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PBS is typically a child-friendly TV network that provides educational yet entertaining shows. Unfortunately, you can no longer consider this network on the “safe list.”

Last month during a tax-funded PBS episode, NewsHour producer Saskia de Meker argued “the case for starting sex education in kindergarten.”

The discussion was filled with examples of how children as young as four are learning sexuality-education in their Dutch primary schools.
This curriculum now includes core principles such as sexual diversity and sexual assertiveness. They discuss raunchy, hypothetical situations with the children that should make any parent cringe!

Meker is hopeful that the U.S. will soon follow suit with their sexuality-education classes, but we are hoping it can be stopped!

There is no reason for kindergartners to be able to intricately name genitals or for high-schoolers to be able to buy condoms out of vending machines.

Parents, stay involved and aware with what is being taught in your child’s classes.

If you see something that seems wrong, speak up.

If you’d like to share your experiences with us, we’d love to hear about them — [email protected]
[Abstinence Clearinghouse, 10 June 2015, ]