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On July 26, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals of NJ announced it would no longer distribute or market the six-capsule Norplant System which provides "contraception" for five years. (Actually, Norplant can also cause early abortions by sometimes allowing break-through conception and then preventing the days-old human "blastocyst" embryo from implanting in the uterus.)…Norplant System has been plagued with problems since its introduction to American women in 1990. Women have complained of severe side effects with Norplant, including excessive menstrual bleeding, sever head-aches, nausea, dizziness and depression. In fact, Wyeth finally settled out of court with 36,000 women for more than $54 million in 1999 for these side effects. this settlement did not take into account the hundreds of women who have sued Wyeth for other types of injuries, including infection and scarring from removal of the implant…Wyeth will pay for all removals of the Norplant System until December 31, 2002. Patients with further questions can contact the Norplant System Information Line at 1-800-364-9809. [Joan Appleton, R.N., PLAM, Aug 02]