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Montana Governor Schweitzer plans to disband the Governor’s Abstinence Education Advisory Council which has produced extraordinary results, credited with helping lower the state’s high teen pregnancy rates.

The governor will also cancel an advertisement campaign funded in part with grants from the federal gov’t.

An independent research group found that 89% of MT teens saw the abstinence ads as well as 79% of MT parents.

Some 88% of the teens want the ads to continue as do 89% of MT parents.

MT Family Foundation president/former state legislator Laszloffy sent a letter to Schweitzer asking him to reconsider: “This campaign is in its 7th year, and targets high school students with the message that abstaining from sex until marriage is the healthy and smart choice”.

He said the independent poll found that 85% of all respondents felt the ads helped teens avoid pregnancy.

A high 61% believed teenagers in Montana were facing “a great deal of” peer pressure to have sex.

Gov Brian Schweitzer, 406-444-3111 or email [email protected]

[Helena, MT,, 30Apr05]