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Nazi doctor Hans-Joachim Sewering, suspected of ordering the deaths of as many as 900 children at a German euthanasia center during World War II, has received an award from a top German medical group.

The German Federation of Internal Medicine bestowed honors on the 92-year-old physician.

In a statement, the medical group honored the doctor for his more recent contributions to the field. The organization said Sewering "performed unequalled services in the cause of freedom of the practice and the independence of the medical profession, and to the nation's health system."

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported the honor and it has written previous reports tying Sewering to the Nazi regime.

In one case, he is alleged to have sent a 14-year-old girl from his Munich-based tuberculosis clinic to the euthanasia center. Sewering has admitted to membership in the SS but has denied involvement in any euthanasia deaths… [; 27May08, Berlin, Germany,, #4330]