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A prominent advocate for Plan B, the morning-after pill [Emergency Contraception], admitted today that "real world" experience of easy access to the drug has not reduced the numbers of pregnancies or abortions.

Pressed by CWA's Wendy Wright at the National Press Club's Newsmaker Forum, Kirsten Moore, president and CEO of Reproductive Health Technologies Project, conceded there is no evidence that easy access to the morning-after pill reduces the number of pregnancies or abortions.

And after alleging there have been no increases, she immediately concedes there have been increases in the countries where it is easily available.

Moore said, "I think it's an honest question, the experts had estimated that we would see a drop by up to half in the rates of unintended pregnancy and the rates of abortion. And in fact in the real world we're not seeing that, were not necessarily seeing an increase either.

Again, where we see the increases, correlation does not equal causation."  To listen to the full panel discussion, visit [CWA,, 202-488-7000 ext. 126; AAPLOG, 7Dec05]

[Whatever happened to that little boy who, ignoring political correctness, told the truth about the Emperor?  Kristin Moore will either be excoriated, discredited, or completely ignored by the media.  Maybe all three – because she told the truth.  jdc/aaplog]