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The National Black ProLife Union, a group of African-American leaders, held a press conference in Washington D.C. on 18 August 2009. Listen to 3 short video clips at  

The National Black ProLife Union

Also for the complete AAPLOG statement, go to

Note:  Black unborn babies are killed  at a rate THREE TIMES that of non-black unborn babies. 

The AAPLOG written statement for the press conference follows, in part:

    Caring for each patient, by first doing no harm, has been a core precept of the medical profession since the time of Hippocrates. The Hippocratic oath distinguishes doctors and other health care professionals from social engineers; those who want to use medical care as a kind of tool to manipulate society. Any health care reform bills must not force health care professionals to violate the trust at the core of the physician-patient relationship…

    We also call on the Administration to explicitly confirm and defend the health care professional's right to refuse to participate in procedures which violate that health care professional's conscience, including procedures explicitly forbidden under the Hippocratic Oath: abortion and euthanasia.

Donna J. Harrison, M.D. President. American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, also made this oral statement on 18Aug09 at the National Black ProLife Union press conference:

    Abortion destroys life. Abortion not only kills the unborn child, but also increases the mother's risk of suicide, depression, substance abuse and other adverse mental health outcomes.

Abortion increases her risk of preterm birth and cerebral palsy in the next pregnancy.

RU-486 abortion increases her risk of death from infection and massive hemorrhage.

These and other health risks are well documented in the medical literature…

    Abortion destroys life. And abortion in this country is targeted at Black women.

One third of the abortions done in this country are done on black women, even though Black women make up about one sixth of the population.

Under the current bill, tax money is used to fund abortion providers, who already expand operations disproportionately to Black Americans. This means more black children aborted. We call on President Obama to explicitly exclude any tax funding of abortions from any proposed health care reform bills.

    And we call on the President to stop all current government subsidy to those organizations who in their roots and in their actions target the black community for genocide.

    Health care is about life. And health care reform must be about making life better, not destroying the lives of people who someone else doesn't want.

Confronting Abortion on Facebook

AAPLOG has a facebook page at .   AAPLOG presents abortion complication related information, and engages in dialogue.  On the "wall" is one set, on the "discussion" page is a more complete presentation. 

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