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AIDS in China Becoming Like AIDS in Africa

Gonorrhea Fights Back in the UK

AIDS IN CHINA BECOMING LIKE AIDS IN AFRICA. Chinese health officials say that the AIDS epidemic has jumped from its original demographic of homosexuals, IV drug users, and prostitutes to the general population, and it is now being spread mainly by heterosexual sex. An official from the Ministry of Health confirmed that 1% of all pregnant women in China have been diagnosed with the disease. "That is a very high percentage. It is a generalized epidemic," he said.

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GONORRHEA FIGHTS BACK IN UK. Recent figures released by the Health Protection Agency show increased levels of penicillin and ciprofloxacin-resistant gonorrhea in the UK. Approximately one in five cases of the second most common bacterial std are resistant to the powerful antibiotics, and doctors have been advised to prescribe alternative medications.
Health officials warn that the disease often presents with no symptoms, especially in women, and can lead to serious conditions for men, women, and unborn children.
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