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Though Ohio Governor Ted Strickland dropped the state’s efforts to defend a law to protect women from the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, Attorney General Marc Dann says he will help it.

The law has been embroiled in a legal battle ever since an abortion business took it to court.

The abortion drug has been responsible for the deaths of seven women in the U.S. alone and has injured more than 1,100, according to the FDA.

The Ohio legislature passed a law requiring abortion businesses to follow FDA guidelines when using the drug, as off-label usage may have contributed to the women’s deaths.

A lower court declared the law unconstitutional and previous Attorney General Jim Petro appealed the decision to a federal appeals court. But Strickland, a Democrat, said he wouldn’t file papers for the state in the appeal.

Dann says he will defend the law and feels the lower court’s decision was wrong.

Though he opposed the law in the state legislature, a representative said his role as the state’s leading attorney is to uphold its laws whether he agrees with them or not.

“He has an obligation as the attorney general to do the job of the attorney general,” Jennifer Brindisi, Dann’s spokeswoman said.

[22Feb07, #3968, Columbus, OH]