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A new video campaign features Chilean and Peruvian doctors affirming their respect for life saying “don’t count on me” to do abortions.

The videos come in response to movements by both countries’ governments to legalize abortion.

“If you are thinking we will perform abortions, don’t count on me, because in Chile no one is expendable,” says a Chilean doctor in a video that is part of the “Nadie Sobra” (No One is Expendable) movement.

Abortion is currently banned in Chile, which also has one of the world’s lowest maternal mortality rates, however, President Bachelet has announced plans to amend the law.

Peruvian doctors in another video also has a powerful message: “To care, respect and protect life is the essence of our profession.

“The conceived baby, whether planned or not, has the right to be born, and nobody has the right to suppress its life.”

Peru’s campaign, “As Innocent as You”, coincided with Congress’ consideration of legislation to increase access to abortion, which was ultimately defeated.

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