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Debbe Magnusen felt bereft after hearing about an abandoned baby found suffocated in a trash bag close to her home in California.

As a compassionate woman who had already fostered more than 30 drug-exposed babies while raising two biological children, Magnusen chose to channel her anger and frustration into constructive action.

"As a foster mother, I had always hoped that unwanted babies would be brought to me. But it did not occur to me until that moment that no one knew where I was, or that I wanted to rescue their newborn."

This insight led her to create a 24/7 crisis hotline in her Orange County living room in 1996.

Within 12 hours, she received her first call, from a frantic, frightened woman who had hidden her pregnancy from everyone she knew.

To date, since 1996, Project Cuddle has helped rescue 675 unwanted babies.

"No baby deserves to die before having a chance to live" says Magnusen, who understands the desperation of girls and women who can be in labor while still denying that they are pregnant.

This tireless activist imagines herself in the place of every abandoned child and is inspirationally refueled each time she sees a newborn baby crying SAFELY in a hospital.

"I'm alive so that I can unconditionally love every scared girl or woman [who
comes to me] through her ordeal."

Project Cuddle now operates nationally:

[ ;

hotline 888-628-3353 English, 1-888-483-2323 Spanish

Email : [email protected]]