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Politico is reporting that Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) has had contracts with the Food and Drug Administration and National Institute of Health since 2009.

ABR is a nonprofit fetal tissue supplier with whom former Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest medical director Katharine Sheehan mentions having a ten-year professional relationship in an undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress.

The FDA and NIH have paid the California-based ABR “at least $300,000 for material used in research of treatments for HIV and eye disease,” according to the report. Officials confirmed the company is “the main paid provider of fetal tissue to the federal government.”

Among the details Politico could not confirm were whether any of the fetal organs the government received originally came from Planned Parenthood, or how many procurement sources ABR has besides the abortion giant. In 2013 tax filings, it “does not indicate that it does any other work besides obtaining and delivering the fetal tissue.”

Sylvia Matthews Burwell, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, claimed to the House of Representatives that her department is committed to making sure grant recipients who use fetal tissue “assert and certify that they understand the laws and that they will abide by that.”

[Aug 6, 2015, Calvin Freiburger,