of this research has been gathered over the past few decades from women who have learned to chart their fertility cycle utilizing the Creighton Model Fertility Care System.

It is this systematic way of charting which unleashes the power of the cycle, helping physicians determine, for example, the most opportune times to target reproductive hormone levels. Eliminating any guesswork, appropriate treatment and interventions can then be instituted at the best time.

Consider the following regarding NaPro Technology:
** It is 2 to 3 times more successful than in vitro fertility at healping infertile couples have children — at a fraction of the cost.
** It is 79 percent effective at helping women have a successful pregnancy after they have suffered repetitive miscarriages.
** Remarkably, it can help women learn they are at risk for a miscarriage even before it has occurred.

** NaPro Technology is 95 percent effective at treating post-partum depression, which afflicts as many as 1 in 5 new mothers, often getting positive results within hours.
** NaPro Technology cuts the rate of premature birth nearly in half – thus helping reduce the incidence of birth defects.
** In short, NaPro Technology doesn't try to control your body; rather, it seeks to take care of it, identifying and treating problems instead of "band-aid" approaches like birth control pills or other unhealthy alternatives.

If you would like to learn more about this emerging health science, call 402.390.6600, or visit for information about Fertility Care professionals in your area.
[by Paul W. Kortz, RN, BSN, FCP, OSF Fertility Care Center; FRCN, 11/04]

"Women Healed" [Edited by Jean Blair Packard, FCP] — 50 women and their husbands (USA and Canada) share their experiences as to how their lives have been enriched by the medical care, education, and research efforts of the Institute for the study of Human Reproduction.

The book is divided into specific sections including:
Creighton Model Fertility Care System Users
Previous Miscarriage
Prevention of Pre-Term Birth
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Post-Partum Depression
NaPro Technology for General Health

The testimonials in the book amplify the effect that a system such as this can have on the relationship between spouses, within the family, and toward a better understanding of women's health.

[FRCN, 11/04]