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Not Dead Yet UK, launched on 12May06, is opposed to assisted suicide.

Jane Campbell convened NDY UK, seeing the need for an umbrella group for the many voices in the disability community expressing fear and opposition to assisted suicide legislation. Diane Coleman is the founder and president of Not Dead Yet in the USA, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Coleman says she is encouraged and heartened by the formation of this sister organization.

“The pro-euthanasia movement is an international one. This is the first step in the formation of a concerted international resistance to that movement from the ‘target’ population – those of us with disabilities, terminal or not, who pro-euthanasia advocates say would be better off dead. As the targets of these policies, we deserve a central role in this policy debate. Moreover, as our perspective as insiders in the health care system becomes more widely understood, it should be no surprise that we choose the role of resistance.”

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