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"The fetal pain issue reintroduces the humanity of the unborn child much to the consternation of Partial Birth Abortion (PBA) proponents.

"All abortion cases are based on the supposition that the mother's interests are the only interests at stake…the unborn child keeps intruding into the argument every time, and that's why the fetal pain issue becomes emotionally and factually relevant. Whether it becomes legally relevant is a separate matter."

Discussing this issue by insisting on plain language "disturbs the clinical detachment of pro-PBA doctors.

"If the fetus is just a blob of valueless protoplasm why the detachment? This detachment is usually not present in the discussion of other medical procedures.

"In a significant and unintended way, the medical testimony is a massive confirmation of the humanity of the unborn." Dr. Michael M. Uhlmann, professor of politics at Claremont Graduate University, former Special Assistant to President Reagan