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A Belfast High Court judge has ruled that Northern Ireland must make abortion available for unborn children conceived in rape or incest or diagnosed with “fatal fetal abnormalities”.

In his ruling, Justice Mark Horner claimed that unborn handicapped babies are “doomed” and that “there is no human life to protect”.

Later in the final ruling, he acknowledged that changing the law to abort these unborn children would be “a step too far”.

The ruling also asserted that the country’s pro-life law is “incompatible” with the EU’s non-binding Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), but he did affirm that there is “no right to abortion” under the Convention.

Ultimately, Justice Horner issued a “declaration of incompatibility”, giving the matter to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

[from 2015: 47 New Pro-Life Laws Enacted in US; PNCI Global News_Dec 22, 2015]