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What is YOUR sex-image?


–> Sex for sale, where the prostitute sells his or her body for another's sexual pleasure?


–> Sex for kicks, where the playboy or playgirl uses his or her body for sexual pleasure?


 –> Sex to pass time, to ward off boredom for a little while?


 –> Sex for trade, when the sexually immature trades his or her body for gratification, for a sense of security to have a steady, for experience, or for a desire for "love"?


Or sex for true love, when the mature person keeps sexpression until marriage because only then does sexual intercourse mean what is says:

permanent, committed love!



The Hope Diamond

Diamonds Symbolize Permanent Committed Love


Sexual abstinence keeps you FREE physically:

 –> free from pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

 –> free from the bother and dangers of the pill, the IUD, the patch, and other birth control methods.

Abstinence is the only 100% certain and safe method of preventing pregnancy and diseases.


Your virginity keeps you FREE emotionally:

 –> free from exploitation by others 

 –> free from guilt, doubt, disappointment, and loss of reputation


Staying a virgin until marriage also keeps you FREE socially:

 –> free to make decisions about your life which might not be open to you if you get into sexual activity too soon

 –> free to use sex-energy for growth in other areas

 –> free to develop many different friendships to help you grow and mature more fully.

No other sex lifestyle can make these claims!!