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A story of aborted baby bodies in landfills should be reporter-bait. But it’s not, at least to ABC, NBC and CBS.

After a statewide investigation, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced Friday that his office found no evidence that Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates participated in the selling of aborted baby parts.

Instead, his office argued it discovered something else: aborted babies thrown into landfills by Planned Parenthood.

To date, the three broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, have ignored the story during their morning and evening news shows.

According to a press release, DeWine’s office discovered:

“All three Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates have sent fetal remains to companies which disposed of the fetuses in landfills.”
“Additionally, the Planned Parenthood facility in Bedford Heights stated it uses only one company for disposal. However, that company stated to investigators it does not accept fetal remains for disposal as a corporate policy.”

In a letter to Richard Hodges, director of the Ohio Department of Health, DeWine revealed, “We learned that aborted fetuses are ultimately disposed of in landfill sites – apparently intermingled with other common residential and commercial trash.” [emphasis added.]

“As you know,” he added, “Ohio Administrative Code 3701-47-05 mandates that a ‘fetus shall be disposed of in a humane manner.’”

DeWine slammed Planned Parenthood further in his office’s press release.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” urged DeWine. “It is important the public be aware that these practices are taking place at these Ohio facilities.”

The networks did not take their cue. Not even when Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit and called DeWine’s comments “inflammatory and false allegations.”

As exemplified this summer, the networks have never had much interest in exposing Planned Parenthood’s practices to the American public and they still don’t.

Shining a bad light on Planned Parenthood doesn’t fit with the media’s agenda – not even when it concerns aborted baby bodies thrown into landfills.

[LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared; Dec 16, 2015, Washington, DC, ]

Judge Blocks Ohio From Stopping Planned Parenthood Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills

A judge has blocked Ohio officials from stopping three Planned Parenthood abortion clinics caught illegally dumping aborted babies in local landfills. A federal judge prevented state officials from enforcing current laws related to the disposal of the bodies of unborn babies victimized in abortions.