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The state of Ohio has experienced another case of the death of an unborn child in an attack on the baby’s mother.

This latest case comes shortly after the state received national attention when a Canton police officer killed his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn baby, who was days away from birth.

Channel 5 news reports that 15 year-old Alfonzo Price and a friend beat up his 18 year-old girlfriend Kerria Anderson early Thursday while she was walking along a street with her one year-old daughter.

“She said the guy that was with her hauled off and hit her in the face,” Betty Payne, the victim’s grandmother, told the television station.

“While he hit her in the face, the other guy came in and jumped on her, too.” Price and his friend dragged Anderson behind a building and beat her and stomped on her stomach. After the attack, Anderson found a security guard in a nearby building and called police.

“She’s five months pregnant, she has bruises everywhere, they just jumped her, like three guys had just jumped her,” the guard told the 911 operator, according to the news station.

“She knows one of them, it’s her baby’s daddy. Well, the unborn child’s father. And I guess it was over her not getting an abortion or something like that.”

Anderson was reportedly hospitalized for bruises and other injuries but her baby died as a result of the attack.

Her family said she confirmed Price attacked her because he is the father of her baby and she refused his request to have an abortion.

Ohio is one of 35 states that currently have a law holding criminals accountable when they kill an unborn child in the course of an attack on the baby’s mother.

Some 25 of the states protect pregnant women throughout pregnancy while another 10 offer protection only in the latter stages.

The laws give prosecutors the ability to bring charges for both the death or injury to the mother and child.

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