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The Parents Television Council, in late 2010, polled U.S. Teenagers, aged 13-18 and found the following:

61% would like to be virgins when they get married
82% believe God intended marriage to last a lifetime
79% have never had sexual intercourse
84% said they have never seen a pornographic movie or magazine
"Today's teens are seeing through the lies and deceit of pop culture pundits, but we must act together to help them follow their beliefs and resist premarital sexual activity."

Yet… 64 % of all TV shows contain sexual content — the spectrum from flirting to intercourse, and
69% of teens watch MTV on a weekly basis; and 62% believe truth is relative…

It is "difficult for young people to resist the temptation of sexual activity in our media saturated society…"

If you are a neighbor, friend, relative, classmate, teacher, or co-worker tell the teens you know that THEY ARE WORTH THE WAIT!!

Encourage them to be modest in dress, and to Abstain to avoid the Pain!

With Sexual Abstinence, there are No Regrets.

As teens grow to understand the life-giving power of their sexuality, they will come to understand the power of the marriage bond, and the tremendous gift of family, which is the basic unit of civilization as we have known it.
[Human Life Alliance, April 2011 letter]