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The free, short video clip uses dramatization to show the viewer the basic technique involved in a partial birth abortion. A chair, a sheet, a baby doll and the actual instruments of an abortionist are used — no blood or disturbing images. “Seeing the actual procedure’s steps, even so simply demonstrated, strips away the arguments of why this barbaric procedure should be allowed,” said Paul Nowak, president of R.A.G.E. Media, who posted the video on his blog site. (

The clip is part of a presentation on pre-birth development by Dr. William Lile, a pro-life obstetrician and gynaecologist. Dr. Lile has created a multi-media presentation, “The Miracle of Life,” on the unborn child, using ultrasound images and videos of fetal surgery. He includes in the presentation a demonstration of the instruments of abortion, showing how they are used to end the life of the developing child in all three trimesters. Dr. Lile’s website states, “[My] goal is to use the visual technology of modern obstetrics to reveal the personhood of unborn babies threatened by abortion.” Dr. William Lile’s website: The video is available at Rage Media:
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