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CA PHARMACIST REFUSES TO DISPENSE OCs: Celebrates One Year of Conflict Free Pharmacy After 35 Years of Experience. "We will celebrate on June 1st, 2008 our first year of conflict free pharmacy" said Brent Watson, RPh. Pharmacy Director and owner of Central Coast Pharmacy Specialists a compounding only pharmacy in Templeton, California.

The pharmacy defied Big Drug and Insurance Companies last year when they announced they would no longer take insurance or sell branded medications such as birth control pills and the morning after pill. "It's not good medicine", said Watson.

According to leading authorities in the field of contraceptive technologies birth control pills can work by blocking the implantation of early human life. This is supported by the FDA required disclosures to patients taking "the Pill".

According to Watson, "this puts pharmacists in direct conflict with their profession when forced to dispense against their conscience and professional promise to 'do no harm' to patients. We want patients to know we are a pro- patient, healing only pharmacy that provides compounded medications individually made to fit the specific needs of each patient one prescription at a time."

Patients should ask their doctor if a compounded medication can be made to fit their unique patient needs.

Often special medications are made with alternative dosing forms or without the ingredients such as dyes and preservatives that make some patients sick.

"Patients who currently fill their compounded prescriptions at pharmacies that dispense birth control pills and feel uneasy with their conscience can now fill or refill their custom compounded medications at the only publicly Pro-Life Pharmacy in the State of California. We can also ship out of state directly to the patient's front door," said Roger Legreid, PR Coordinator at Central Coast Pharmacy Specialists.

Central Coast Pharmacy Specialists is nationally accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) formally recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as adhering to "quality and practice standards".

Common prescriptions or refills for Hospice medicines, Natural Hormone Restoration Therapy, Pain Management medications, Pediatrics, and cancer treatments can be phoned into the pharmacy or refill requests can be placed online.

Central Coast Pharmacy Specialists also supplies Veterinary Medications for animals under the registered trademark Vetricare®. For further information you can call a Pharmacy Specialist at 805- 434-5999 or visit them on the web at
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