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Infant Mortality Rate in Alabama Falls to an All-Time Low in 2011

Morning-After Pill for Teens in New York City

Pro-Lifers in 1500 Cities Will Join LIFE CHAINS Throughout October

What You Need to Know About the Mark Regnerus Study of Homosexual Parents

Reflections of a New Father

Justin Bieber's Mom, Pattie Mallette, Opens Her Painful Past in Book

A 'Moses' Miracle in Afghanistan

Death Rate From Complications of Medical and Surgical Care Among Adults Aged ≥45 Years, by Age Group — United States, 1999–2009

USAID Holds Meeting to Coverup Plan to Lend $8.3m to Nigerian Abortion and Fertility Clinics

Pro-Abortion Judge Opens Door for a Rapist Father to Have Visitation Rights

Pro-Abortion Judge Opens Door for Rapist Father’s Visitation Rights

Paul Ryan and the Children of Keynes

Komen and Planned Parenthood: Betrayed From Within, Part 1



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Confirmed: Planned Parenthood Does NOT Offer Women Mammograms


Infant Mortality Rate in Alabama Falls to an All-Time Low in 2011

The Alabama Department of Public Health announces that the infant mortality rate of 8.1 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2011 is the lowest ever recorded in the state. This represents 481 infants, the lowest number ever — which died before reaching 1 year of age.

Dr. Donald Williamson, state health officer, said, “Historically, Alabama’s infant mortality rate has been among the highest in the nation and we must continue to address this challenging public health issue. Positive trends we are seeing include fewer teenage pregnancies and less smoking among pregnant women, and we hope to sustain these improvements in the coming years.”

"Lowering Alabama's infant mortality rate is a critical part of our efforts to improve public health in Alabama,” Gov. Robert Bentley said. "We are encouraged by news that our rate is the lowest it has ever been, and we will work to continue our progress.”

Several other indicators of record progress are found in this year’s statistics, especially with regard to teen births. The percent of births to teenagers in 2011 was 11.3 (6,697), the lowest ever recorded. Another record low was the percent of births to young teens, defined as less than 18 years old, which fell to 3.5 percent of live births, (2,076 births).

The percentage of teenage mothers who smoked (10.8) and the percent of older mothers who smoked (10.6) are the lowest in the past decade. Mothers who smoke have a 20 percent higher infant mortality rate than do nonsmoking mothers.

Accompanying the decrease in teen births has been a decline in the number of teen abortions from 1,644 in 2009, to 1,466 in 2010, and 1,318 in 2011.

A number of risk factors affect birth outcomes. Abstinence and family planning allow for delayed childbirth including appropriate spacing between births. Infant mortality was higher for mothers with birth intervals less than two years (8.5) versus those with a two-or-more-year interval (6.8) between births.

Reducing the number of preterm births can reduce costs for neonatal intensive care. Low birth weight infants, defined as those weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces, are about 20 times more likely to die than infants of normal weight.

The percent of mothers with adequate prenatal care was similar for both blacks and whites in 2011. While 73.0 percent of all white women had adequate care, 69.4 percent of black women had adequate care. Over the past 12 years the percentage of mothers whose deliveries are paid for by Medicaid has grown from 45 to 53 percent.

Despite progress that marks the lowest infant mortality rates ever recorded among both black and white mothers in Alabama, disparities remain in pregnancy outcomes.

·        The 2011 infant mortality rate for black infants of 13.0 per 1,000 live births was above the 2010 national rate for blacks of 11.6.
·        Alabama’s 2011 white infant mortality rate of 6.1 continues to be above the national rate of 5.2 for whites in 2010.
“To sustain our advances, we are cons

idering strategies such as initiatives to reduce the number of preterm births,” Dr. Williamson said. “We also need to limit elective deliveries when gestation is less than 39 weeks.”

The counties with the lowest three-year infant mortality rates, 2009-2011, were Lamar, 2.3; Choctaw, 2.7; and Henry, 3.5. The highest counties were Coosa, 18.1; Bibb, 13.8; Greene, 13.8; and Tallapoosa, 13.8.

Graphs and detailed charts are available at the Alabama Department of Public Health website at
[9/19/12 News Release, ADPH, Office of Women's Health, Montgomery, Alabama,]
NOTE: A major factor that is helping to lower infant morbidity and mortality is postponing Elective Deliveries until after 39 weeks gestation. A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, and to electively cut that important gestational time short can be dangerous for the child.  Even in that last week, many important processes of fetal development take place… That is why the onset of labor should be determined by the child him/herself, when everything is truly ready to be presented.

It is analogous to a great work of art or symphony, which will not be made public until it is as perfect as possible… the child is becoming as developed as possible, and needs every natural moment to complete the process.

To cut that time short is to interfere with this development, which can cause major problems later in life for the child.



Morning-After Pill for Teens in New York City

New York City is dispensing the Morning-After Pill to girls as young as 14 at more than 50 public high schools, sometimes even before they have sex.

The city's effort to combat teen pregnancy contrasts sharply with the views of politicians and school systems in more conservative parts of the country.

New York's program was phased in at health clinics at about 40 schools in the 1 Million student school system starting about four years ago.
[Birmingham News, 25 Sept 12)

Pro-Lifers in 1500 Cities Will Join LIFE CHAINS Throughout October

In Life Chain’s 25th year of prayer and public witness, hundreds of thousands of people will join together to present a united message against abortion on the streets of more than 1,500 cities across the U.S. and Canada.
Visit for more information.


Comment: Because the study undermined the politically correct claim that such children are "no different" from children with heterosexual parents, and because it reinforced a key point made in defense of the natural definition of marriage as the union of man and woman (namely, that kids need both a mom and a dad), it became urgent for pro-homosexual activists to discredit the study and, if possible, destroy Regnerus.
What You Need to Know About the Mark Regnerus Study of Homosexual Parents

University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus sparked a firestorm of criticism from pro-homosexual activists when his peer-reviewed scholarly article on children raised by homosexual parents was published in the journal Social Science Research in June. Using a large, population-based sample, Dr. Regnerus found that children whose parents had a same-sex romantic relationship while the child was growing up suffer deficits compared to children raised by their own married biological mother and father.

Because the study undermined the politically correct claim that such children are “no different” from children with heterosexual parents, and because it reinforced a key point made in defense of the natural definition of marriage as the union of man and woman (namely, that kids need both a mom and a dad), it became urgent for pro-homosexual activists to discredit the study and, if possible, destroy Regnerus.

That effort, thus far, has failed. When a liberal blogger who uses the pen name “Scott Rose” filed a complaint with the University of Texas charging Regnerus with “scientific and scholarly misconduct.” Although Rose had little standing to bring such a charge, the University convened a four-person faculty committee (and hired an outside expert in “research integrity”) to conduct an “inquiry” into whether the charges merited in-depth investigation. The conclusion was clear: “Professor Regnerus did not commit scientific misconduct . . . None of the allegations . . . put forth by Mr. Rose were substantiated.” (This was hardly a surprise; as the journal article itself stated, “Both the study protocol and the questionnaire were approved by the University of Texas at Austin’s Institutional Review Board”–before the research was even undertaken.)

Because of the importance of the Regnerus study–and the viciousness of the attacks upon it and him–I have written about it several times since its release in June. I am here posting links to each of these papers and posts, to provide the reader with convenient one-stop access to all of them.


My first Issue Brief explained the importance of this study in the context of the debates over homosexual parenting and what the research shows. It explained why Regnerus’ methodology was superior to that of virtually all previous studies on this subject–as demonstrated by the article which accompanied Regnerus’s, by Loren Marks, which showed the serious weaknesses of other “gay parent” studies usually relied upon by those who claim “no differences” from heterosexual parents. It also briefly summarized Regnerus’s findings.

Peter Sprigg, “New Study on Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research: Children of Homosexuals Fare Worse on Most Outcomes,” Issue Brief; online.


In response to requests for a more thorough summary of the actual findings in the Regnerus study, I prepared a second Issue Brief. This piece is shorter than the first, because it contains less narrative explanation, but it actually includes more detailed data on the findings, as well as a response to some of the key criticisms of the study. One of its key points is that the New Family Structures Study did not just compare children of homosexual parents to children of married, biological parents. It also compared them to children of heterosexual parents from several other (less stable) family forms–and found the children of homosexuals at a disadvantage in those comparisons, as well:

Peter Sprigg, “Homosexual Parent Study: Summary of Findings,” Issue Brief; online.


The pushback against Regnerus was so immediate and so intense that even conservative media outlets made mistakes in covering it. One such outlet was The Weekly Standard, which criticized FRC’s summary of the study (a single sentence taken out of the context of the first Issue Brief, although The Weekly Standard did not mention that). In response to this artic

le, I wrote a two-part blog post. The first explained why The Weekly Standard criticism of FRC was unjustified:

Peter Sprigg, “The “Homosexual Parent” Study and The Weekly Standard, Part 1: Making Mountains out of Molehills,” FRC Blog; online.

Part 2 of this blog post pointed out errors which author Andrew Ferguson made in the Weekly Standard article which were far more deserving of criticism than FRC’s summary:

Peter Sprigg, “The ‘Homosexual Parent’ Study and The Weekly Standard, Part 2: Making Molehills out of Mountains,” FRC Blog; online.

Finally, the Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article summarizing findings (not yet published) by a critic of the study who was appointed to “audit” it by the Social Science Research journal’s editor. The Chronicle’s headline labeled the study “severely flawed,” and the article quoted the auditor, Darren Sherkat, describing the Regnerus paper as “b***s***.” However, the actual criticisms described in the article ranged from weak to completely implausible, as I wrote on the FRC Blog:

Peter Sprigg, “An Obscenity and a Headline Can’t Discredit Study of Homosexual Parents,” FRC Blog; online.

FRC will continue to monitor the reactions to the Regnerus study. However, I remain convinced that far from being “discredited,” the New Family Structures Study will stand as the gold standard for research in this field for years to come.

[Reprinted from Family Research Council; 12 Sept 12, Peter Sprigg,]


Reflections of a New Father
by James Shaw
September 10, 2012 ( – The other night I received an email from YouTube notifying me of a comment that had been left on one of our abortion videos. The commenter wrote,

“After watching this video I feel like such a piece of [****] and betrayed by my doctor they told me my baby wasn’t developed yet (I was 5 weeks pregnant) and at 19 I believed the doctor. I wish I had gotten more information on what an abortion really is. It still hurts me today (it’s been 9 years) I can’t take back what I did but I hope this video stops anyone else from doing what I did. I hate myself for it. May my baby RIP I’m sorry I’m so sorry.”

As I finished reading the comment I found myself on the verge of tears. We hear this kind of story all the time; while my heart breaks for these women, I have never before been moved to the verge of tears. Perplexed, I began to head to bed and saw Ruth sitting with William. It was then that I realized: William changed everything.

My son was born at 10:16 pm on August 13th. His name is William Eli Shaw. Since his birth, I have spent countless hours holding him, rocking him to sleep, teasing him, blowing raspberries on his cheeks, trying to make the same faces he does, and being totally and utterly dumbfounded by the wonder of life.

We have taken William out for dinner and gone to malls and stores. Everywhere we go everyone gushes over him; and rightly so, he is a little wonder. Everyone asks how old he is and when we tell them that he is only a week or two old, they are often left speechless.

The other day, one lady said, “It’s a miracle that they grow inside of us.” While I am grateful for these comments, I wonder how many of these people thought he was a real human being, deserving protection, at 10:00 pm on August 13th, or after just a couple days in the womb.

You see, it wasn’t until 10:16 pm that William was considered a human being under law, and by many Canadians. It wasn’t until 10:16 that he was protected under our laws. It wasn’t until 10:16 that he was guaranteed protection.

Perhaps it is wrong for me to question the comments of all these people. However, in a country that celebrates unrestricted access to abortion for whatever reason you can come up with, I think the questions are justified.

I truly feel for the woman who wrote the comment above. I do not pretend to know what it is like to lose a child, or to have a child aborted; however, I can certainly sympathize with her. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I ever lost William. William has helped me understand what abortion must do to those who have them, to the doctors who do them, and to the families affected by them.

William has changed everything for me, he has added a new dimension to abortion for me. William is a totally trusting little man, trusting that we will give him what he needs to live; just like all pre-born children in Canada. Let us affirm their trust, not betray.

This piece is republished with permission from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.



Justin Bieber's Mom, Pattie Mallette, Opens Her Painful Past in Book



A 'Moses' Miracle in Afghanistan

The sad reality is that war produces far more tragic stories than it does uplifting ones. However, today I'm pleased to share a story with you that overcame the odds.

In southern Afghanistan, a group of Polish soldiers were patrolling a road near their military base. While checking the route for safety, they encountered something the group didn't expect—a baby had been abandoned alone at the side of the road in nothing but a towel. In the midst of this hostile environment, the soldiers were understandably suspicious. Could it be a trap? Had an enemy placed this baby here to lure soldiers? It could have very likely been a set-up for a roadside bomb attack. The soldiers cautiously assessed the situation and approached the baby. Then they conducted a search covering a one-mile radius of the infant’s location and found no one. Where the child came from was a mystery. Yet, it was clear this group of Polish soldiers had now become guardian angels.

They took the newborn girl with them and returned to the base medical center. Together, this unlikely group essentially became a family unit. The soldiers even named the baby “Pola,” after their home country and bought her baby formula, a bottle and a bib. I wonder what they used for diapers?

Imagine what it must've been like for these brave young guys—dressed in fatigues in the middle of a foreign land and constantly on alert for potential threats—to stumble across the most unlikely of blessings. What went through their minds as they scooped her up and cradled her? They literally held her life in their hands. We don’t know for certain, but it's likely that these soldiers were fathers, uncles or big brothers. They knew it was their duty to protect the most vulnerable.

The circumstances that brought this baby girl to the side of the road that day are unknown. What we do know is because of the intervention of these soldiers, this child now has a chance at life.

The miracle of this story

continues as “Pola” now has a new family and a new name. An Afghan couple who was unable to have children of their own, have become her adoptive parents. The father, 29-year-old Mohammad Zahir said, “We have named her Arya [which means happiness], and we will take care of her forever. She has completely changed our lives. We are so happy.”

I hope more families will be able to know the joy that can be experienced through adoption. Sadly, less than two percent of expectant mothers choose the option of adoption. Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry may claim to offer “choice,” yet the facts reveal the number of adoption referrals represents only a fraction of the number of abortions performed. Some pro-abortion activists are so in favor of abortion, they admit to being anti-adoption! It's important that we reach out to young women facing an unexpected pregnancy. They're being bombarded with lies promoting abortion and need to know there's a better choice that they and their babies can live with.

I pray America's babies will also be protected by the hand of God.
[2 October 12, Bradley Mattes, Director, Life Issues Institute]



Full Text of Paul Ryan’s Pro-Life Values Voter Summit Speech
The following is the full text of the speech vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan delivered today to the Values Voter Summit. During the speech, Ryan takes on the Obama HHS mandate and criticizes President Barack Obama on abortion.

Paul Ryan today delivered remarks to the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. The following remarks were prepared for delivery:

Choice Between Obama, Romney on Abortion is Clear
Gallup polling data shows “Americans now tilt ‘pro-life’ by a nine-point margin,” but it’s not just the general public that is turning against abortion. An upcoming conference will celebrate the men and women who once worked in the abortion industry and are now pro-life.

On September 22, the Pro-Life Action League will present the testimonies of seven women and men who worked in the abortion business at a conference entitled, “Converted: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist.” The conference will be held Saturday, September 22 at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.

QuickStats: Death Rate From Complications of Medical and Surgical Care Among Adults Aged ≥45 Years, by Age Group — United States, 1999–2009

During 1999–2009, rates of death from complications of medical and surgical care declined among all age groups for persons aged ≥45 years. Deaths per 100,000 population declined 39%, to 71.3 deaths for adults aged ≥85 years; 37%, to 51.4 deaths for those aged 75–84 years; 38%, to 27.9 deaths for adults aged 65–74 years; and 28%, to 8.9 deaths for adults aged 45–64 years rates. The rate of decline among adults aged 45–64 years was lower compared with the rates of decline for all older age groups.

Source: CDC. National Vital Statistics System. Available at

CDC. Health Data Interactive. Available at

Reported by: LaJeana Howie, MPH, [email protected], 301-458-4611; Kristen D. Jackson.

Alternate Text: The figure above shows death rates from complications of medical and surgical care among adults aged ≥45 years, by age group in the United States during 1999-2009. During that period, rates of death from complications of medical and surgical care declined among all age groups for persons aged ≥45 years. Deaths per 100,000 population declined 39%, to 71.3 deaths for adults aged ≥85 years; 37%, to 51.4 deaths for those aged 75-84 years; 38%, to 27.9 deaths for adults aged 65-74 years; and 28%, to 8.9 deaths for adults aged 45-64 years rates. The rate of decline among adults aged 45-64 years was lower compared with the rates of decline for all older age groups.

USAID Holds Meeting to Coverup Plan to Lend $8.3m to Nigerian Abortion and Fertility Clinics

The USAID launched another deceptive campaign to deceive specifically US Congress, because of the AAAC 17th September 2012 complaint about their covert abortion and egg-trafficking promotion activities in Nigeria.

USAID called the stakeholders who sent representatives since all the presidents of societies were in the National Assembly (NASS) for Public Hearings on the National Health Insurance Scheme Bill, Bill for Assisted Reproduction Authority and others.
The Bill for Assisted Reproduction Authority was voted down overwhelmingly by the public, and there were strong recommendations that the practice of Assisted Reproduction be BANNED because of the abuse of selling the eggs in IVF centers in Nigeria.

This program of promoting assisted reproduction was what was launched by USAID in collaboration with Diamond Bank to issue soft loans to clinics that perform abortion and ovarian egg-poaching for sale to laboratories in Europe and America for Stem Cell Research, as the EU Report 2006 confirmed. At the public hearing at the NASS on 21st September, the role of the USAID was condemned in some presentations, as facilitating issues of reproductive health that promotes abortion and human egg-trafficking. 

As a coverup to deceive members of the US Congress, the USAID held a 2hr meeting at the USAID Lagos office today with Dr. Diana Silimperi, Associate Divisional Vice President for International Health, ABT.

The meeting of USAID with stakeholders in the private health sector was hastily organized after AAAC filed in a report with US Congress, to obtain a photo-op to show to US Congress of 'What good works they are doing in Nigeria with stakeholders', while in fact, the facts all show the contrary.

These actions of deceit also contravenes the laws of the United States of America. What is required is for USAID to stop sponsoring all these actions that contravene the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the USA, and go on to perform their primary mandate of helping the people of Nigeria as mandated in the Acts of Congress and the genuine philanthropy of the American People.

If there is the will there is a means to do just that! Let them start by cancelling the Program with Diamond Bank designed for so-called Reproductive Health, and halt all other covert activities that are not in the interest of the American-Nigerian Friendship.  




Pro-Abortion Judge Opens Door for Rapist Father’s Visitation Rights

The specter of rape is pro-choicers’ heaviest artillery in the mythical “War on Women.” Rape is a crime so vile that they can’t help but salivate at the thought of new and creative ways to slander their political opponents by tying them to it. Of course, all this crying wolf really does is define misogyny down as women face true victimization elsewhere.

Paul Ryan and the Children of Keynes

by Piero Tozzi

    Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:16 EST
    Comments (11)

nbsp; Tags: abortion, election 2012, mitt romney, paul ryan

   Note: This article first appeared at The Bell Towers.

September 25, 2012 (TheBellTowers) – Mitt Romney’s nomination of Catholic congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate has generated criticism from certain members of the “Catholic Left,” who accuse Ryan of being a ”cafeteria Catholic” – a charge more typically levied by the orthodox against those who deviate from church teaching on issues of sexual morality – by ostensibly ignoring the poor.
Paul Ryan

For his part, Ryan, the architect of the GOP’s budgetary “Ryan Plan,” has engaged Cardinal Timothy Dolan in his role as head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, explaining why his budget proposals were consistent with Church social doctrine, with the Cardinal extending the reciprocal courtesy of a thoughtful reply.

This sets up a Left/Right division over which faction bears more authentic allegiance to “Catholic Social Teaching,” or doctrine on social justice issues such as poverty and the right ordering of relations between man, mediating institutions and the State.

Conventional thinking gives Ryan and his party the advantage when it comes to “subsidiarity” – the principle that political and economic decisions are best made at the level closest to those affected by them rather than by a top-down centralized bureaucracy – while crediting the Democrats for their commitment to “solidarity” – acting on behalf of the most poor and marginalized out of an assumed authentic altruism.

Such conventional thinking is only half right, however, for Ryan – at least when not in junior Randian mode – has the better argument not only with respect to subsidiarity, but solidarity as well.

For solidarity cannot be thought of solely in horizontal terms, arms outstretched to the poor who dwell among us – though it certainly does (and should) include that.  It is also vertical, extending into the future and touching the welfare of our children and grandchildren and generations yet to be conceived.

That social justice mandates a “preferential option for the poor” is beyond cavil, but does our vision of the vulnerable extend beyond the here and now to include those yet visible?  A true notion of solidarity must be multi-layered, and not flat.

What happens to the poor when the public fisc empties?  What is the effect of deficit spending counted in the trillions upon our children and their children? What does Standard & Poor’s credit downgrade auger? What about inflationary monetary policy, currency devaluation, and the ineluctable march toward a single-payer health care system?  What do events in Greece portend?

One must ask of politicians who count on the continued innumeracy of a citizenry baffled by numbers larger than twenty – the point at which one runs out of fingers and toes – whether it is all “sustainable,” to borrow a cant phrase.

John Maynard Keynes – whose “pump priming” economic theories, more than six decades after his death, animate the Obama administration’s stimulus policy, as does the “fatal conceit” of a command economy characterized by socialized medicine– was once asked whether such policies were sustainable in the long run.  Keynes’ famous reply: “In the long run, we are all dead.”

To which the proper rejoinder would be: “But our children and grandchildren won’t be!”

The beggaring of generations yet to be begotten was not an apparent concern of JMK, whose indifference might be attributable in part to sexual proclivities not ordered to the propagation of the species.

Which raises the connection between economic and moral profligacy…

Social issues are profoundly economic, and vice versa; the surest way to ensure that the next generation of citizens be well-integrated and productive is to strengthen the family unit headed by a biological father and a biological mother – see the social science research of Pat Fagan, David Blankenhorn and many others on this point – while the surest way to encourage social dysfunction and economic dependency is to undermine the nuclear family.

Yet when confronted by the cost of a health care plan to be borne by future generations, the default solution offered by President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius is to embrace sterility, pushing birth control to eliminate future generations of government dependents. One might also point out that such a reductionist calculus overlooks the fact that such future citizens, were they allowed to come into existence, might also be productive taxpayers as well.  Why the default assumption that they must be tax-consuming wards of the Welfare State?

Catholics who must by moral necessity be concerned with true social justice, balancing the harmonic interplay between subsidiarity and solidarity, should question where authentic allegiance to the common good leads.  Is ObamaCare designed to extend health care to those who lack it? Is the push to increase food stamp rolls designed to alleviate hunger? Is the move toward eliminating workfare requirements at the state level an attempt to promote the dignity of those who receive government assistance by removing stigma?  Or is the aim to foster a culture of Julia-like serfdom while voicing the rhetoric of compassion (and sternly rebuking “greed”), cynically calibrating things to create a dependency caste of 51% that can give one a perpetual governing majority, while squeezing the productive minority?

Members of the modern day Party of Obama are Keynes’ spiritual heirs in ways that the Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt never fully were: not only are they economic profligates clamoring for an economic policy which threatens to crush future generations under mountain of debt, but they are also moral libertines who, like Keynes with his sexual dalliances, willingly embrace an anti-Culture of sterility, ne’er thinking of the morrow, for when it comes we shall all be dead.  Carpe diem, indeed.

Thus the hootenanny in Charlotte gave us Sandra Fluke and Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards touting mandated funding of contraception by churches and citizens who conscientiously object, and a call for the funneling of billions to Big Abortion.

Abortion, of course, is the starkest violation of intergenerational solidarity, Medea and Agave ripping asunder the mother-child bond.  But so too is every act of contraception, every act of sodomy, a betrayal of future generations.  And, when the top of the inverse pyramid becomes too heavy, due to the children who were never born not being there to help sustain the burden of caring for their elders, the temptation to euthanize – another act of intergenerational violence – arises.  What are the implications of the rationing of health care advocated by Ezekiel Emanuel in his 2009 Lancet article? What are the implications of a party platform that is built upon a right to contraception, abortion and “gay marriage,” coupled with massive government debt?

One cannot build, nor sustain, a culture upon such foundations.

As with Ozymandias, it is the “fatal conceit” of theorists of liberal autonomy to think that civilization with all its contemporary trappings – the iPhones, the “carbon neutral” childless vacations, home delivery of the Financial Times – will remain the same fifty years hence.

Yet they persist in their folly, and label it a virtue.  A number of years ago The Daily Mail ran an article, in which a young woman

who worked for an “environmental charity,” related her rationale for aborting her only child and then undergoing sterilization:

Having children is selfish. It’s all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet. . . . I didn’t like having a termination, but it would have been immoral to give birth to a child that I felt strongly would only be a burden to the world. . . . [We] have a much nicer lifestyle as a result of not having children. . . . Every year, we also take a nice holiday — we’ve just come back from South Africa. We feel we can have one long-haul flight a year, as we are vegan and childless, thereby greatly reducing our carbon footprint and combating over-population.

The mystery writer P.D. James once wrote a dystopian novel entitled Children of Men – the title echoes Psalm 90:3 – where the world was struck by a baffling plague of sterility, and the remnant generations noted the dwindling of humanity each year since the birth of the last Omega cohort, a progression toward the Darkness.

The Children of Keynes, who have chosen their sterility and celebrate it, shout “Forward!”

“Forward,” one asks, “toward what?”

Piero A. Tozzi is Senior Legal Counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom, where he practices international human rights law.  His areas of responsibility include Latin America, the Caribbean and the United Nations.  He also serves as Senior Fellow with the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.

Komen and Planned Parenthood: Betrayed From Within, Part 1

For 29 years Nancy Brinker and Susan G. Komen for the Cure enjoyed the adoration of the masses. There is no better story than launching an organization to stop breast cancer at the request of one’s dying sister.


Ten Ambulance Calls to Planned Parenthood Facilities in 20 Months

An alarming number of emergency ambulance dispatches to U.S. Planned Parenthood centers have been documented [Operation Rescue]. Here is the list, via Jill Stanek’s blog.
A woman is suing Planned Parenthood Birmingham, and the abortionist, for missing an ectopic pregnancy. Clinic staff and abortionist Aqua Don Emmanuel Umoren apparently lied when charting that an 8-wk, 4-day-old baby was seen on ultrasound and palpated on internal exam. [After a medication/medical abortion, and then committing an unnecessary surgical abortion on her,] the mother ended up in the emergency room 25 days later and had to have a fallopian tube and her 13-wk-old baby removed. She maintains in her lawsuit she is now infertile.

This was just one of probably hundreds of abortion botches we wouldn’t otherwise know about were there not a lawsuit.

But the number of botches we do know about through emergency ambulance calls to U.S. Planned Parenthood businesses is alarming – 10 over the course of only 20 months. This volume certainly does not bode well for the supposed safety of legalized abortions.

The list:

1.      August 16, 2012:  PP Boise, Idaho,  Medical Emergency

2.      July 20, 2012:  PP Chicago, Illinois,  Tonya Reaves, died from botched 2nd trimester abortion

3.      July 7, 2012:  PP Boston, Massachusetts, Medical Emergency

4.      March 6, 2012:  PP St. Paul, Minnesota, Medical Emergency

5.      December 20, 2011:  PP Sioux City, Iowa, Medical Emergency

6.      October 14, 2011: PP Virginia Beach, Virginia, Medical Emergency

7.      April 14, 2011: PP St. Paul, Minnesota, Medical Emergency

8.      March 18, 2011: PP Everett, Washington, Medical Emergency

9.      February 12, 2011: PP St. Louis, Missouri*, Medical Emergency

10.   January 11, 2011: PP Boston, Massachusetts, Medical Emergency

*“From June 2009 until April 2010, nine ambulances have been at Planned Parenthood [St. Louis] and each time a client was transported to Barnes Hospital,” said sidewalk counselor Marty Bennet in a written statement.
[Sep.18, 2012, ; Wednesday STOPP Report, 10 Oct 12,]

Planned Parenthood Dropped from WIC in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is pushing back against Planned Parenthood. The Oklahoma State Health Department has declined to renew WIC funding for three PP facilities in the Sooner State. According to the Health Department, the decision was based on "the needs of the Health Department, the contractor's performance, and funding availability."
[Wednesday STOPP Report – October 10, 2012,]



Alaska Court Affirms State Parental Notification Law

An Alaska court on Monday upheld all but two provisions of a voter-approved state law requiring at least one parent to be notified before a minor can have an abortion.
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest filed a lawsuit in November 2010 challenging the constitutionality of the state’s Parental Notification Law (PNL), which Alaska voters approved in August of that year.
“The court has done the right thing in upholding a law which will help protect young girls from predatory abortionists,” said Steven Aden, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which represented Alaska in the case.
[10 Oct 12, Bethany Monk,]

Kansas Officials Under Investigation For Ethical Misconduct In Botched Planned Parenthood Prosecution

Operation Rescue has been informed by the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator that ethics complaints filed against Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe have been docketed and will be investigated.
The complaints, filed by Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger, involve allegations of professional misconduct – including lying to a District Court Judge – that resulted in the fraudulent dismissal of 107 criminal charges against Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood in Overland Park. That Planned Parenthood had been charged with illegal late-term abortions and manufacturing evidence to cover crimes by former prosecutor Phill Kline in 2007. The last of the charges were dismissed in August, 2012.

Sullenger received documentation through an open records act request from Shawnee County Judge Richard Anderson, which proved that evidence Howe and Schmidt said was destroyed actually still existed months after Howe persuaded District Court Judge Stephen Tatum to drop the most serious charges against Planned Parenthood under false pretenses.

Records that Sullenger submitted with her ethics complaints show that Howe and Schmidt knew Anderson maintained possession of the evidence at the time of their deception.

"We understand that prosecutors have wide authority to determine what cases will be prosecuted, but they d

o not have the authority to lie to a judge and deceive the public in order to destroy a prosecution, and that is exactly what Schmidt and Howe did," said Sullenger.

Tim Golba, former Past State President of Kansans for Life, requested to be added as a complainant in the ethics case against Howe.

Operation Rescue continues to call for the resignation of Schmidt and Howe, both Republicans, as not being fit to serve.

"We caught them red-handed engaging in professional misconduct and have the documents to prove it," said Sullenger. "Right now there is no confidence that our current abortion laws with be enforced. If Schmidt and Howe would go to these lengths to destroy a strong case against Planned Parenthood in which three Kansas judges have ruled probable cause exists to believe crimes were committed, they certainly won't enforce any other abortion law, leaving the lives of women at risk. Since Schmidt and Howe used deception to justify their refusal to enforce Kansas law, resignation is not only called for, but is necessary to protect women from abortion businesses that break the law."

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 [8Oct 2012, Topeka, KS. and ]


Mr. President, Planned Parenthood does NOT do Mammograms!
Last night, the nation watched as President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney went 'head to head' in the 2nd Presidential debate of this election.

One of the most shocking points in the debate –– President Barack Obama pushed the false claim that 'Planned Parenthood does mammograms.'

Well, Mr. President, Planned Parenthood does NOT do mammograms and Live Action proved it. Our groundbreaking "Mammosham" investigation revealed the massive deception of Planned Parenthood in their desperate fight for more tax payer dollars.

But we need your help to make sure the media and the public hear the truth about Planned Parenthood –– President Obama is wrong and Planned Parenthood doesn't do any mammograms!

Our investigators exposed Planned Parenthood's false claims and showed the country that the abortion giant does not perform any mammograms.

But powerful politicians are propagating falsehoods about the abortion giant to win tax payer support.

We can't let these powerful abortion interests and their friends in high places, including the President himself, deceive every day Americans.

Planned Parenthood is pouring millions into elections all across the country, and meanwhile, promoting lies about their own programs.

As the nation's largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood facilitates the killing of over 320,00 pre-born children every year. The great loss of these innocent lives is hard to comprehend. And Planned Parenthood's friends in high places, like Obama, repeatedly deceive the public about Planned Parenthood's bloodshed, pretending the abortion giant provides medical services they do not.

Live Action has been working over the past 5 years to expose the attacks unborn children and their mothers by the abortion industry, and will fight even harder in the coming months with your help and support to continue efforts to expose the repeated lies of the abortion industry.

Following our mammogram investigation and a Freedom of Information request, the Health and Human Services confirmed that not a single Planned Parenthood throughout the nation has mammography equipment.

Our investigations to date have helped shine a light on the lies of the abortion industry and expose the truth about their deceptions and abuses. 

Please watch our mammogram investigation and share it with everyone you know.

Live Action's work exposes the violent practices of the abortion industry, which kill the most defenseless among us, hurt women and girls and undermine human dignity. And we will continue to do so until every mother and child are protected. Will you help us?  

O basically stated 4 times last night that Planned Parenthood is more important than all the women in the USA.
KEEP IN MIND that PP does NOT – can NOT – do ANY Mammograms… PP is NOT LICENSED to do Mammograms…

TRUTH BOMB: Planned Parenthood is a level-one breast service provider.
This means they are not only unequipped to perform mammography… it is ILLEGAL for them to do so.
The extent of their breast health services are manual breast exams.
They refer out for mammograms, but they DO NOT PROVIDE THEM.
[Live Action, 17 Oct 12]



Americans United for Life Launches The Planned Parenthood Exhibits: The Continuing Case for Investigating the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider

“As the abortion mega-provider turns 96 this month, AUL will unmask the public relations façade it has too long enjoyed,” said AUL’s Dr. Charmaine Yoest.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (10-01-12) — As Planned Parenthood prepares to celebrate its 96th birthday in October, Americans United for Life launches a month-long series of revelations – the release of “The Planned Parenthood Exhibits,” the continuing case for investigating the nation’s largest abortion provider. Each day in the month of October, AUL will release a new backgrounder that highlights grounds for investigating and, ultimately, de-funding Planned Parenthood, which receives more than one million dollars a day in taxpayer subsidies.

“While it is clear that the best public relations campaign that money can buy has provided Planned Parenthood with a measure of support, the untold story of this abortion-centric political force flies in the face of public perception,” said AUL President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest. “What America doesn’t know about Planned Parenthood is costing them millions. And sadly, women’s health and lives are at stake from the substandard practices of the abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood which fights all reasonable regulations and protections.”

On July 7, 2011, AUL released a landmark report, which documented “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood” with primary source material, including many from the organization itself.  The weight of the evidence shows Planned Parenthood to be scandal-ridden, heavily taxpayer subsidized, and abortion-centric despite its efforts to claim otherwise.  AUL’s report contributed to the first-ever Congressional investigation of the abortion giant.

Dr. Yoest lays out an overview of efforts to hold the leading abortion provider accountable for its behavior, and its feeble response to substantive concerns. Exhibit 1, coming Tuesday, will begin the innovative investigation.

Click here  —  —  to examine the first in a series that looks behind the closed doors of the nation’s largest abortion provider that even now is spending millions of dollars to preserve its hold on taxpayer dollars.

Stay tuned to find out what you don’t know about abortion industry leaders.

Exhibit 1: Tuesday, October 2, 2012.
Did You Know: Obama Admin overrode 6 states’ decisions to end taxpayer funding of abortion provider Planned Parenthood?




During the 2012 Values Voter Summit on Friday, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) said that Planned [non] Parenthood "was created for the sole purpose of killing children that look like mine." Huelskamp said he is the father to four adoptive children of African American, Hispanic, and Native American descent.

"Like the pro-slavery forces who invaded Kansas, the pro-death forces in Washington and elsewhere want us to believe that abortion is not murder, that being born is worse than death, that the preborn baby is property, not a person," Huelskamp said.

The present administration continues to fund the Planned [non] Parenthood company with over $300 million tax dollars.  More:
(The Blaze)

How Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks and Hispanics: New Interactive Online Map

Yesterday was the 96th anniversary of the founding of Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States. 

To mark the occasion, a group called Protecting Black Life has released an interactive map that uses the latest census data to show how the abortion provider apparently targets minority neighborhoods with its abortion clinics.

According to the group’s research, 79% of all Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic neighborhoods, or both. The map offers more detailed information, showing Planned Parenthood clinics as red, blue, or split red/blue dots depending on the racial makeup of the neighborhoods it serves.  When a clinic’s dot is clicked on, the map displays the census data for the area, with a zoomed-in map showing exactly where the minority neighborhoods are in relation to the clinic.

Although there is no way to prove that Planned Parenthood intentionally targets blacks and Hispanics for abortion, the statistics paint a damning picture, which at the very least helps explain the sky high abortion rate among some minority groups.

As of 2006, according to the Census Bureau, 50 out of 1,000 black women underwent abortions, compared to just 14 for white women and 22 for women of other races. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that while black women make up only 13 percent of the total U.S. female population, they account for one-third of all abortions. Even a 2005 analysis by the by Planned Parenthood’s own Alan Guttmacher Institute revealed that black and Hispanic women have abortions at much higher rates than women of other races.

Accusations of racism from Planned Parenthood’s critics are nothing new. The abortion group’s foes have often pointed to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s open involvement in the early 1900s’ eugenics movement as evidence of the group’s racist roots. The African American pro-life website devotes an entire page to the topic.

What’s unique about Protecting Black Life’s map is the depth and immediacy of the information presented. Rather than depending on a handful of quotes or statistics that cover a population so large the numbers are difficult to grasp, the map breaks the facts down and illustrates them at nearly street level. Each dot represents a real abortion mill, where real lives are ended daily. Users will likely recognize the locations, and the neighborhoods shown on the maps.

See the map here —

Life Issues Institute released a … meticulously researched report on Planned Parenthood surgical abortion centers [that] shows, using the most current statistics available, that Planned Parenthood has targeted blacks, Hispanics, and college students—with the placement of the great majority of its abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods and college campuses.

Using 2010 Census Bureau data, the analysis shows that:

– 62 percent of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance (two miles) of relatively high African American populations.

– 64 percent are located within walking distance of relatively high Hispanic populations.

– 75 percent are located within walking distance of a college campus. College-age women receive 32 percent of all abortions.

– 79 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located near either an African American or a Hispanic neighborhood.

– 45 percent of PP abortion centers are placed so that they are within walking distance of both types of minority neighborhoods.

– 33 percent of PP abortion facilities have a location that is clearly situated to be within walking distance of all three demographics.

– 88 percent of its abortion facilities are located near at least one of these demographics.

According to the report, “When the four census tracts with the highest black percentages in all of the 102 targeted neighborhoods were taken together, their average black population was 44.8 percent, nearly three times higher than the 15.6 percent average black population of the 102 counties where they were located, and 3.5 times higher than the national black population of 12.6 percent.” Black women are over three times more likely to receive an abortion than white women.

An identical examination of the Census 2010 data for Hispanic or Latino populations shows 105 out of 165–or 64 percent–of the Planned Parenthood abortion facilities were located within walking distance of relatively high Hispanic populations. Using the same method as above, the 105 Hispanic targeted neighborhoods show a top four census tract average that is 45 percent Hispanic, which is more than double the 20.8 percent Hispanic average of the 105 counties and 2.7 times higher than the national Hispanic population of 16.3 percent. Hispanic women are nearly twice as likely to get an abortion as white women.

The report points out that rather than locating squarely in the midst of these three demographic groups, the abortion giant locates in close proximity, thus gaining access to the minorities and college students. Being located just outside the targeted neighborhood enables Planned Parenthood to say that the great majority of its abortion facilities are not located within minority neighborhoods. The Life Issues Institute report debunks a 2011 Guttmacher Institute report claiming that Planned Parenthood does not target minorities.

This invaluable Life Issues Institute report can be accessed in its entirety at
An interactive map showing the Planned Parenthood surgical abortion facilities in close proximity to minority neighborhoods can be accessed here.


ALL Survey Shows Record Number of Planned Parenthood Protests

We recently updated our map room and, as we compiled the new statistics, we found that you have set a new record! With protests and prayer vigils scheduled regularly at 259 of Planned Parenthood’s 749 facilities, that means that there is now a pro-life presence at one of every three
Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide! And those are just the ones that we know about.

Please check out our map room and inform us if you are aware of other prayer vigils or protests outside Planned Parenthood that are not listed. We need to know the day of the week the protest is held, frequency, time of day, and contact information for the leadership.
Contact [email protected] with your information!

Follow this link to the map room and let us know if your protest or vigil is accurately reflected —






Planned Parenthood Wants Abortion Legal, But Not Safe or Rare

Remember just a decade or so ago when the mantra of the abortion industry was that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare?” It was even in the Democrat Party platform for a while.
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Confirmed: Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Offer Women Mammograms
A fact-checking web site is confirming what pro-life advocates have pointed out for the last two years — the Planned Parenthood abortion business does not provide mammograms for women.

Karen Handel, former Komen for the Cure senior vice president, has written a new book, Planned Bullyhood, [ ] exposing how the abortion giant pressured the breast cancer charity to renew its hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual funding.

Funding was initially denied in part because Planned Parenthood operates as a pass-through that doesn’t provide direct health services like mammograms for women but merely takes grant money and pays for mammograms at legitimate medical centers.

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