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The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is changing its name to the National Campaign and will focus on preventing unintended pregnancies in addition to preventing teen pregnancies, the Washington Times reports.

The group launched in 1996 and set a goal of helping reduce the U.S. teen pregnancy rate by one-third, according to the Times.

The group last year set a new goal of reducing the rate by one-third after seeing a 36% drop in the teen pregnancy rate and a 50% drop in the teen abortion rate since its launch.

Former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean, a pro-abortion Republican who is the chair of the group, said the organization’s new campaign will aim to “bring more intentionality and planning into pregnancy.”

According to the Times, the campaign plans to work with health officials, researchers, the entertainment industry, faith-based groups, responsible fatherhood groups and pregnancy prevention groups, including those that advocate abstinence.

Sarah Brown, CEO of the campaign, said that adoptions should be encouraged but that it is unlikely to be a major part of curbing unintended pregnancy because there were only 14,000 adoptions of U.S. infants in the last year.

[14May07,, Washington, DC]