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Says funding of abortions in private centers fraudulently approved for medical necessity.

NB Right to Life also wants Health Canada to drop its abortion dispute with New Brunswick over that province’s refusal to fund such a site.

Peter Ryan [dir, NB Right to Life] says Medicare only covers abortion in cases of medical necessity: “Abortion sites provide abortion on demand; there is no assessment or demonstration of medical necessity. An unwanted pregnancy is not an automatic criterion of medical necessity, I know of no medical body in this country that would say it is.”

The group says that 6 provinces are violating the Medicare provisions of the Canada Health Act by funding private center abortions under the guise of medical necessity:

Newfoundland, Manitoba, BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

“In all honesty, these provinces are practicing fraud,” says Ryan. “The new Tory government, which promised to end corruption, should not stand for it.”

The Canada Health Act authorizes the federal government to penalize provinces for violating the Act. Ryan added that the federal government should immediately drop its dispute with New Brunswick over the latter’s refusal to fund Henry Morgentaler’s site in Fredericton.

“That dispute arose under the previous Liberal administration which favored abortion on demand. Unless the new minister, Tony Clement, favors Medicare fraud, he should drop the matter. It is not about being for or against abortion, it is a question of respecting the law.”

[New Brunswick, 23Feb06]