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There is no consoling a woman who has gone through an abortion…

My children have no graves, tossed out as "medical waste".

I was told that early abortion was just a mass of cells akin to slicing some skin off one's finger even though such a slice will never create a human life.

Why didn't they tell me about the means of "disposal" of my children?

If they presented all considerations BEFORE abortion, most women — if not all — would realize they are carrying a human being, and would choose life.

No one ever put it as the simple truth it is: you have the free will to do whatever you want; but once done, you can never take it back.

If, if, if, if only — words of regret that can never change the magnitude of what I chose to do…

[letter from a woman who experienced two abortions, one from rape, many years ago…]